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Datacolor SpyderX Pro Colorimeter - $213.91 + $40.77 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


A few dollars cheaper (with prime at least) than the last time a deal was posted - UK postage is a fair bit more than the US.

SpyderX is the best Spyder ever. SpyderX Pro is designed for serious photographers and designers seeking a fast, accurate and easy-to-use monitor calibration solution in order to set up their color management workflow easily. The SpyderX Pro display calibrator offers the first lens-based color engine of any Spyder product.

Years of research and development at Datacolor resulted in a display calibration tool with significantly increased precision, color accuracy, and low light capabilities. With SpyderX Pro, photographers can be sure that what they see on screen is the most accurate representation of the shot they took. When they start editing and they know the color on their monitor is accurate, they can confidently control every aspect of their image. SpyderX Pro has extensive color calibration options, as well as options for matching and tuning multiple displays.

The SpyderX is the fastest, most accurate, easiest-to-use monitor calibration tool ever created by Datacolor. The SpyderX Pro gives photographers more confidence and advanced control of their creative vision.

Features & details
THE FASTEST SPYDER EVER: Calibrating your monitor to achieve color precision now takes just a minute or two – several times faster than previous models.
THE MOST ACCURATE SPYDER EVER: Groundbreaking lens-based color engine provides a higher level of color accuracy for multiple monitors. SpyderX Pro features room-light monitoring, automatic profile changing and significantly more precise screen color, shadow detail and white balance.
.THE EASIEST-TO-USE SPYDER EVER: SpyderX Pro is so intuitive, you don’t have to be a color expert. It features quick and easy single-click calibration and wizard workflow with 12 predefined calibration targets for advanced color accuracy.
SEE THE DIFFERENCE INSTANTLY: SpyderProof functionality provides before-and-after evaluation of your display and allows you to see the difference using your own images.
MONITOR TECHNOLOGIES CHANGE AND IMPROVE OVER TIME: SpyderX Pro assures you support for the latest screen types, recent resolutions and gamuts.

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    Could this be uses to callibrate an OLED tv?

    • +2 votes

      No, unless you only use the TV as a computer display. You run the software on a computer which reads the colours from the sensor then it calculates how much to offset the output to get correct colours. This file is loaded by the computer, you don't change the display itself.

      Also I would suggest the i1 Display Pro over this.


        I got an i1 Display Pro! So it's still good today? I got mine years ago when AUD was high, but I only used it a few times and forgot about it.

        • +1 vote

          Pretty sure it's still the current model. If you stored it properly (somewhere without direct sunlight and no extremes in temperature) it should still be great today.

    • +2 votes

      I believe you will be able to perform a manual calibration using ColourHCFR and a SpyderX.


      I have used this software with a Spyder Pro 4 to calibrate my tv.

      This is the guide I used http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10457

      • -1 vote

        You're not calibrating the TV, you calibrate the output of the PC.

        • +3 votes

          No you are calibrating the TV.

          You are performing a manual grey scale calibration on the TV.

          You need to go into your TV settings and configure the 10 point grey scale.

          You use the ColourHCFR software and the Spyder to measure the grey scale.

          You then adjust the individual R G B grey scale values for 1 to 10 and check the measured value in ColourHCFR.

          It is a manual process.

          If you use the spyder on your computer then it is all automatic with the Spyder software and monitor colour profiles.

          But if you want to use it on your TV you have to do it all manually by adjusting the 10 point grey scale on your tv.


            @karazy: Indeed. Ran this software with my ColorMunki for a few TVs and a projector. Worked well.


            @karazy: Wow! How long will the process take for a newbie?

            Looks like I just need the software and this hardware? Will this also work on a oled tv?

            • +1 vote

              @Jimmy6: First you have to make sure your TV supports setting.
              For example check out the White Balance settings of this for a Sony TV.

              When I first tried it out it took me a few hours.
              Getting the Spyder correctly recognised by ColourHCFR.
              Reading the guide over and over again.
              Trial and error
              Rechecking my settings.

              But the results are great. So many tv's are configured with oversaturated colours and brightness.

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              @Jimmy6: Also forgot to say you should check to see if your TV supports an automatic calibration tool like Calman.


              Then I think it does it all for you in a few minutes.


                @karazy: Thanksgiving for the feedback. I've got the 2017 model, so not autocallibration unfortunately. Still! Might give it a crack as I'm sure my TV should have a white balance setting


            @karazy: Your greyscale calibration is only setting a white balance.

            You can (sometimes) adjust gamma, saturation and other settings which will get you part of the way but at the end of the day if it can't load a LUT it's not truly calibrated.

            HCFR will get you close but it's not the same as a proper calibration. If all you want is to calibrate a TV you'll probably save money and get a better result by using a professional.



              If all you want is to calibrate a TV you'll probably save money and get a better result by using a professional.

              Dunno about the saving money part. Calibration doesn't last forever. If color accuracy is important, you'd have to recalibrate after x hours of use. If one intends to just calibrate the TV professionally once and use it for the next few years, they'd probably be satisfied with a "get you close" HCFR calibration.

              So it'd be cheaper to buy a calibrator and learn how to do it yourself. If you have two TVs you can calibrate the second TV for "free", and do it every year.

              Of course, your friends will also invite you over for dinner suddenly. :)


              @serideth: You probably know better than me. I am no expert. I just followed a guide.
              But the results are much better than the default setting that came with my TV.

              Won't a professional just use a similar measure and calibrate the same things?

  • +2 votes

    Is there a place I can rent one of these things in Sydney? I feel like it would be a waste for my to buy this and use it only once. Just want to get my 3 screens at the same colours. Or is there a tool-less way to color match my screens? I doubt it though.


      Ideally you calibrate monthly as displays will drift over time. Not really a use it once kind of thing.


        I see. That makes a lot of sense. Not a professional, just noticing it at times and can be sometimes annoying. Would be nice to have one.


          You can check TFTCentral for a pre-made profile. Won't be perfect as all monitors are different but could get them close.


            @serideth: I tried that, but somehow my two Dell U2414hs end up being different from one another and also a bit cooler vs my 27GL850. I feel like its either I'm doing something wrong or the screens just have a different make date. Will try to do another crack at it. Cheers!


              @monchee: I am not a design professional but luckily I have access to one of these through work.
              Its great to get your monitors colours to be the same.

              Although even using the spyder you might not get an exact match if you have two different models or ages of monitors. 2 of my monitors look the same but the 3rd is a cheaper monitor and cant reproduce the same colours or brightness.


              @monchee: I have i1 Display Pro.
              I was never able to achieve identical tones between Benq monitor and Dell monitor.
              Software says they are both correct. But I can see some difference.

              I don't know if it's i1 Display Pro limitations or something else.

    • +1 vote

      Is there a place I can rent one of these things in Sydney? I feel like it would be a waste for my to buy this and use it only once.

      How far away are you from Rockdale? :)


        Oh Thank you for trusting me, I thought everyone here would consider that I'm scamming


          I personally think it would be a really dumb way to scam or rob people. :)


    You're kidding me. I literally bought this 2 days ago for $319…

    Punching a wall


      Yep, same. Though I bought from digidirect, who then advised its out of stock and they’ll send it when they get more.

      That was 2 weeks ago.

    • -1 vote

      this one isn't worth $320. It's like around $200 in the US & China. Usually for $350 it might be Elite which is way better than pro

  • +1 vote

    that shipping though…doesn't digidirect have regular 15-20% off sales? currently priced at $320….15% off would bring it down to $272 which isn't terrible…


      You'd be better off signing up to Prime for a month then cancelling. Cheaper than shipping.


    How does this stack up against the Xrite i1 display pro that can be had for $250 second hand?


      No personal experience to be able to say. The idisplay is older and has better software with features more comparable to the SpyderX elite from my understanding. Considering they are $500 locally compared to $320+ locally for this brand new I would hope it's better and sounds like a really good second hand price (not familiar with the second hand Colorimeter market though, just how people price second hand goods).