Z-Wave Kit - Buy 2x Fibaro Dimmer and 2x Fibaro Double Relay and Get Vera Edge Free $470.60 + $10 Delivery @ Smartguys.com.au


We've been home automation enthusiasts for years and have finally decided to take the leap and start selling the gadgets that we all love. We only started up a few weeks ago so we are still finding our feet and building up our online presence.

Recently, we've been able to provide a deal that we really wanted to share with you:

The perfect bundle to get you started with the wonderful world of Z-Wave. This bundle pack will get you:

2 X Fibaro Z-Wave Double Switch 2
2 X Fibaro Z-Wave Dimmer 2

And completely free of charge, we will throw in:

1 X Vera Edge Controller valued at $119.00

If you want a different combo of relay/dimmers please let us know and we will try and make a well priced kit to suit.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions, or would like further clarification.

Would love any feedback you might have to help us improve and we will be available to answer all your questions in the thread in the comments.


The team @SmartGuys

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  • +1 vote

    Hey guys be good if you bundle up some Clipsal switches With momentary press dimming. The problem with controllers with normal switches is the state of the switch gets thrown out, or you lose ability to rim physically from the switch.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for this feedback - it is really good to know that there is appetite for momentary push buttons to be bundled up as well.

      You are correct in that the Fibaro dimmer module will only be able to be dimmed via the smart phone app or through the Vera UI unless there is a momentary push button available (on/off will still work with the traditional rocker switch).

      We do actually have a selection of Clipsal push buttons in stock available to be added to the bundle on our website, but will definitely consider including them in the package.

      Thanks and have a great weekend!
      The team @SmartGuys

  • Word of advice - these things (legally) require a sparky to install - and most of the 'smart' world has settled (rightly or wrongly) on Zigbee rather than Z-Wave. I've tried the Vera Edge controller and I've never managed to get it work properly with any Z-Wave device and ended up going with Wi-Fi lights/switches instead.

    If you do end up wanting a Z-Wave setup, make sure you buy local from guys like these since Z-Wave uses a different frequency in other countries and Australia is unique/different to what's used in the US/UK and other markets. I think we share a frequency with Brazil (?) only.

    • Why wouldn't you just use all imported equipment if it were a weirdo frequency issue?

    • I have Z-wave (am qualified electrician) and find it works great. It requires a more advanced user level to customise/set up individual devices. The more you put in the more you get out of it.

      • You had more patience than I ;) I bought some of those Z-Wave buttons (Aeotec) and never got them to work with either Vera or on my RPi with a Z-Wave USB Stick

        • Hey Ryan,

          Sounds like you had a Home Assistant or OpenHAB setup there on your Raspberry PI! At the Smart Guys, we are home automation geeks at heart so play around with this stuff day to day. I run Home Assistant with an Aeotec Z-Stick at my place and you and Alex are right - it takes a lot of work but at the same time, I have found it to be really rewarding!

          Z-Wave does have its benefits - it creates a mesh network (great for large homes), and doesn't put a strain on your WiFi network.

          We do realise Z-Wave is not for everyone though so are introducing Shelly WiFi relays (available for pre-order) - these don't require a hub and are great if you only want to automate a few appliances and lighting circuits around the house. The great thing is, they are now fully certified for use in Australia.

          If anyone has questions about the Z-Wave protocol or our WiFi switches, we are happy to assist where we can.

          Kind regards,
          The team @SmartGuys

        • I never had much success with Vera too. Old day Vera devices were slow, UI was below average.

          My point is - Z-Wave itself was Ok. But Vera was a bit difficult to deal with.

          • @SickDmith: Also, forgot to mention… Since almost no one is using the same Z-Wave frequency we are using here a lot of Z-Wave devices are either not available for AU region or heavily overpriced compare to other regions.

  • I see brilliant do a wifi mech replacement smart switch and dimmer.


    Do you know of anything the same but ZigBee?

    I'd like to keep my Clipsal iconic plates, but also not have to worry that someone has turned off the light at the wall.

    • Hi there,

      We have actually been searching for Zigbee in-wall relays to sell on our website, but have struggled to find anything certified for use in Australia.

      If you want to keep your Clipsal Iconic plates, an alternative is to install Shelly Relays (https://www.smartguys.com.au/home/150-shelly-1-wifi-relay.ht... ). These don't need a hub (but can be integrated with hubs if you already have one). They also allow you to continue using wall switches as well as allowing control through the smart phone app.

      Let us know if you would like some more info on Shelly relays and if they would be right for your use case.

      Thanks and have a great weekend,
      The team @SmartGuys

      • These won't be a dimmer though correct?

        And would mean if I turned the wall switch off the smarts would stop working?

        • +1 vote


          With Shelly relays, turning off at the wall switch will mean the smarts keep working. You will be able to turn the lights off at the wall, and then go to your phone to turn them back on again.

          At the moment, Shelly dimmers are not certified for use in Australia - but we know that the certification is coming very soon.

          When certified, we will be doing some very good deals on our website for Shelly Dimmers so keep an eye out!

          The team @SmartGuys

          • @smartguysaustralia: That sounds even better. So I don't lose my normal switches to push button ones?

            But everything still works whether the switch is on or off and the switch works too?

            But I guess dimming is app only?
            What protocol do they use and how is integration with Google assistant?

            And do I need a neutral wire (it's a house built 6 months ago but haven't asked the sparky)

            EDIT: ahh ok seems they are wifi. Will keep looking.
            Also going to be hard to fit 6 of these behind some of my wall plates.

            • @kulprit: Hi,

              Apologies for not being clearer, yes these are WiFi relays.

              In response to your questions anyway,

              1) You wouldn't lose your normal switches with Shelly. Although if you wanted to dim at the switch, a push button style switch is required.

              2) Yes, everything still works whether the switch is on or off, and the switch also works.

              3) Dimming is app only unless you have push buttons.

              4) They are WiFi based switches.
              Integration with Google home works through Shelly cloud and is fully supported.

              5) For Shelly and most smart in-wall relays, a neutral wire is required at the switch. There are a few exceptions if you go to Zwave (e.g. Fibaro you can get away without a neutral wire).

              If your home is 6 months old, you almost certainly will have neutrals at the switch but best to check with your electrician.

              6) Fitting 6 will be difficult for any relay. Shelly does a double switch, so one relay can control two circuits but this isn't certified in Australia yet. Fibaro also do double relays meaning you would only need to fit three relays in the wall.

              I know you are going with Zigbee but thought I would try to answer your questions anyway in case you decide to consider other options :)

              The team @SmartGuys

              • @smartguysaustralia: Thank you so much. I did all this research when we were building and nothing was really what I wanted.

                Seems we have been a lot closer in 6 months so that's great.

                Are these current zwave items pretty much what I am after.
                It does seem like to do a whole house in them would be crazy.

  • That is actually a good deal, way better than most wifi smart switches. Only issue is that you need a electrician to install it.
    OP cant you do a better deal without the controller ;)

    • Thanks for the positive feedback!

      Depends on what you are after :P If you are buying 4 or more relays, we can definitely do some discounts for you. Let us know what your wish list is and we will give you our best price.

      The team @SmartGuys