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Coles - Automatic Raid Insect Control - $7.50 (75% off from RRP)


this week coles brochure (repeat promotion from raid- the previous promotion was with woolworths), they have promotion for automatic raid insect control for $14.99 and if you combined with this 50% off voucher from other post then the cost would be $7.50

as previous promotion at woolworths other member and included my self able to use 50% off discount from the fb promotion

Coles voucher:
valid 19/10/11 to 10/01/12

UPDATE!!! guys additional tips from me.
as some of you aware about this current amex offer (, what you need to do is purchase coles myer gift card at kmart or target. then you purchase this item with your coles gift card. as the bonus from amex equivalent with 10% = your purchase with this coles myer gift cards equivalent with discount 10% of your purchase price.

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  • can you use self checkout with this?

    • not sure mate, i use the voucher at the counter on the last promotion at woolworths.

    • I'm curious…

      What legitimate reason do you have for asking this? ಠ_ಠ

      • +3

        not having to queue up for 1 item ?

      • well if u self checkout u can buy more than ONE per transaction?

        • The self-checkout system enforces one-per-transaction promotion rules. If you try more than one it will just show up full price and you'll need to get staff to come remove it from your 'trolley'.

    • +1

      I don't know specifically about this voucher, but a previous time where I used a voucher at a Coles self checkout it worked but the person running the self checkouts had to scan their tag to OK it.

    • You could at Woolies with the last one i had no problems i doubt Coles would be any different. You would have to finish each sale though as you cant use more than one voucher per transaction.

  • Nice, doing this with the OMO Pods as well. Special down from $14 to $10.50 then half price :)

  • Can you confirm that this $7.50 price is valid…

    coupon says "Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer." so doubt you can combine the discounts…

    • It does work at woolworth on the last promotion, time will tell tomorror if other member can use this voucher

    • it is valid, as comment from other member that successfully redeem the voucher.

  • keep you place clean and you would never need this sort of stuff

    • +1

      why did you click on the post then

    • +4

      You're kidding right! In an apartment, it doesn't matter how clean you keep it. If you have festy neighbors, eventually the odd roach wanders in to your apartment. Yes I'm anal about cleanliness and still have maybe a roach a month/2 months that I spot in my place.

      • +1

        i could never get rid of these when i lived in Sydney, not matter how clean i kept my place… In Melbourne though, i probably see about 1 a year… so it depends on where you live, not just how clean you keep it…

        • Yup, Sydney is a shocker for German cockroaches. Those little brown bastards are the worst, once they get into a building they're next to impossible to eradicate!

      • correct, my neighbor place his rubbish bag in front of his door, and the whole building can share the smell from his rubbish bin.

    • +1

      we live near a creek that doesn't flow all the time so no matter how clean our place is we have a mosquitoe and other bugs problem.

    • +1

      You ever heard of mosquitoes?? They don't care about cleanliness!!! Neither do moths for that matter!! Or spiders, or half of the other insects in the world!!! If you don't have any insects in your place, you either have it vacuum-sealed, or you don't actually see them….

  • If this works for anyone please let us know.

  • +1

    That's a lot of green to print!

    • or just choose the B&W option :)

  • +4

    Works! Just purchased at Tweed Heads Coles.
    Thanks OP

  • self check out? or normal check out?


    • Normal as there wasn't any self check outs. But Staff need to enter code anyway.

  • +1

    Confirmed as working for a FURTHER %50 of the reduced price. However I went to assisted check out.

  • Can't we just scan the barcode on the pdf file via our smartphone screen thus no need to have it printed out?

    • sometimes the barcode scanner can't read the barcode on your smartphone.

  • +1

    it does work!!!! I did the self check out, with the assistance from staff who will 1) collect the voucher and 2) store log in as required by the system for using the voucher. The staff is quite familiar with the offer! Coles in Pyrmont, Sydney CBD. I bought one only tho

  • +1

    Thanks OP. This worked for me today in a normal checkout line… and also at Woolies! In both places the staff just scanned it and didn't ask any questions really.

  • great a device that fills the house with poison at regular intervals. I'll take the occasional cock roach :)

    • Kinda like Methane?

  • +1

    also works for me, thanks guys

  • I used to live in a share house/no flyscreens/not the cleanest flatmates ;)
    and i used to set one of these up pointing down the hallway
    amazing amount of no longer alive bugs !
    and the chemi is ok (isshh) people kept the doors shut in the winter and nice breeze in summer.

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    Works perfectly, scans at the self-checkout as 1/2 price for all units purchased. So I got 3 units for 7.50 each. It then required coupon confirmation from the assistant, but it was all fine.

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    The voucher worked after I insisted and persisted.

    Checkout Chick first said the spray is already half price, and my voucher would not work. I said just try and see. She refused to scan it but telephoned her supervisor instead. After 5 minutes of them discussing what to do with the voucher (read out every line to her supervisor), she scanned the voucher and cried "Oh wow, it worked!" and hung up.

    • +1

      LIKED! :)

    • +1

      Yeah, I also seemed to get one of those difficult checkout clerks today who wanted to give me a hard time about it saying the same stuff yours did, but good thing for the all mighty scanner. Sure enough -$7.50 came up on the screen and her response was "well that's a good deal!"…………grrrrr, what a waste of raised anxiety levels

  • +1

    Picked 2 @ Coles Lynbrook, VIC…no hassles……thanks OP…….also noted normal retail for refill is $14.99 !!!!

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    The $14.99 half price special, and thus $7.50 extra special half price seems to expire on 22/11/2011. Will have bought several…dozen….by then :)

  • +1

    I've purchased 3 of these thanks OP

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