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$30 Westfield Gift Card When You Spend $300 or More on Your American Express


Hi All, first time poster rah rah rah :)

Just stumbled across this when looking for other Amex rewards. The $50 rebate ended on September 30, 2011, but there is a new offer that starts today!

Simply spend $300 or more on one (OR MULTIPLE) transactions at a heap of retailers, to have your $30 Gift card mailed to you.


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  • sweet! still waiting for the last $50 cash back from AMEX though

  • Thank You for Registering
    Remember to spend $300 or more on your registered Card at participating retailers before 30 November 2011.

    Only transactions made on the Card you have registered are eligible. Supplementary Cards must be registered separately. In the event that Registered Cardmembers are issued with a replacement Card with a different Card number during the promotion period, they should contact their Card Issuer to ensure that spend on their registered Card and replacement Card is combined to qualify for the Gift Card.

    Gift Cards will be sent 4 – 6 weeks after the qualifying transaction to the address provided at enrolment.

    • I registered my card before 30 sept n spent it on 30th sept, do I still get $50 back ? If yes ,what's the next step ?

  • tried to register a supplementary. Looks like this is getting OzBargained already!

    Server Error

    404 - File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  • Time to buy $300 Coles Myer gift card from Kmart/Target.

    • just wondering if westfield gift card can be use at target as well to pay the gift cards?

    • You may also be able to by a shell fuel card from Kmart/Target too. If not, buy a coles and myer group card, then take it to coles and purchase a shell card with it :-)

  • where do u find the full list of retailers?

  • i wonder if you could make a $300 purchase at kmart, return for a refund and still be eligible for the $30?

    • Probably only if you can convince the staff to not do a refund against your Amex card.

    • the answer is no, because when you return it, it will reverse your transaction, which is not listed on their reporting.

    • As above, buy a Coles Myer gift card at Kmart then at least you can use it at Coles.

  • Starting to think this one is only marginally worth it. If you have a source for getting coles gift cards at 5% off (eg entertainment book) anyway. This deal only equates to 10% off, and forces you to spend at overpriced bricks and mortar westfield stores when you get your gift card.

    • I see your point, but the purchases to generate the $300 are not locked into Westfield only stores i dont think? IE: Good Guys.

    • Why not use the 5% discount voucher from entertainment book to buy a $315 gift card using your Amex?

      • Because that won't work. The entertainment book allows you to purchase coles gift cards from them at 5% off. Entertainment book is not in the list of participating retailers and don't accept amex.

  • Interesting under "home/lifestyle" there is a store called Multiple Sclerosis.

    I suppose you could call MS a lifestyle. Not a very nice one though.

  • I'd be excited about this if I could find enough places where I am likely to buy stuff from normally that would also take amex. So far it's being a right pain.

  • is this only for pure AMEX cards, or can it be used for bank issued AMEX (I have qantas frequent flyer NAB AMEX"

    • I have never registered a 100% AMEX card for any other offers, and they have always worked. Just register and see if yours is accepted!

      • This question comes up every time, yes bank issued amex's are fine.

      • If you bothered to read the T&Cs: "…To be eligible to receive the $30 Westfield Gift Card you must register for this offer using an American Express Card issued by American Express Australia Limited or by a licensed Australian third party bank issuer of American Express branded Cards."

  • So, if you spend a total of $300, you get the gift card? Does it have to be in 1 transaction?

    • read the description in the post or below… doh

      "Once registered, you must spend AU$300 or more in one or multiple transactions with one or more of the participating American Express Merchants (in store or online) no later than 23:59 AEDT on 30 November 2011."

    • No: "Once registered, you must spend AU$300 or more in one or multiple transactions with one or more of the participating American Express Merchants (in store or online) no later than 23:59 AEDT on 30 November 2011. "

      You can have multiple transactions and from multiple (listed) retailers.

  • MULTIPLE transactions in MULTIPLE stores…..meaning you can spend bit of here and there and adding up to $300 or more by end of 30/11/2011? am i correct here? please advise!! thanks in advance

  • "In addition, registration of supplementary Cards is subject to the limit of the first 15,000 registrations. "

    Is that means if both the prmary card and supplementary card get registerd, I can get 2 $30 gift cards?

  • Thanks for the post. I'm thinking of buying a Coles/Myer gift card at Target and using it at Coles :)

    • don't forget you can also buy shell fuel cards this way too. Either buy them direct at target (not sure if this works) or buy a coles/myer card at target then purchase a shell card from coles with it :-)

      • In the previous offer, I had to buy Wish giftcard which was only valid for 1 year. Coles/Myer and Coles Express/Shell giftcards are valid for 2 years. A plus if you're one who might leave the card lying around in the drawer and not realising until a year later.

  • i noticed dodo is on the list so if you internet and home phone is already with dodo then make sure your direct debit is with the amex card and that could cover about a third of the $300 :)

    ….or if you wanted you could put your DoDo account into credit by paying by bpay $300 but note they do have a small fee to pay by bpay …therefore you are prepaying your home phone and internet for future months

    • I don't think you can pay by BPAY with Amex, mate.

      • No option to do so that I've found. Amex is… limited in its usefulness.

      • oh yeah good point… thanks …then can try this:

        (1) log into dodo account management the click "Pay your Account"
        (2) enter $300 in as amount you wish to pay towards your account
        (3) choose your AMEX card to make payment

        i haven't tried this yet so not sure if it works, if i do this will do at the end of November

  • Does anyone know if you're definitely allowed to buy gift cards? The last promotion didn't allow gift cards although some people argued that there was no way they could track what you buy…I quickly looked through the T&C and couldn't find anything similar…What do you guys think?

  • Still waiting for the rebate from the promotion that ended 30th June. Seems like the deals are getting tighter. Now need to spend 20% more for 40% less value.

    • But now we can spend it in more than one transaction and at more than one retailer

  • is it true that you dont have to spend $300 or more in a single transaction at the same store and that it can be multiple transactions made at multiple different stores on the list to qualify? good to see that supplementary cards also qualify for this offer if they are registered, id imagine they need different card numbers for the system to allow them to register?. its a shame that cba supplementary amex cards have the same number.

  • edit: misplaced comment

  • $20 less than 2 previous promo :(
    but still a good deal as it's 10% off

  • Has anyone received the $50 from the last promo yet?

    • no not yet i think it usually takes 4-6 weeks after the promo ends. in the terms it says "American Express reserves the right to limit one $30 Westfield Gift Card per Cardmember." If you have multiple amex issued and co branded bank issued amex cards in the same name i wonder if amex will in fact limit you to 1 gift card?

      • YEP! spent in June credited in July >>> AMERICAN EXPRESS NETWORK CAMPAIGN CREDIT $50.00

  • yes roofyapple you just register and spend on that card. in the terms it says by invitation only.
    "B. Eligibility and Registration
    Eligibility. To redeem the offer set forth on this Registration Page (the "Merchant Offer"), you must be 18 years or older, a holder of a valid consumer American Express Charge or Credit Card issued in Australia either by American Express or by a licensed third party bank issuer of American Express-branded Cards ("Licensed Issuers") and you must have received an invitation to register for the Merchant Offer (an "Eligible Cardmember"). Eligible Cardmembers must comply with this Agreement and with the Merchant Offer Terms to receive the Merchant Offer."

    i wonder if that's still going to be ok this time round?
    It seemed to work on the last offer and i didn't get an invite.

  • Harvey's and GG are included… thinking $30 off an Android tablet or digicam could be quite useful… they could probably even split the payment over multiple credit cards…

  • you think you can say buy an iPad for $600+ (in target) and split into 2 cards $300 to main card and the rest to supplementary card and get 2x gift cards?

    • yes, you can split transactions over two credit cards. We did that at Harvey Norman for the last promotion.

  • this is posted on westfield website
    "Some retailers may choose not to accept the gift card. This includes the Coles Group (with the exclusion of Kmart), Myer and the Woolworths Group"

    question. if i got this $30 bonus gift cards, can i go to kmart and buy coles gift cards with this westfield gift cards?

    • Yes. You can buy Coles Myer cards in Kmart using a Westfields gift card.

      I recently bought $1000 of Coles-Myer cards on eBay and the seller accidently sent me a $1000 worth of Westfields card (long story). I had to go to a KMart in a Westfield's, to buy 2x$500 Coles gift cards. Not a problem although it was a big pain as the seller had given me $100 denominations. Scratching 10 gift cards and redeeming with a line behind you is not exactly the best experience. Oh and you don't get Flybuys points either.

      • hmm no wonder, i bought wish gift card twice at big w, and i didn't get point on my everyday reward that link with my qff

  • Just received an email saying "congratulations" I've qualified, etc.

    Bought some coles/myer vouchers from kmart about 10-14 days ago.

  • Anyone noticed that "Rebel Sport" was listed as participating merchant but now disappeared?