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Frey Supreme Milk Raisin & Nut Chocolate Bar 180g $1 @ Woolworths


Fine milk chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts and fruity raisins, topped off with crunchy hazelnut brittle.
Made in Switzerland.

Credit to Pricehipster

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  • 54% sugar. Even at $1, $5.60/kg is some pretty expensive sugar (normally 90c/kg).

    • lol - with Fat, total Approx. 29.9g anyone want to do the maths?

    • Nutritional information is virtually identical to the Cadbury version. I'd prefer Swiss chocolate any day at the same price, and for 1/5th it's a no brainer.

      Thanks OP, great deal, hope my local has stock tomorrow.

      • Wow, got a neg for that. Did I offend some Cadbury employee?

        • It wasn't mine, but I've just now given you another one for using Cadbury's as a benchmark 😅

          • @wisdomtooth: Depends on benchmark for what. Comparable product, comparable ingredients.

            I mostly tried to point out that your comment about the percent of sugar in this particular product is off the mark. 'Milk chocolate' is like that.

            Maybe you don't like milk chocolate, and that's perfectly fine, but still no reason to criticise this deal based on a price/value argument…

            • @team teri: Not a matter of taste but of value. "Milk", i.e. sugar, "chocolate" is grossly overpriced precisely bc it's mostly sugar, which is retailed at 90c/kilo.

              • @wisdomtooth: Would you also say: Beer, even the best special I found here last year ($10 for a carton of Iron Jack), is grossly overpriced because it is mostly water, which retails at $0.002 per litre.

                See the flaw in your logic? You're not only paying for the cheapest ingredient, even if that makes up the bulk of the product. You're paying for the more expensive ingredients too, in this case almonds, nuts, cocoa, and for the labour involved in making the product, packaging, shipping, storing, selling.

    • Contains “Natural Flavours”, no thanks for me!

      • Here, take my vote to offset the unnamed neg you got.

      • To those who are negging this comment - there is often very little difference between artificial and natural flavours. It just means they were originally sourced from a natural source, but can be processed in any number of ways before finding its way into your food. Having said that, by the nature of how they are developed, I'm a lot more fine with artificial and natural flavours than other food additives which up until recently our bodies did not need to know how to process (I try to avoid some preservatives, aritificial colours, aritificial sweeteners).
        Some reading for anyone interested: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com.au/what...

        • “Natural flavor” is one ingredient that sounds innocent enough, but it’s really a catch-all term that describes flavor derived from almost any type of plant or animal, regardless of how highly processed that extract may be. Worse, many times monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame and a number of other flavor enhancers are sometimes hidden under this category. MSG and aspartame are neurotoxins and have been linked to a number of health conditions, including headaches, muscle cramps, and a number of more serious neurological disorders.

    • yep tried it once, the stuff is bloody awful, would not eat it if they were giving it away.

    • lol do you do this with everything? I'm assuming everything you own, you have bought with raw materials and put together yourself since you see no value add in other people's time and skills right?

  • Thought it said Free….oh the disappointment.

  • Frey Dark hazelnut is amazing.

  • Frey is one of the best (supermarket) swiss chocolates out there.

  • No where to be found in Tas

  • My condolences to anyone else that misread that as ”Free Supreme Milk Raisin & Nut Chocolate Bar 180g" 😢

  • I saw milk fruit and nut… Maybe the replacement.

  • Pitt St shop is $3.05

  • Went to local store and it was marked 'clearance' at $2.80 each. Not big enough discount. I'll just go to aldi for the 200g milk choc for $2.

  • Miranda, NSW sold out

  • Just thought about something. If people go to a shop that doesn't have them advertised at $1.

    It may be possible to go to the website and order online, and select to pickup from the shop. Not sure if this will get you the online price. It requires a minimum $30 spend for pickup orders (I have never done pickup or online orders before because I don't like minimum spends and paying for delivery).

    I think they have product limits per order. But you might be able to buy 10 or 15 and then $15 of other stuff to pickup.

  • raisin?? guess chocolate makes everything better tho

  • This deal expires today according to the tag and OP expiry in this post.

    What is going to happen tomorrow, another reduction in price to 75c or 50c?
    It seems like a clearance and the dark hazelnut does not seem to exist at any store i have tried.