Wicue 12" Colour LCD Writing Tablet US$15.99 (~A$22.04) - AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


After the success of this deal I was able to secure a deal on a better one for a little bit more. Wicue are the manufacturer of the Xiaomi writing tablet from the previous deal.

This one is 12", changes colour as you draw, has an inbuilt stand with a magnetic back and an erase button.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, ships from the AU warehouse and might stack with cashback.

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  • How do these work? Is it something similar to e-ink?

  • I don't own this but tried a similar one in Costco some time ago. It is basically an updated version of kids magnetic drawing board. Its mechanism is a bit different therefore its background is black. Very similar to the black scratching notes.
    It can't save the content in memory and you can't choose the colour when drawing. But it does offer better clarity and very limited touch sensitive - with a similar price over the normal kids magnetic drawing board.

  • I had one before. It broke. Quality is not that good compared to Boogie Board.

  • My experiences have been very good, especially for games where you need to draw or write, delete and repeat. Saves piles of paper.

  • I have one of this in small size and different brand but with partial erase unlike this one with full erase. It is good for my 5 year daughter for learning and drawing.