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Holman 30m YardMate Garden Hose $15 (Was $23.94) @ Bunnings


Complete with plastic fittings, it makes for your perfect yard mate.

6 year warranty.

Click and collect or in store. Delivery not available on this item.

Credit to Price Hipster for helping me to find this.

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  • Pretty good kinkiness resistance also.

    Was looking at the aldi 30m in the next catalogue but that's $35

  • Very poor reviews on the Bunnings product page - all one star, and from the sound of it, they would have all been zero stars if that was allowed.

    • Yeah I agree with that I bought one not long ago thinking they were decent quality and both ends drip while using and afterwards for a bit…wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

    • Wow, I've never seen a product with such a consistent rating (everyone gave it a solid 1 star). At least you need to hand it to them for making such a consistent product.

  • I have been using the pope hoses with 7 star kink rating and crimped fittings for my mobile car detailing business, I like them and can't fault at all but product review has terrible reviews

    Using 6 days a week over a year, still going strong

  • Was looking for a new hose to replace my $6 one, which never kinks, mainly because it has hardened badly. Might go for the 15m Pope for $18.70 instead of the Holman, kinks I can live with but not the leaks.

  • I'll buy one.

    The 15m one is at the same price $14.98.

  • Have one of these about a year now no problems use it alot and just ordered another thanks Op.

  • Now anyone recommend any water reels that under $50?

  • Haven’t found one Holman product that lasts. I keep returning them to Bunnings under warranty, hoping that the replacement is better. But after a while you realise it’s just poor quality, no matter how many times they replace it.

    • I have the same. Had a hose head, just started leaking after 8 mth. I don't use it much, so I think they just don't survive the Oz sun heat/cool cycle.
      Support tried to blame me for turning the selector head while on - it breaks the o rings. I took it apart, and found the fault was the rear trigger part - ie nothing to do with the selector.
      Replaced, new one also died after a further 7mth.
      Tried to buy better, one of the brass fittings. Leaks. Just leaks right away.

    • Yep I just avoid now

  • Don't buy.. got it yesterday and returned….

    Both sides of the connectors are popping out, very bad material and kinks so much