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RENPHO Shiatsu 3D Kneading Neck and Back Massager with Vibration and Heat $55.89 Delivered ($24.10 off) @ AC Green Amazon AU

  1. Relieves your pains and muscle tension
  2. Newly Vibration Function
  3. Soothing Heat Function
  4. 8 Shiatsu Massage Nodes
  5. 2 Adjustable massage direction and 3 intensity levels
  6. U-shape Ergonomic Design
  7. 30 Days Money Back&12 Months Warranty
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Very Happy with my purchase last time, Its worth it.

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    I use the from Wahl ( Looks similar like this one. It's nice, you can massage your back also by pressing against a chair and also holding on thigh & calf.

    • I was wondering if the Wahl were any good

      • Yes, it is, I got it for 99 from Shaver shop. I am an almost regular user of it.

  • We bought one from the last deal which was a similar price. The heat function isn’t really noticeable but the actual massage function is really worthwhile. I’d buy it again.

  • Got any deal for the renpho massage gun?

  • What's the difference with this one? Both from the same company but this one is more expensive and rated as the Amazon choice:

    • +1

      I think the more expensive one comes with a car adapter and soft sleeve, and the coupon doesn't apply to the more expensive one.

  • I'm happy with mine too but would have been happier with the cordless version.

  • No more cordless version?

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    Oh god, that alien is attacking that poor woman!

    • +9

      She looks like. She looks like… She's enjoying it!

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    This or the portable massage chair for $200?

    • +1

      I have this and while I think it’s nice I would definitely appreciate more the chair one. Reason being that with the chair you can really just relax and do nothing. Basically let go. While with this one you still have to use your arms to massage your back. It’s a decent massage but you are doing half of the work while with the chair you just sit there

      • Thanks for the comparison. Yeah that makes sense, the good thing with the chair massage, is it does your lower back and legs. Have you had your chair massage for long? I think i saw in the comments, part of the chair stopped working.

      • +1

        Ive got the chair. Does a poor job of shoulder massage (all about angles) but good for the back. If it's a shoulder massage you want, don't buy this chair.

        • Thanks mate! Do you use anything else for your shoulders then? I get really tense shoulders from WFH.

          • @Flowerbomb: Massage place (30 mins).with private health is about an $8 gap. Heard the shoulder massage with thing isnt too bad. Now saving up to go all in with a full massage recliner.. looking at the Livermor air bag style chairs (get down to around $1k @ Kogan). ..but that's a lot of $8 massages.

        • how about the neck area?

          • +1

            @OzFrugie: Doesnt do the neck well either. Just a good mid / upper back massager

    • Looks interesting but …Need a different code for this?

      • I'm also interested in this but looks like no code for this one.

    • +2

      If you go to and use SAVEUS10 at checkout, you can get it at 175.5 A$ (Free shipping and pay with credit card, with PayPal it adds up to 183$) instead of 209A$ at Amazon.

      • I tried the exact same product in the official website, and found that I could not ship to Australia. Did you pay in US$?

        • No, I paid in A$ and checked my credit card transactions again to make sure.

      • if u order from that website, does it ship from USA, and will take long to arrive?

        • +1

          I ordered RENPHO Massage Seat from their website on Sunday (20/09/2020). I got shipment email this afternoon and it's with Australia Post now (In Sydney) and parcel details in Australia Post app says sent by "Amazon Commercial Services"!

        • Just arrived now. It is in Amazon prime box.

          • @RogerSa: Review pls :)

            • @OzFrugie: I did a small test. I never had a seat massage before, so I have nothing to compare. After 10 minutes test, I think the back massage is really good. Some says it is hard but I am slim person and I am happy with it. The neck massage is so so, and the seat vibration, even at the max, I don't think it is good.

  • Pulled the trigger

  • Bought one, thanks OP

  • Order placed, hope it is good.

  • +4

    Order placed for my wife. hoping this will relieve me from my neck massage duties. hopefully she'll like it.

  • Is this better than the generic ones on Ebay like these ones?

    • +1

      Lol nope, I'd say all the internals are identical

  • my thighs are quite sore from standing all the time, is this good for massaging the thigh area?

    • +1

      Pricey but I’d recommend the Osim leg massager. I’ve had one for 5 years and it’s the best, short of the Osim massage chairs.

      • Any links? Looks out of stock

      • Plus one on the Osim leg massager recommendation. I scored the uPhoria Warm model on Facebook marketplace like new for $200/250 and it's amazing. I hope someday I can get the proper massage chairs.

      • Cheers. Will check it out.

        Wow indeed pricey

    • Try a massage gun.

      • Yes I was looking at that. Seems not bad to try for first time.

  • +3

    If you are someone who requires a bit more pressure this may not be for you. I destroyed one of these in a few days. Stripped the internal gear mechanism, my guess from pressing too hard.

  • +2

    thumbnail made me think it was a roller coaster. I'd love to go on one of those.

  • +1

    Bought one because of the thumbnail.

  • Thanks OP, this will go great with my prostate massager!

  • +1

    damn missed out.
    can anyone recommend a massager for neck, shoulder, and back please?
    I have Osim uJolly at the moment (, but while it's good for back, it's a bit lacking on the neck area.

    • +1

      Dear customer,
      We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

      The $24.1 code: C5DTEF95 is available to apply now.

      This product comes with 24 months warranty, any issue, welcome to contact us anytime.
      Best regards,
      AC Green

  • missed out :(

    • Dear customer,
      We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

      The code$24.1: C5DTEF95 is available to apply.

      This product comes with 24 months warranty, any issue, welcome to contact us anytime.
      Best regards,
      AC Green

      • Thanks OP.

      • Is the deal still on? What is the code for?

  • how often do they run promotion?

  • Thanks OP.

    The 24 months warranty is not listed on Amazon, so is is exclusive for Ozbargain?

  • Thanks OP for reactivating the code for Oz Bargainers. You're a champ!

  • This deal seems to be active still or am I missing out on something?

    • Only for prime it seems? The code above C5DTEF95 doesn't work anymore

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