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50% off 3rd Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance @ AAMI (New Sign-ups)


Just signed up for 3rd Party Fire and Theft Car insurance with AAMI with 50% discount after hearing from my mate that he was offered the same. The AAMI representative told me over the phone that they have a promotion running which offers:

50% off AAMI 3rd Party Fire & Theft Car Insurancea
30% off 3rd Party Car Insurance

The rep told it's not declared on the Website. Seems to be silent promotion and only available over phone. Their contact number is 13 22 44.

Not sure how long this will run for so better to get it sooner than later.

I and my friend both signed so we are pretty sure it works. At least worked for us.

I would say give it a go and see if it works for you (my first deal post, so go easy on me :)). Moderator can take down the deal if it's not valid.

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    • Did you get a refund for the remaining months of cancelling your current policy?

      • yep.

        • you took one for the team like that?

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            @capslock janitor: I got a new policy as well so I ended up saving. Came out about $150 ahead, so quite pleased. Many thanks to OP for posting this.

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        How were you able to get this on a vehicle that is currently insured with AAMI? I tried doing this and they refused to offer me the 50% promotion because it’s not applicable on vehicles insured (in the past and present) with AAMI.

        • Yep I also tried and they said it wasn’t possible

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    12 months time….

    Just got my TPF&T renewal and it's doubled. WTF. Stuff you AAMI I'm going elsewhere.

    • When to get TPF&T? Other than when you hardly use your car. If your car is not worth much?

      • Yes

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    I was with AAMI they increased premium by10% after 1 year, moved to GIO and saved 25$/m for comprehensive insurance.

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    AAMI and GIO (same parent company) are terrible. If I get an anonymous quote for the house number either side of me, it is hundreds of dollars cheaper. As soon as I enter my house number it goes up. I'm with them, so I think they must do a reverse lookup using the details entered on the quote and make the assumption that it is me. I've never claimed and haven't had anyone claim against me, so I don't see the reason for this. Would be interested if any other existing AAMI or GIO customers notice this.

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      Yes i had same issue which I flagged with AAMI that. How come ur calculator gives me v cheap rate for next door number but not mine. And he was like may be that property you are in had claimed in past etc, we have some background data to make decisions. Both were brand nee properties, never had claimed anything ever in life. Tested with other companies and their premium remain the same for any address in street.

      So i left Aami found $25/m cheaper quote from GIO and moved with them.

      • Yep. Glad I'm not the only one to notice this, but disgusted by their tactics. I get they do the '10%' online discount, but the difference in premium is always much higher than that. It seems they lure you in with a reasonable premium, then hike it up year on year. Your info is stored in the system, so even an anonymous quote is higher. You'll probably find GIO will pull the same stunt.

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      I had the exact same issue .. I was with GIO .. if I use the address for next unit on the same block of land I get a much cheaper discount .. once again no claims in the last 10 years .. when I asked GIO for an explanation they said we don't know it's the system that calculates .. what a load of bs .. needless to say I cancelled my insurance with them

      • They know well and truly why the system does it, but they'll just make up an excuse. I have a two cars of the exact same make and model, but 18 months apart. I called GIO for a quote on the newer car and it was $500 more expensive! RedBook value is the same. I asked them why this was and they just gave BS excuses…

      • Ah yes - the ghost in the 'system' 👻

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      Same issue with NRMA. Next door which is a corner block is cheaper, probably because unlike my house, no one uses their driveway to do U-turns. House diagonally opposite mine (corner block but U-turn friendly) is more expensive than my address …

      • I live on a straight, through road and everyone has a driveway to park off the street, yet the premium hikes hundreds of dollars between my address and a neighbours!

        • Same, but people will use my driveway more than next door neighbour's because of where it's located as you turn into the street

    • same for me, I asked the reason for this but they said they can't disclose it.

  • what if your already with AAMI for third party, can you get a 30% refund?

  • Just did a quote, its $600 for TPP. So will be $300 after discount right if I call them?

    • Yep my online quote was $575 and over the phone was $293, slight discrepancy but wasn't bothered.

      • Ok great.

  • Very nice offer just signed up and it took about 20 mins. AAMI TPP also covers yourself up to $5k if an uninsured driver causes damage to you and you're not at fault. Worked out a lot cheaper than even the budget options, bingle, budget direct etc.

  • Thank you. I just exercised my right to cancel with WW insurance during the 14 day cooling off period and switched to AAMI. Saved me $70.

  • It’s worth noting AAMI covers up to $5000 if the accident is the fault of an uninsured driver - but this does NOT apply if the driver has insurance and refuses to make a claim. I had the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with this kind of person myself despite being able to prove on camera it was their fault. AAMI refused to assist or except this instance. It was very disappointing but technically that is what the policy says.

    • If other party is at fault and insured, how can Aami can refuse to pursue it?

      Did you lodge AFCA complaint?

      • Because they only provide cover against uninsured drivers.

      • Yes it only covers uninsured drivers as they state. You'd think covering someone refusing to make a claim is in the spirit of the policy but they wouldn't budge

        Did not make a formal complaint

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    Car insurance claims would be down huge amounts in the last 6 months, these companies would have huge amount of funds they can use to lure new business

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      I beg to differ. I am seeing more people using private transport instead of public. The roads are busier than pre-covid.

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        maybe where you live, but you can also tell by the lack of fuel supply and one major petroleum plant threatening to shut down…

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    Thanks OP - online quote 590, paid 290 via phone.

  • Nrma had fire and theft for 120 a year a while ago. Was 1/3 of the third party property I had from AAMI. So I have my 2 low value cars with them now!

    • NRMA will be back to normal price after this $120/year ends.

      • And the I’ll either go back to third party only, or find someone cheaper. It’d likely be the same story with OP’s AAMI deal too.

        • Yes its fun to change providers every year. You save a lot of money. I remember being ripped off by NRMA for 2 years for CTP. Changed to AAMI and saved $200 in a year. Next year maybe change to the one which is cheapest.

          Same for Third Party Insurance. Now with Woolies its $472 (but got $100 worth of woolies shopping), makes it $372 for me.

          Not switching for third party until I finish this Woolies in March 2021 or I get a really great deal.

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    Worked for me in Victoria. Third party fire and theft $650 Online, $334 via phone. Thanks OP

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    Also 50% off Fire & Theft Home Contents Insurance

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    Just called AAMI about my exisiting 3rd party party insurance where i was paying ~$50 a month. Did a comparison quote with Australian Unity which came out to $27 a month. AAMI wouldn't match or reduce so i cancelled and signed up with Australian Unity.

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    Cheers OP, just took up the offer. Paid $174 for 3rd Party Property only with Budget Direct a couple of months ago, so have canceled that one now. Quote for 3PP + Fire & Theft was $191 after the discount with AAMI. So in effect paid $17 extra for the year to be covered for fire/theft. Worth noting though is that coverage amount for me is only $10,000, which is $2,800 less than what my car is worth (from book value), so as I understand it, if my car is destroyed by fire or stolen, I would receive the $10,000 (after I paid my standard excess of $695) therefore would not be able to replace my car like for like without paying a fair bit more money myself. Still, for $17 extra cost to me, it's a good deal.

    • Insurance companies never pay the full value of the car unless you pay up in premiums.

    • How is yours so cheap at $191? Mine was $345

      • My understanding is premiums are worked out on factors such as value of the car, how often it is being driven and by who, where it is parked (the area, whether it's covered or not etc). So for me I am a mature driver driving a cheap car that I don't use much and I live in a pretty low crime area hence lower premium.

  • I don't quite understand the excitement about this. I have a car valued at about $9,000; 7 years old. I pay $850 for fully comp annually. This policy from aami will not replace my car if it gets busted.
    Am I looking at insurance the wrong way?

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      You are paying $730 annually for your car replacement insurance, so 730 gets you maximum return of 9K, with 3rd party you are getting x million in cover for 120 bucks.

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        Yes but your car isn't covered. So if something was to happen, looking at your losses, you lost your $10k car!

    • Being younger comprehensive insurance on my 2 cars is about $1000-$2000 a car each year.
      Both were insured third party property only around $250 a year each.
      Now i'm covered for fire and theft as well and only $200 a car.

      Paying $2000-$4000 a year for comprehensive doesn't make sense as each car is only worth 7-10k each

      • Yep. When you're younger you're better off putting that money into the bank, making do with 3rd party and using that money if you ever need to fix it yourself.

  • Anyone successfully get this deal without cancelling their current AAMI insurance?

    • just called them rn, they said not offering discounts to current cars registered with them already.

  • My online quote is $290 why is it so cheap? 30k ish hilux. Does that mean over the phone I'll be able to get it down to $145?

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    Thank you OP saved lot of money 👍

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    Thanks, great deal, $139 for 2011 Toyota Aurion

  • This bargain is worthless without naming the price paid. 50% off what?
    If its 50% off a price thats double everyone else, it aint much of a deal.

    • yes everyone is different for car insurance, but not 3rd party. its pretty much the same price for anyone. except <25 pay more.
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      Everyone's insurance price is different. Hence 50% off the price is a totally correct bargain.

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      You're right. The bargains you have posted are a lot better

      • Lel, zero posts

    • 0 posts in 11 years? Wow. And you have the nerve to criticise.

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    Thank you OP - saved heaps of money on this.
    Original quote online was for $626, was close to 50% off with the new quote coming in at $322. Super happy.

    I originally had a comprehensive policy that was in its extension period for renewal - luckily one call sorted it all out. The rep was great - cancelled my comprehensive policy and carried over all its details towards the new 3rd Party Fire & Theft policy.

    Also ask em' to play around with the car coverage values - it was $2 more for me to have my car covered for a value of $8000, from $6800.

    Depending on the rep you get, as previously mentioned by someone else in the thread, you may have to call twice - to cancel your existing policy, and to purchase a new policy

    • Agree. The rep I had 'Ian' was fantastic. I usually hate calling for anything but he really had his shit together.

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    Cancelled existing AAMI 3rd party cover and signed up for 3rd party + fire and theft for $12 less a month than what I was paying. All done in one call and service was excellent.

  • Does anyone have any evidence of this discount I can refer to? I just spoke with AAMI and she had no discount available other than a 20% mulit policy discount.

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      I just called up, said I heard about a 50% discount on TP Fire & Theft, and they said yes, and went through with the quote. Maybe you got a dud call-centre person. Try calling again?

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    Just confirming for anyone still looking at this. I called Aami today and they are still offering this, I ended up signing up for third party fire and theft at 50% off since it was cheaper than 30% off third party.

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    Confirming that this was being offered yesterday when I signed up.

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    Just sign up and confirming that 50% off is being offered today, 12th Oct.

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    Can confirm that it's still working on 18/10/20

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    Still active as of today but had to work for it. Initial call rep said there wasn't any promotion and laughed at the idea that there would be. I pressed her on it and she said she would ask around and low and behold she transferred me to someone who said that the deal was still in effect.
    Got the 50% off Third Party Fire and Theft and mine came to $175 for an old Ford.
    Third Party Property was quoted at $150 after the 30% discount.

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    I've paid QBE $275 for the entire year. Aami wants $660. So then $330 for both. But I'm already paying for fully comp with Budget Direct. So not really worth the hassle for me, IMO. Well done to everyone who got a good deal with this.

  • Is this deal still currently running?

  • The deal is still currently running.

    Just signed up this evening. Quite expensive really if it wasn't for the 50% discount. TPP including fire and theft cost me $690 so $345 after discount.

    You don't need to be a non existing member for 12 month, when I called up they actually noticed I had an old insurance policy that expired a few days ago and they just copied all the details from that.

    Last year my premium was $595 for full compo but had the maximum excess of around $2900

  • 10 year old Citroen-Advice please a)AAMI $278 TP Fire&theft(50%off thanks) but Excess $1,095 as daughter under 25. Or b)Woolworths $254 plus $100 gift card. No disclosure needed as daughter drives two times a month. Help!

    • +1

      Woolworths and send me the gift card :p

      Joke aside, I would go with Woolworths if I got same offer. Cause after subtracting the gift card I would be paying only 154$.

      • Plus with Woolworths you get 10% off on grocery once a month, every month.

  • This is still active FYI. I just signed up for a policy.

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    Still running. Save me over 100 dollars ! Thanks Op. awesome deal

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    Thank you very much OP, you saved me a few hundred! Legend.

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    thanks OP, got fire, theft and 3rd party for $214

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    Awesome paid $277 for 3rd party fire and theft.

    ***holes Bingle increased my policy by $84 after not driving much at all this year.

  • So this is a long running deal eh? Nice!

  • fyi, 30% off 3rd Party Car Insurance apparently ended dec 2020….just 50% off is live

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    I just got this.

    Went online, was going to be $180… But had to call as I had a previous claim denied. Spoke to someone who applied a 50% discount. Was about to post here but noticed the deal is already up.

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    The deal is still valid. But they are only offering 50% of Third Party Fire and Theft Only.
    $367 for 1 year is a good deal for 2008 Model car.

    For Third Party only, there is just a $20 voucher if you sign up online.

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    Thanks OP 👍

    50% off 3rd party/fire&theft worked today 6/5/2021, for those coming to this thread more recently

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    Still working - thanks OP!

    The agent advised that the promotion will run until 30/6/21

  • Damn, it ended :(

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