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Tenda Nova MW5c Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System $74.50 (2-Pack) $99.50 (3-Pack) Delivered @ Tenda via eBay


Had to post this since the Tenda MW5c-2 Pack post is gaining traction.

2-Pack Option*

Credits to original poster sid4frnds and kareem for pointing out the eBay offer.

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  • I don't know about this one but the MW3 only seems to use WPA(TKIP) which is insecure. Seems ot be no where in the mobile app to change the encryption type. (at least not on the app)

    • I'm using MW3 in my home:
      Authentication: RSNA-PSK (WPA2)
      Encryption: AES-CCMP

      • Where do you configure AES in the app ?
        Mine is clearly using TKIP.

        • I'm not sure if you can configure it, but all the devices I've checked on mine are using WPA2-CCMP

          • @choofa: really odd my iphone (ios14 is complaining that the tenda gear is connecting with TKIP)

  • +1

    This sounds like an awesome way to get 3 x APs for $33 each given that many of us do not live on two storeys and over many square meters.

    My assumption is that a single MW5 ap will get pretty decent range if you're in an avg. 2-3 bedroom unit.

    • Yeah at this price it's worth giving a shot. 1 to link to the NBN modem, 1 for the garage, 1 for a far-end dead spot, ie, laundry room.

    • +8

      Wrong number mate.

      • mw5 can be used together with mw3 and 6?

        • +1

          Yes it's possible.

          "Any Nova-series product (MW3, MW5, MW5S, MW6, MW12) can be used as an extra unit in an existing Nova network easily to meet varies house type requirements." - source

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    Looks like the three pack is out of stock.

  • I have 189m2 house.. Got the 2 pack. That should be enough right?

    • for me: 1 for nbn connection. 2 for offices. I need 3

    • +1

      Yes, I bought a three pack MW3 two month ago. I only use two for my 220m2 house.

  • OOS

  • MW6 for $185 still better for bigger houses with ac requirement?

  • +4

    i own 4 x nodes. 5 bedroom house. 2 storeys. concrete walls and bricks. 2 kitchens. 2 livings.

    probably tendas worst enemy. using just 2 was not enough. 2 x upstairs 2 x downstairs offer me full wifi bars everywhere now. family is ecstatic everyone has full advertised speeds now.

    using tenda standalone presented many issues. using the tenda in the lan port of a wireless router worked perffectly (optus nbn).

    hopes this helps anyone

    • Do you get any improved coverage to outside areas eg. backyard, frontyard?

      • if you need coverage to your backyard just centralise the node location in between your backyard and room. I get it no problems because the nodes are placed accordingly to my comment. basically it creates a diamond shapes mesh wifi network with all my nodes strategically placed in each corner of the house.

        • Thanks for that!

  • Hi i accidentaly bought an extra unit from shopping square for MW3 (3 nodes) at $99 which had just arrived, anyone is interested happy to let go at $89, dm me if interested, can provide you the invoice and order.

    • hi mate, I am after these, whats difference in mw3 and mw5? btw your dm is not enabled

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