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[Back Order] Bodum Transparent Coffee Mugs (Set of 6) $20 Shipped + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Single wall 12 oz (~ 350ml) mugs. Generally for around $30-$40 elsewhere. $3.33/ mug is a pretty good price I reckon.

  • Sturdy coffee and tea mug
  • Made of durable, tempered glass
  • Stylish, clean and minimalist design
  • Perfect addition to your kitchenware assortment

Some other comparable options:

i) Similar product with double-wall available in Target but I am not sure if it's made with tempered glass and how's the quality in general (unlike Bodum which is a reputed brand): https://www.target.com.au/p/set-of-2-double-walled-mugs/6174...

ii) I was after smaller size mugs and I found an option here for $26 (shipped): https://rinkit.com.au/products/duralex-6-versailles-clear-te...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just reiterating that these are single walled mugs (as mentioned by OP)…given that Bodum are known for their double walled cups, and the Target example lists double wall.

    • Well that sucks. If I wanted single wall, I'd have stocked up at Ikea for $2/piece.

      • I thought Bodum is a much better brand than Ikea so these may be more durable for $1.3/mug extra (and free shipping).

        • Ikea stock varies in quality. Even some of their cheapest items are surprisingly good. The glass coffee-mugs are bulletproof. I use them when cooking, such as for draining hot fat from a roasting pan. But not for coffee, because single-wall :-) I think glass is probably still better than ceramic as an insulator though.

  • I have six of the double-wall mugs, they are very easy to break…we broke 4 in two years.

    • I'm guessing the handle is the weak point on double-wall mugs.

      We've had the double-wall glasses for ~7 years now, no issues. We don't treat them particularly well, always washed in the dishwasher.

  • Looks like an expensive version of the Kmart one.

  • Single wall, hence the handles.

    • I got a kmart double wall one with a handle. Only 1 left out of set of 4 though

      • Why would you put a handle on a double-wall mug??? What next, handles on water glasses?

        I have some double-wall cups from Target. The older ones had a weakness at the nipple-thing where they were sealed. But the newer ones are good so far, touch wood.
        I did break one once by stirring the sugar in with a particularly heavy teaspoon. And my dumb kid broke one by stacking them :-( . But normally, they are tough enough.

    • You can get double walled mugs with handles too

  • Invest in double wall. Keeps your drinks hot for much much longer

  • Yeah the double wall is easy to break and also easily scratches on the inside

    • So it's not the case with single wall?

      • I have only bought the double, it either breaks or the cup on the inside get scratched easily. Which is hard to clean, i normally get a new one.
        Bought 6 over the last 3 years. I only have one left of the double. It worth for keeping drink hot or cold longer. Its light and doesn't burn your hand or freeze it

    • I've had the double wall Canteen ones for about 5 years and my parent's have had the Pavina's for I reckon at least 8-10 years and only broken them by accidentally dropping them. We both put them thru the dishwasher etc, still look great, no noticeable scratching at all….

  • I have had these mugs for about 5 years, i have not broken or chipped any of them.

  • I just use the ikea 365 glass mugs, $1.99 ea and tempered glass


  • Double wall much better in my experience especially for keeping drinks warmer longer. Plenty of decent ones on ebay/alie etc is where we got ours. Never broken any of ours after years of almost daily use.

    • You mean the unbranded ones from eBay? When people above are saying that even Bodum mugs break so often, I am not really very optimistic about the unbranded ones. Just basing this on the comments above though.

      • I think that is highly subjective to both the exact style of the glass and treatment. I don't have any single wall, imo they are borderline pointless other than the aesthetics. I would be skeptical buying ones that are super cheap as well.

        I have over a dozen double wall some branded some unbranded. I just checked we did actually break 1 (not me, didn't realize), a branded double but that is it. The unbranded ones we've bought online have been just as great (they were not crazy cheap, a few are coffee glasses with a handle etc but most are more like medium and large double wall glasses we use for various drinks hot or cold). As with anything, only buy what has lots of positive customer reviews, and cheaper is not always the way to go. Plenty of decent stuff out there.

  • Edit: nevermind

  • Love these! Can’t believe I missed out!

  • Hmm might try the target versions for beer.

    Edit: No I won't there is no stock anywhere close. But I do think I need double walled beer glasses now.