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GOOLOO 1200A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter QC3.0 $78.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Direct Amazon AU


This popular item is back with cheaper price. Enjoy :)

Also, There is another model running on offer as well : GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A for $109.99 - Code 6P94TJRB Thanks to tellhimhesdreaming

GOOLOO Upgraded 1200A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) High Speed Quick Charge 3.0 Auto Booster Power Pack Phone Charger Built-in LED Light

$41 off with promo code EJNYMCSR
Save $41 when you purchase 1 or more GOOLOO 1200A car jump starter (☞ Only $78.99) offered by GOOLOO Direct. Enter code EJNYMCSR at checkout.

1200 Peak Amp Emergency Jump Starter: Enough power to boost most vehicles (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) on the road!

Quick Charge 3.0 USB Port : Designed with 2 USB output (5V/2.1A, 5V 2.4A/9V 2A), the quick charge 3.0 USB port can full charge your smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices at the fastest speed possible.

5 in 1 Multi-Function: Powerful Jump Starter + Portable Charger + Quick Charge 3.0 USB port + LED Flashlight + S.O.S Lighting Signal for help. It can help you In any case especially for adventure, outdoor, daily, emergency, travel, high and low temperature(-4℉~140℉), etc.

Advanced Safety Technology: The intelligent jumper clamp features more than 5 advanced safety technology including reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, making it totally safe for anyone to use.

What you Get: GOOLOO Compact Jump Box GP37-Plus, Smart Jumper Clamp, Wall Charger, Car Charger, USB to type-c cable, Carry Bag, User Manual, our 12 + 6 month extended warranty & 30 days money back and 24/7 friendly customer service. This is the best gift for mom.

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  • Thanks OP. I finally pulled the trigger on this one.

    Since lockdown my car has just been sitting not moving. And went to start it and it struggled to turn over. No more asking for a jump for me lol.

  • 2000A available for $109.99 as well

    Tbh for the price difference probably just get the 1200a unless you need to jump start your diesel F Truck

  • +5 votes

    Just used my 2000A one today! It's been used a couple of times. Great device. Jumps from dead flat with the boost function. Worked every time so far.

    We have jumper leads too but to save the car shuffle I've reached for these each time and they haven't failed.

    Nb: I have a couple of cars parked up and cycle trickle chargers between them but I've had a of dodgy battery in the meantime die in a really slow drain from 1 car.

    Other instance was a dead flat, 4cyl diesel hilux we left the lights on in.

    • Any more issues with the dead flat one? Tends to lead to sufation and degrade battery capacity/life - trickle charging vs fast jump & charge is the better approach generally.

      • No, my car has been parked up for a while now. I installed an OEM factory alarm AND hard wire kit for my viofo dashcam and I've had a slow drain/bug since.

        The alarm is all plug and play but something changed along the way that allows the radio to be turned on without the keys in the ignition. I've been keeping an eye on it as to not kill the battery altogether. By dead flat, it had drained enough to not have any lights on when switching to ignition, not even a 'tick' on turnover. It was just reference for the jump-ability of these packs.

        Not sure which one is the culprit, I just haven't got around to it but the battery is still healthy on the trickle charger. 👍

        • Try using a volt meter set to "amp" mode. While the car is off, Disconnect your dashcam and see if the reading drops, If it drops it's your dashcam :) .
          If the reading is still the same, then it's probably your alarm system (or something else hooked up to the car).

    • how many cars can this device jump start in one charge?

  • Hi guys - Will this safely jump start a modern E class?

  • would this jump start a motorbike?

  • If you are buying this that you might need to use this in the future isn't better just to buy a smart trickle charger to maintain your battery.

    If you need to use this frequently, i think it is better to change your car battery.

    • Do you know any good one? I have been looking to purchase a charger to keep the battery in a good shape instead of using a jump starter.

      • I've got a ctek mxs 5.0 and recommend it : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/ctek-mxs-5-0

      • I personally use a noco genius 2. Ctek is very popular and recommended by many.

        Just don't use cheap unknown chinese charger. Overcharging can damage your battery and can cause explosion.

        • Thank you. I can see that MXS 7.0 is on sale. Need to see what the differences are. What do I need to look from my car to ensure this is compatible with the battery? I own a Volvo XC60.

          • @aliagha: Ctek mxs 5.0 can charge up to a 160ah capacity battery. Your car should have a 60ah battery. So i don't think you need a 7.0 charger.

            The number is the amount of current it can push into the battery.

            It takes around about 12-14 hours to charge up a 60AH battery from 50% using the Ctek mxs 5.0, slightly faster for a Ctek mxs 7.0.

            I use noco cause i researched that it is much more gentle on the battery. I had abused it and so far it has not damaged any of my cars or batteries. I don't have a Ctek but only hear good things about them.

    • Two completely different products, trickle charger helps to maintain your battery when at home. Gooloo jumper pack allows you to start your car when you are not home and your battery is depleted and your car wont crank.

      One does not replace the other.

    • Dumb question… Can a trickle charger jump start a car in an emergency?

      I've got a repco 1600Amp one but considering to buy this for a rainy day, as my car battery is retailed for $350+ and routinely comes down to low $200 on special… battery went flat last arvo but charger brought it back to life… looks my 4.5 year old car battery is on its last legs… but wanted to wait for the special price on the battery.

      Also does this jump starter work on a 3L diesel engine?

      • No you can't use a charger to start an engine. Not enough power to turn the engine.

  • Ordered one, thanks for the deal. :)

  • Have had some no name brand (Suaoki) jump starter for a few years and it has worked on mid sized sedans no issue. (Start Current: 300A and peak 600A)

    But my Tiguan (2.0L turbo petrol 132tsi) had a dead battery and when I tried it, it did not start. I'm guessing I need a larger capacity one like this?

    We also have a 2.0L turbo diesel Tucson which hasn't required a jump start. Should the no-name actually work with both these vehicles?

    Also - how long does it take to charge the Gooloo?

    • @deeps
      A few hours. Once fully charge (lots of pretty LEDs), it hold full charge for months without any noticeable discharge,

  • Buy the other one that usually goes for $99. It's better!

  • i stacked with 6% CR + 3% amazon gift card… a decent add on is their 12v attachment too…. perfect when those annoying family members come over and youve got to use an air compressor for a blow up bed.

  • Is it safe to leave it in the car during summer time?

    • I’ve left a similar product in my car for years. Parked outside in hot summer. Never had issues. But this thought came to my mind as well. May be some one has better advise about it.

    • Someone from another thread mentioned that you can put it in cooler gel packs which I think is a good idea

  • would it be better to go with a deep cycle battery like an Optima battery?

  • This thing has saved my life sooo many times!!!!!

    Must have, 12 stars

  • Would recommend anyone to have this type of thing in their car. I saw these posts and ignored it…regretfully. I got another brand at full rrp and still worth it. Annoyingly you can't charge this with a USB C.

  • Good jumper start been 3years since I bought mine. Going strong

  • How long does it hold the required charge?

  • Is this safe to leave in the trunk during hot summer?

  • Quick delivery. Got mine in about 48 hours.

  • the 2000A one is still on discount with the code, ordered mine on Monday, arrived on Tuesday.

  • code no working.

  • Also, There is another model running on offer as well : GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A for $109.99(amazon.com.au) - Code 6P94TJRB

    Back on.

  • any deal on 4000?

  • Can this be used as a 'memory saver' when changing out a battery?