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GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter USB QC3.0 Battery Booster Power Type-C $98.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Amazon AU


This popular gadget is back, and perfect timing for anyone in iso.

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Features & details
1.[Powerful and Reliable] - It provide instant current, without the need for a donor vehicle. You can start your vehicles (up to 10.0L petrol or 7.0L diesel), Motorcycles, RV, tractor, light-duty trucks, mower, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boat, yachting in just a few minutes.
2. [Power Delivery 15W Type C Input and Output]: Supports USB type-C charging (5V/3A); you can use it to charge your other devices or charge the jump starter itself.
3. [Quick Charging Output]: The Quick Charge 3.0 USB ports can be used to charge virtually any USB powered device at lightning speed, such as smartphones, tablets, GPS, camera, kindle and more.
4. [Advanced Safety Technology]: The intelligent jumper clamp combined with 8 protections including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, making it totally safe for anyone to use.
5. [What You Get]: GOOLOO Heavy-Duty Jump Starter, 12V Battery Clamp, Wall Charger (With UL Certification),USB-C Cable, Type-C to Type-C Cable, Storage Case, User Manual. Our 12 + 6 month extended warranty & 30 days money back and 24/7 friendly customer service.

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  • I can confirm these are amazing. Using the boost feature I was able to jumpstart a 4.2L Diesel engine from a battery that couldn’t even turn on the interior lights! Very impressed.

    • No go for me. Bought from previous ozbargain deal. Toyota Hiace 3.0L LWB 2010

      • I find that very interesting, did you use the boost function? The 1HZ (4.2L diesel I started) is not easy to turn over, I have tried to jumpstart from little hatchbacks in the past and they couldn't provide enough juice.

        • Yes I tried several time, leave battery plugged in overnight still not working. I noted the Gooloo only dropped a bar after a few try.

          • @impulsebuy: Hm, well leaving the jump starter connected overnight wouldn’t do anything. Perhaps faulty unit?

            When I used the boost function it drained 3 bars of battery on mine!

            • @cruiseronroad: I leave battery on charge over night I mean, just to make sure the battery is fully charged.
              The battery cut out maybe 3 seconds before the car fully started, like some kind of inbuilt load protection on the battery.

              I'll try to contact Amazon to see if accept return.

        • The 1HZ. Ahhh the 1HZ. What a donk. Could it be the best engine Toyota ever built? Sure it's sluggish but I'd argue the most reliable engine ever slapped into a fourby

    • how does this compare to a similarly priced Stanley one?


      • Completely different products.

        1. Goo loo is much smaller and much lighter.
        2. It is approximately 2x as powerful
        3. It has USB C

        1. About the size of an average baby
        2. Not sure if it’s lithium
        3. Has the advantage of having a compressor.

        So ultimately the gooloo is a portable solution, potentially more compatible with modern electronics. Both will start your average passenger petrol car just fine.

  • Had one die on me after about 3-4 uses. Shipped back to amazon for a full refund.

    Works well when it's not dead.

    • Just wondering if you (& kanari who upvoted you) followed the instructions regarding charge to full before first use and also charge after use?

      The gooloo has leds that indicate charge and you can see that providing enough current to the car takes a real toll because on a fully charged gooloo the leds might indicate below 50% for a moment during a jumpstart on our 4 cylinder engine. I'd hate to think what a half charged gooloo would do if used for another jumpstart as the strain would probably be too much.

      Also I heard they aren't meant to be stored in heat as it affects battery capacity. So inside a car is the worst place possible… Very awkward! Mine lives in our cupboard then when a car battery starts misbehaving we start taking it in our backpacks (we always have a backpack due to kids or work) but the gooloo is heavy and bulky.

      I guess it's cheaper than RAC if it dies after a few uses but I'd hope yours was a rare dud or misused.

  • Have this. Just used it for the third time. Happy with it and this is a good price.

    Needing a repco deal because clearly my car battery is nearly dead if its going flat fast (kids turn headlights on for 10 min whilst engine not running = flat).

    • I like paying for NRMA batteries, because they seem to last a long time.

      • Our cars rarely travel more than 5km at a time. I'm not a car person but I suppose we'll always have short battery lives due to that

      • As a long term NRMA member and having used their battery service, I would say their batteries last no longer than other brands. You just pay more for the convenience of having it fitted wherever you are. Most recently I used Supercheap to replace my dead NRMA battery because I could limp the car there and paid around the same or less for the SCA 'Premium' Century brand battery fitted compared to NRMA's standard. Would happily have used Repco too but couldn't be bother fitting it myself.

        • As a long term NRMA member and having used their battery service,

          I'm guilty of forking out extra for Toyota and Mercedes Batteries for cars I have bought new.

          I only buy NRMA batteries for my second hand cars.

          • @Orico: I was lucky, just got a new Mercedes Battery, was still "just" under warranty. luckily I did my research before calling as they tried to tell me it was not under warranty initially.

            bought one of these, good price as present for my brother.

      • Just wondering what happens when a car battery is need for replacement? Does it just die straight away and cant start the car anymore?

        • sometimes, or it just doesn't hold a charge for long so you are constantly putting it on the charger. e.g. my Mercedes battery died recently, it was dead dead, no warning or low battery lights, would not hold any sort of charge. My wifes mini battery is obviously also on the way out, it is regularly getting the battery warning on and a full charge gets it another week or two before the dreaded battery light is back on.

    • There's 12% cash back at Repco currently


    • Repco/autobarn will test your battery for free with a bosch tool. If they say replace then replace else get a trickle charger to charge overnight

  • These have saved me so many times when my battery was becoming unreliable.

  • Hi Guys does anyone know if this is safe to use on new Euro cars? Some sources say its unsafe to jump start cars with such high tech electronics but I wonder if thats meant for the old method of jump starting cars

    • It has reverse and over current protection built in but I'm not 100% sure if there's any other protections required. I didn't think so but I'm no guru.

      The same risk applies with jumper cables, not just portable batteries.

      I use it on a 2015 camry.

    • No man, that's bullshit.

      People in Sydney jump starting their lamborghinis and super cars daily.

      new Euro cars

      What do you have? A GLC, C Class, 3 series…
      You're okay to jump start with a proper battery.

  • I love mine. It's saved me a few times on my 2 year old VW Golf (typical poor German reliability)

  • Would people have trouble taking one overseas when on holiday? Say, the USA.

    I'm thinking of getting one for the parents, and they do a lot of driving overseas (albeit not at the moment).

  • Is there a major benefit of this one over the 1200A one? (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556455)

    • Depends what you want to use it for. The 2000A starter can provide more current, so it'll start a larger engine. It's also got USB C.

      If you've got a little four cylinder petrol car and don't care about USB C, get the cheaper one.

    • 2000A can do 15V/10A = 150W continuous output vs 12V/10A = 120W of 1200A.
      Might be important if you use it with a pump/vacuum or other appliance.

      The battery also has 11% larger capacity.

    • I've used both, get the 2000A

        • The price difference is negligible and the improvement of the jump starting ability of the 2000A is noticeable.

          The 1200A number is good on paper, but as batteries age they lose capacity. Also when you charge the battery and let it sit in your car for months, temp changes etc capacity is reduced. So in 2 years time when you go to jump start something and it's been stashed under the seat for several months you wont have 1200A

          Also 1200A doesnt have the indicator lights, and it's got the round connector for the wall and car charger https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61-7iBFSQPL.AC_SL1000.jpg which you wont find when you need it. The 2000A you just use the regular USB-C.

  • Everytime I read the comments on these devices and people say how it has worked for them multiple times, I just think, why don't you get a new battery? Lol

    • I've used it twice - on other people's cars :)

    • Perhaps the context is that it was used multiple times on other vehicles?

      I know I've used it multiple times on a 10 year old Hilux, 2 year old Civic RS, and 10 year old Yaris, most of which are due to human error by leaving lights on. The Civic RS battery died suddenly, because as we all know, batteries don't really give an indication that they are on their last legs.

    • I always jump start other people's cars. My service interval is so frequent that Toyota service manager knows that the first thing I ask them is to check the battery.

    • Holding out for a battery deal on ozb is hard when your car won't start.

      Also, I've had a battery die on a Sunday in the country before.

    • Because dead batteries aren't the only reason batteries go flat. Or even the most common reason I'd think.

  • Bought 6 months ago only used so far to inflate my trailer Tyre as my 12v Compressor power cable was not long enough.

  • Just bought this.

  • Been on the look out for one of these for a little bit now, so perfect timing. Just bought one. Thanks OP!

  • Does the code only work for a single purchase?

  • I endorse this product 100%. Works like it says on the tin… each time, every time.

    The charge is retained for several months, although I do recharge it after each use.

    Another fantastic use is to recharge your smart phones during an extended blackout. (All of a sudden all your neighbours are your best mates).


    Tiny print on the user manual. Once I had it read under a magnifying light.

    Tiny LEDs.

    else, all's good.

    NOTE: This device DOES NOT recharge your vehicle's battery. It's purpose is to provide a boost to enable your engine to start.

  • Only issue I find with this is, (i believe) it is advertised as having an 18000mah battery. Using it to charge some DJI batteries, I think it is closer to 4000mah..Does anyone have similar results? Ill give it another try.

    • That could not be further from the truth.

      • Well it seems to drain from full to nothing before fully charging my DJI Mavic Plat. battery. Not sure what to make of it.

        EDIT ; Capacity of DJI battery is 3800mah.

        As noted, Ill test it again this weekend, but have already tested it on two occasions and its the same. I have to bring along my PD battery pack (10,000mah) to charge the GOOLOO.

    • The mavic battery is 3S or 4S battery pack, what that means is there's actually 3 or 4 3800mAh LiPo packs in each battery whereas the power bank is only 1S @ 20,000mAh. You'll be able to charge a few mavic mini batteries as they're only 2S 2600mAh batteries but thats about it. Look at the WHr rating of the batteries and then compare.

      • Ahh gotcha. Im not too good with this electronics stuff. The DJI battery is 11.4v and the rated capacity is 43.6Wh
        So this would mean that the powerbank can charge about 1.5 of these batteries?

        • In theory yes but factor in about 30% efficiency loss and maybe you'll get 1 charge out of it.

          • @BargainKen: Understanding it all now. So im not crazy when I said that I barely got one charge into the DJI battery. Thanks for the lesson BargainKen

  • Capacity of battery appears to be around 20,000 MAh when you convert specified 73Wh.

    • I believe it's 18,000mah. If the batteries are 3.7v that should equate to 66.6Wh (devil's numbers!).

      • +1 vote

        that should equate to 66.6Wh (devil's numbers!).

        Do these run hot ?

  • +5 votes

    Wow, i just called amazon to refund the differences for the price as i bought this few weeks ago at $109.99. To my surprise i got issued a $51 promotional certificate to my account which will automatically apply the next time i order an eligible item sold and shipped by Amazon. Amazing service thanks Amazon 😁

    • Gotta love amazon. They basically credited you the entire amount of the current voucher. Not sure if that was meant to happen but enjoy :)

    • Nice. They do stuff up sometimes lol

    • I am in the same boat, what number do you call to speak with Amazon? Couldn't find anywhere under My Orders to find a way of contacting.

      • +2 votes

        I used the app. Click on 'customer service' , 'contact us', then 'call customer service', then follow the instructions, once you done choosing the correct order, etc. Click on 'continue to customer service '. Put in your phone number and click 'call me now'. Good luck.

    • How long is the Amazon price protection?

  • Ahhhh dammit …. I just bought the 1200A version last week! Spewing!

    • If it’s not shipped yet, cancel the order and buy this one.

      • it just arrived today!! Ah well, it is what it is …. only purchased it for emergencies when out camping …. And after reading reviews I'm pretty confident it should jump start my Jeep GC if the battery goes flat

  • Summer idea: I bought one of these gel packs and found if you wrap anything around this, it stays SUPER cool all day long in a glove compartment:

    • Sorry for coming back to old thread, but my gooloo just arrived and I came searching for this post… are you suggesting daily refreezing the gel pack, or that the gel will act as a long-term insulator??

      • You don't need to freeze it. the gel is always 4-5 deg cooler than environment. My unit was wrapped in gel and was cool in glovebox despite car being in hot weather all day.

        • thanks mate, I appreciate the prompt reply, and especially that it was the answer I was looking for :)

  • so many people get flat batteries here…. :o

  • Has anyone used the one from costco : https://www.costco.com.au/Automotive/Car-Truck-Accessories/C...
    I am thinking of getting one, looks like the costco product is more bang for the buck ?
    Just need it for a rainy day to jump start a 4 cylinder camry.

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