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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA / AAA 4pk $17.48 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


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  • Is this even a good deal? Well over 20 dollars with shipping, for 4 batteries seems a bit pricey. Are there some other brands that are almost as good, that are cheaper?


      • Oh wow, so much cheaper. I need a bunch for my nerf guns. I ordered some adapters to turn 3 AA into a D cell.

      • recommended by choice

        Damn really? Thought I read complaints of leaking on one of those 'review' sites.
        But anyway took an urgent punt few months ago for some karaoke mics, charge doesn't seem to hold/last that long. Should've returned it for money back under Colesbrand guarantee but cbf

      • damn bought at $7 few weeks ago

      • Yeah holds charge up to 1 year. Sounds like not the same.
        Ready to use will claim hold %65-70 after 1 year.

    • The Aldi ones at $6.99 (4 AA or 4AAA) are also great. I had a few dodgy ones that failed after a few months. I bought some more (lost my old receipt), took them in a week later and exchanged for more.
      I just wish theyd do the 9v ones again. I bought a 9v battery from Hobbyking, which they don't seem to do anymore, but I found some here. They also charge via MicroUSB.

      • As much as like ALDI, I can't recommend, they don't hold charge as long as LADDA or Eneloop.

    • How does IKEA ladda compare to the Coles batteries?

    • I paid 100 bucks for 16 of them not long ago, if you buy in 'large' quantity then maybe, if just 4 of them then probably no.
      I have the normal version of eneloop, duracell, energiser and toshiba ones, and the pro lasts significantly longer than the normal ones (AA) because it's got more mah per battery. I use it in my multimeter, pro audio recording devices and camera flashes and they are really good. Cheaper ones (duracell, energiser) lasts anywhere between 3/4 to half as long, depending on the specific use case. In multimeters, they last forever.

    • -2 votes

      Not a Good Deal… unless you're "stuck" in your thinking
      to NiMH battery chemistry (1.2v 2200mAh, or what…?)

      Some of us have already "moved on" to, eg, LiIon 18650's
      eg: Panasonic 3.7v 3400mAh

      In quantity, as cheap as Au$4 shipped [via AliExpress]

      If you can find reasons (eg, at BatteryUniversity.com)
      why small, lower capacity NiMH cells are better than
      larger, high capacity 18650's, let us know

      One 18650 fills a T6 pocket torch (replacing 3x AAA's
      in a holder, that - if some are inserted up-side-down -
      cut the voltage, etc.), & a T6 torch is REALLY BRIGHT.

      Look for devices that take 18650's (eg, PowerBanks).
      If you're a DIYer, (2,3,4 cell) 18650 cell-holders are
      cheap (if not fully covering the cells). You can find 12v
      holders (eg, to power security cameras, Ham/CB radios,
      etc.) Be creative, there's a (not yet cheap) 6x 18650 cell
      holder that produces (& charges w/) ~8.4v for pushbikes.

      I think you'll find 18650's powering electric scooters, etc.
      as well as winged drones, carrying medical supplies (in
      Africa) up to 100 Km. Try that with AA NiMH cells.

  • Anyone recommend a good charger?

    • Pretty much any of the Liitokala chargers, specific model depending on how many batteries you want to charge at the same time and your desire for a digital screen.

    • I use nitecore ones, I think 40 bucks for four-slotted AA/AAA/18650 ones and 50-60 bucks for 8-slotted AA/AAA ones, I find them really reliable, but the four-slotted ones charge AA/AAA bit faster than I'd like it to be. (Faster charging=faster deterioration)

      • also nitecore owner here since like 8 years ago, bulky but does the job still going strong.

      • This is in the (4-slot) D4 charger:

        When charging batteries with a capacity lower than 750mAH (e.g. AAA, 10440 and 16340 batteries), a low charging current is recommended to help extend battery life. To select a low charging current, while in regular charging mode, simply press the side “SLOT” button to select a desired battery slot and then press and hold the side “MODE” button for more than 1 second until “LOW” is displayed on the LCD display indicating activation of low current charging mode. To exit, simply press and hold the side “MODE” button for more than 1 second once again or remove and reinstall the battery.

  • Hmm I read a review recently that showed Duracell Ultra 2500mAh AA's performing better than Eneloop Pro's, but I can't find the link at the moment. Pretty much everything that comes up in search relates to the alkaline Duracell Ultra line, not the new NiMH rechargeables. Anyone else seen anything similar?

  • it's not really a deal. almost same price on Amazon.
    But thanks for bringing it on.

  • +3 votes

    Note that the Pros are for different usage scenarios than regular Eneloops. Refer to https://eneloop101.com/batteries/eneloop-pro/ for more info.

    The Pro can be charged up to 500 times while the regular Eneloop up to 2100 times. The PRO batteries can provide more current than the regular Eneloops.

  • Not a deal but thanks Op

  • Thanks OP

  • These exact same ones from eBay are cheaper.


  • Made in Japan


  • Perfect complement for people buying Xbox Series X.