Are You Offended by This Number Plate?

As per the kerfuffle in the news

The number plate is LGOPNR.

It's an abbreviation for Leg Opener (according to the owner).

No the owner is not a gynaecologist. He is a barrister.

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    I would never have guessed it so whatever


    • Can just tell your kids it's a cricket term.

    • Stop with that ‘free speech’ rubbish. His right to say whatever he wants is not without consequences.

      Not sure you understand how free speech is supposed to work. For starters, this isn't a consequence, it's outright supression.

      Secondly, the government shouldn't be making laws bases on people's personal feelings. What if it offends a Christian when a comedian says a joke about Catholic priests? Should that be supressed too? Sounds like you want a Sharia style law.

      • Free speech means

        F U 2

        No censorship AT all. Playschool presenters can say the same as Chef Ramsay, at any time of the day?

        Keep in Mind Sharia law only applies when talking about things they preach.

        Likewise Papal decrees apply to Catholics

        If you belong to someone not part of one team Free speech doesnt apply, if that one team is in power.

        So called, Free Speech doesnt exist.

        If it does I can call anyone for example a Murderer, Rapist, Bank Robber and no law can apply.

        Try that when it comes to court.

        Try telling the next Bikie while the tram that you dont like the leather jacket they are wearing….

        • I don't think free speech means that at all.
          The right to free speech as it is normally used is the right to speak free of government intervention or sanction. It is not freedom from ANY (especially private) consequence.

        • Playschool presenters can say the same as Chef Ramsay, at any time of the day?

          That isn't an issue of free speech. The person is still free to speak like that but the show's classification would change.

          So called, Free Speech doesnt exist

          It does but it requires some understanding of Protected speech. It will make sense.

          • @tshow: Protected speech isnt free speech. Its defined differently.

            If people say they want the right to protected speech thats different.

            Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.

            Changing classification is censorship.

            Now do I advocate Ramsay speak?. Personally no.

        • can say the same as Chef Ramsay,

          Swearing and free speech are different.

        • I don't agree with your definition - the right to speech does not mean there are no consequences
          Do you have a right to be able to speak freely - Yes
          Do you suffer a consequence for what you say - also Yes

      • I’m all for being allowed to say what you want, but have some responsibility. There is a time and a place.

        We have censorship in the media. Ever heard a bleep on the TV? That is removing what is considered offensive. We don’t see sex scenes on kids TV time slots. They save that for later at night. Heck, even this site censors stuff.

        Plenty of stuff is borderline offensive. This is one such item, not particularly offensive, but deemed to breach the guidelines of what is acceptable on a car numberplate.

        Just because I agree with some responsibility for your actions doesn’t mean I’m for sharia law. There is a vast chasm in between.

        • BUT just remember if you censor someones right to say what they want, for ANY reason, then there isnt free speech.

          The point is that what people are saying is that they want to be free to say what they think, and based on THEIR morals (level of responsibility), thats ok.

          But their morals aren't the same as others. So unless we have agreed to morals then nothing can be censored.

          Funny isnt that covered by enacting laws, by the peoples representatives?

      • You might also consider the government is not infringing on the persons free speech, just declining to register his car with a plate that might offend.
        I would suggest die infidel should be equally declined.

        Free speech does not guarantee an audience, and the barrister can happily spray paint leg opener on the car bonnet without fear of their speech being ‘stifled’.

        • I would suggest die infidel should be equally declined.

          LOL so calling for violence is the same as making a joke with sexual innuendo. Your priorities are skewed.

          Free speech does not guarantee an audience

          It does when the taxpayer pays for that audience. Public platforms should not have ideological bias

          • @SlavOz: You raised the furphy of sharia law.
            A number plate is not a tax payer funded broadcast.

            • @mskeggs: They are manufactured, managed, and enforced using taxpayer dollars. That makes them a public platform.

              By contrast something like Google or Ozbargain is a private platform because it's 100% operated and paid for by private entities.

  • I'm offended that people would get offended!

  • It's an EYEOPNR. That's for sure!

  • Why was this stupid number plate issued in the first place?

    • Because some guy thinks he's a real life Denny Crane.

    • The computer didn’t pick up the meaning. It’s happened plenty before.

    • Because they are not supposed to check every plate for possible offences to people. It's unfeasible. If you wanna be an idiot, you can write LGOPNR or different combination in many different languages. I think he's an idiot and my pre judgement says that he is trying to show something that is probably not real. It's the kind of joke a 10-year old would do. That's all. Would that be different if he was wearing a t-shirt with the same "word"?

      What about BGDCK, P1N7UD0, DOTADO, NA21, PU7A0, CA220 or CAZZ0, GOVNO, SRAKA?

      It's just impossible to filter all the (possibly) offensive options. If people had to justify, they would make that up: It's my grandfather's name, it's the name of my company, it's my dog, that means happiness in Venetian…

  • Had to Google what leg opener was. Not what I would have considered a classy move and got a similar plate myself but don't feel the need to get triggered over it.

    • There is a time and place for everything, it's a sexual concept and for now, sexual content in public around kids is not acceptable. You can be a leg opener, you don't have to share that knowledge with every innocent child you meet on the street.

      I see a car now and again near where I live that has a graphic sex scene sprawled in it, barely covered, I mean very little is hidden, that's an example of what shouldn't be plastered for all the world to see. Not all parents want their children to start asking questions and googleing about sex at the age of 8 or earlier, kids aren't able to process or interpret sex correctly. It feels silly to have to have to explain this.

  • +10 votes

    so it's not Lego Pawner then

  • Seen his photo. He needs all the help he can get. That car would not work on me.

  • No the owner is not a gynaecologist.

    I know a retired gynecologist called Dr Dick.

  • Could be really into yoga

  • The first thing I read when I saw this article was “Lego Pen0r” and thinking, why is this guy advertising the fact he has a lego shaped doo dah…

  • LOL @ thinking Australia has free speech.

    • Case law suggests that freedom of political speech is implied in the constitution.
      That is the free speech most necessary to combat government tyranny, as opposed to freedom to offend.

    • Australia has free speech - ie anything that is not expressly prohibited you can say.
      However, it is more of a negative right than a positive one.

      • And too many people confuse freedom of speech with freedom of expression. They think that "freedom of speech" allows them to call their neighbour all sorts of names, when this has nothing to do with "freedom of speech", its just them trying to test out our "freedom to act like an arsehole" laws.

        Freedom of speech is not the freedom to call someone a name without the repercussions of possibly copping a punch in the gob for it. (aka: freedom of consequences.)

        • Freedom of speech is not the freedom to call someone a name without the repercussions of possibly copping a punch in the gob for it. (aka: freedom of consequences.)

          Actually it is. Violence is never justified under our legal system so it's not unreasonable to expect someone to follow the rules. No matter how much you don't like someone's opinion they have a right to express it without fearing for their well-being.
          You are free to counter their opinion with opinions of your own but you are not free to assault them.

          • @SlavOz: Actually is such a great word.
            Punching somebody on the nose is illegal.
            But it is also a common repercussion for inflammatory free expression.
            In the same way as if you are being robbed you can actually just decline to give the robber your wallet. It is literally illegal for them to ignore your lack of consent.

            The real meaning of actually is "what will happen in reality" not "how I interpret the rules". So actually, if you go round insisting on offensive expression, you should actually expect people to ignore the rules and bop you.
            And you should actually expect the magistrate to give them a more lenient sentence when you take it to court because you actually did contribute to their anger, even though they broke the rule.

            • @mskeggs:

              Punching somebody on the nose is illegal.
              But it is also a common repercussion for inflammatory free expression.

              And you're condoning that.

              Violence is never justified nor should you make a special point to convince people to succumb to the threat of it. You've chosen a strange hill to die on.

              And you should actually expect the magistrate to give them a more lenient sentence

              lol no. The Islamic faith is filled with potentially inflammatory statements, that's not going to give the NZ mosque shooter a more lenient sentence.

              • @SlavOz: You're going to have to hone your argument skills a little.
                I'm not condoning violence, just pointing out your denying reality if you think some concept of freedom of speech is going to protect you if you are being offensive.

                Similarly, the original lawyer might end up keeping his plates, but I suspect will find his car keyed in the real world. Another illegality I'm not condoning.

                As for Islamic or other religious texts? Big deal. There are plenty of offensive passages in the books of the world's religions. If you preach Leviticus at me as a way of inciting violence, then any freedom of expression is going to be trumped by my freedom from violence.

                Not sure aligning yourself with the NZ mosque shooter is the rhetorical masterstroke you are thinking it is? If you are equating his actions with a defence of free speech, I'm not really able to help you.

            • @mskeggs: Of course, so you are saying exactly what I have been saying.

              There is NO freedom of speech. Its as Free as those around you allow.

              You can say what you like at the beach when no one can hear you.

              If someone has more authority and says no you can't. Then while you "can" its not without implications.

              Its an expression that sounds fair but in reality its only free to the degree that society says its free. If you are in a restrictive society your freedom is restricted.

              And what about someone being shouted down by a mob. The mob is using their free speech are they not?

              Its a stupid term misused by everyone.

              To go back to the OP.

              If the lawyer can have a plate like that then others can have plates like

              LAW IS RSE

              What people are saying - if its ok for you to say it, then its ok for me to say it.

              • @RockyRaccoon: I think I do agree.
                Even in America the first amendment only restricts the government from infringing on speech - it doesn't give somebody rights to say what they want in a private venue.

                Our laws generally protect people from violence for speech, but legal protection and real world protection are quite different. I am comprehensively protected from theft by the law, but have still been burgled.

                Our laws don't guarantee an audience, so there is no reason to believe the government should display a combination of letters on a number plate if it doesn't want to.


    Saved u a click

    • For a second I thought I saw dick instead of click.

      And also, new movie incoming (starring granny Sharon Stone):
      Basic Instict 2: The LGOPNR

  • I thought it's Lego PNR (the thing Mr Abbott forgot to blur out) which doesn't make any sense.

  • Not offended at all. In fact, I don't know what it is until I've been to this forum. lol

    And yes, free speech ftw.

  • The person that took the time and effort to ring up RMS (or the equiv) to complain must be heaps of fun to be around with!

    • I'm guessing he was pulled over by the constabulary. The officer jokingly asked "what's with the plate good sir". The barrister replied inappropriately. The offended female officer then entered the report to RMS.


  • Poor taste coming from a barrister.

    Wouldn't you worry about having your attention seeking plate and car keyed?

  • I simply don't see the need and I can understand why some would be offended.

    How do you explain that to kids if they ask?

      • That implies I'm quick witted and would be able to think of something on the spot.

        My kids are grown up but they used to ask some difficult questions.

        Reading the article, the guy sounds like a person who loves himself quite a lot.

        edit: sorry I used poor language

    • So the whole world needs to be family-friendly? You tell your kids it's none of their business or they wouldn't get it, and then move on.

      • I don't think it is necessary to share every thought bubble or perceived amusement that we think of.

        If everyone shared what was on their mind we would be stabbing each other in the eyes with forks.

        Do we need to hear the skinhead bogans on public transport that can't speak a sentence without inserting an expletive every 2nd word?

        Do we need to here the two middle aged women discussing the physical symptoms of their menopause?

        Or the 45 year old Irish backpacker discussing his latest conquest down at the Coogee Bay backpackers where he lives because it's easy to pick up there?

        I'm broad minded and vocal but there's a cut-off point and we are a society that has to get on with each other. Is life or society better because of the number plate?

        • Better. Any society where someone is free to express themselves without government supression is a lot better. Always.

          If you don't like someone's speech you're free not to listen. Suppressing it is not the way of a free and progressive society. Do I really need to explain this or are you just taking the piss by suggesting government supression of a public platform is justified because "my feelings hurt"?

          • @SlavOz:

            Any society where someone is free to express themselves without government supression is a lot better. Always.

            No it’s not. In a democratic government the people get to decide if some expression is not suitable and hold to that.

            Incitement to terrorism or violence is not tolerated in our community. The government installs laws to back that up. It’s when the government gets too much power that the people cannot democratically remove them it starts to be a problem.

  • What about on OzBargain? Lot of "Ass" names here.

    Or how about yummycoot?

  • Reminds me of a plate I saw a while back. Focus RS with RSKING plates. My first thought wasn’t ‘King RS’. Easily explained that way, but is also possibly Risking or … I’ll leave the first thought to you.

    Also seen VAG01L - on a Volkswagen Audi Group diesel golf. Could be seen as offensive, May have been withdrawn.

  • Locked Garage Opener?

  • I mean, there are plenty of other people in these comments who had to search it up, including me, so personally, if I hadn't of searched it up, I wouldn't of found it offensive.

  • Wonder if he also enjoys a drop of René Pogel?

  • Offensive words can't be registered. If it has been registered means that it isn't offensive.