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20% off KVM VPS (Sydney/Singapore)


Just received this email from HostUS. It says the coupon is for customers, but seems to work when not logged in.

Today we are happy to let you know that you can order our first KVM offerings in Sydney, Australia, as well as in Singapore!

We are pleased to offer a 20% lifetime discount on all new KVM purchases until the end of September, valid for current customers.

KVM VPS services in Sydney and Singapore are powered by new AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs, running at 3.8GHz base clock and can boost to 4GHz+. In addition to the fast CPU, all services are backed by NVMe SSD storage, providing excellent performance.

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  • Why are they using desktop class CPUs in a server environment?

  • Can I run a WordPress website on this? Newbie here.

    • Yes, and power to burn. You probably will want to add some sort of control panel like cPanel.

      If you know your way around Linux command line then you won't need that.

      If either of the above sentences makes zero sense to you, go and buy Wordpress-specific web hosting.

    • Overkill for a Wordpress site. You’ll be better off with Shared Hosting.

      • How do you know what traffic and the current host Ganbaru has? If its a high traffic website or uses a lot of resources or any number of other factors a VPS can be a possible solution.

        As far as control panels, cPanel costs a lot, Virtualmin is free and does not use as much resources as cPanel. There are also other control panels.

        • He said he was a newbie? I doubt he’s running a site that would generate enough traffic to warrant the overhead of managing a VPS

          • @TaylorN: He maybe a newbie, and a newbie can buy an established high traffic website with not much trouble at all. Or have a very succesful idea to launch a really cool high traffic website.