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BlitzWolf BW-S16 75W 6-Port USB PD Fast Charger US$33.99 (A$47.27) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Ship from AU warehouse,free shipping,GST included and one week delivery.

Model: BW-S16
Color: Black
Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.7A max
USB-C1&C2: DC5V⎓3A/9V⎓3A/12V⎓3A/15V⎓3A/20V⎓3.25A, 65W max
USB-A1&A2: DC5V⎓3A/9V⎓2A/12V⎓1.5A, 18W max
USB-A3&A4: DC5V⎓2A
USB-C1/C2+USB-A3/A4: Output 65W+10W(75W MAX)
USB-C1+USB C2+USB-A3/A4: Output 45W+18W+10W(73W MAX)
USB-C1/C2+USB A1/A2+USB-A3/A4: Output 45W+18W+10W(73W MAX)
USB-C1/C2+USB A1/A2+USB-A3/A4: Output 45W+15W+10W(70W MAX)
USB-C1+USB C2+USB-A1/A2+USB-A3/A4: Output 30W+18W+18W+10W (76W MAX)
USB-C1+USB C2+USB-A1/A2+USB-A3/A4: Output 30W+18W+15W+10W (73W MAX)
Total: 75W max
Fast Charging Protocols: PD3.0/QC2.0/QC3.0/BC1.2 DCP/ Apple 2.4A/AFC/FCP
Plug Type:AU Plug
Safe Protection: Short circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over temperature protection, under voltage protection, etc.; pcv0 fire-proof and high temperature resistant shell material
Size: 96.6 X 70 X 28.5mm

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  • Hmm, I smell something fishy OP. This was $33.xx US earlier without the code… I distinctly remember this because the Group Buy was only a $1 discount.

    • +6 votes

      US$33.99 is for AU warehouse,GST included.
      US$34.99 is for CN warehouse,GST not included.

      • Fair point, I retract my statement. Must have been the US version from the China Warehouse.

        Good deal if matching that price and coming from the AU Warehouse.

  • I bought it from the last deal and found that when I use the qc3.0 port or normal USB port to charge my iPad Air 2, it will keep disconnect and reconnect after it hit 100%. Make the bottom of ipad really hot.
    Just wonder if anyone get the same issue

    • Yeah, i've noticed issues with the USB A ports when a device is at 100% with the device cycling between thinking its plugged in and then thinking its unplugged.

      Doesent always happen but i've definitelynoticed it a few times, never had issues with other multi-chargers (like the Xiaomi one and some Tronsmart ones), havent been able to repeat it on demand (I too thought it was just me/a bad cable or something)

      Also, havent validated in detail but it seems to be electrically noisy, i have my charger near a headphone amp and i get some interference (even with the charger powering minimal devies, well under 50% load), never had issues with the aforementinoed ones, granted they all have lower total power ratings

    • +3 votes

      Thanks for the feedback. Definitely a concern to the health of the battery. Will give this one a miss…

    • Yes I notice when plugging in more devices the charging flicks off and on

      • Same happens to mine. All other phones charge normally. But my pixel 3 goes on and off randomly sometimes when charging of the first port.

      • I noticed this too and measured the current and voltage. I found that if you plug in two devices for the same pair of connections then both current and voltage will drop for each port. Basically means a slower charge per device when you connect two devices compared to when you just connect the one. Not ideal… you basically lose fast charge capabilities.

        Mine also arrived a bit dented at the front, not recommended.

    • Wow, thanks for the heads up. Will give this a miss then.

      On another note, are there any PD chargers that can charge 2x45W simultaneously? The ones I know can only support 18W on the second port.

    • I thought mobile devices were meant to do that. Clearly it can't keep charging when the device reaches 100%.

      • Yes for mobile or tablet device it will stop charging when it is full, and recharge again when the battery go down to several level (90% let's say)
        But my case is when my ipad charge to full, it will keep flashing on and off like you unplug and replug the cable. It doesn't seem that it recognise it is fully charge. It never happens in my older blitzwolf multiport charger.
        I usually charge it overnight so I always see it flashing and playing the "ding" sound which is annoying, and scare that it will overheat and caught fire.

  • How does it fair if I want to charge MacBook Pro and IPhone 11 Pro and an addition device ? If not this then what other option ?

    • I have this from last deal, I have no problem to use USB-C to charge Surface Pro 7 or USB-C to Surface cable to charge Surface Pro 4.

  • Looking for some good VOOC/Dash chargers. Any suggestions?

    • If, and only if, it gets released and is as advertised, the Chargeasap Omega is of interest being a GaN charger with VOOC support. OPPO has their own but only single port. With a 100W Omega you could charge a laptop at 65W and VOOC charge with 22.5W at the same time.

      But, it's a Kickstarter thing and won't arrive till next year and who knows if it will be actually good. Something to keep an eye on though.

  • Don't bother unless you're keen for a wait.
    They sell stock they don't have.
    They say it's shipping from AU, but it's not.
    They sell pre-orders, with a promised ship date and then send emails saying they are waiting for factory to start production.
    The few dollars you save here and there aren't worth it for me anymore…by the time you get it, local stock has come down in price.

    • +1 vote

      New arrive in AU warehouse today.

    • I got mine from last deal. Ordered Friday 11/09, arrived today 21/09. It was in fact 7 business days delivery.

      • Mine took over a month may because AU plug sold out and I have to order UK plug.

        • +3 votes

          I'm still waiting for mine - ordered 12 July. Sorry to go on about it but to see ppl receive theirs so soon after I've been waiting almost 2 1/2 mths is frustrating

          • @Lps: Hmm … This is mine

            Order Completed
            Sep/07/2020 07:20:03

            4 Sept - Arrived awaiting clearance (Inbound) SYDNEY NSW

            Aug 02, 2020 00:25 Cleared and awaiting international departure
            Jul 25, 2020 23:02 Cleared and awaiting international departure
            Jul 24, 2020 22:17 Received item from Sender (Outbound)
            Jul 23, 2020 05:05 Package has been sterilized and shipped out.
            Jul 23, 2020 00:50 Our warehouse has started packing your items.
            Jul 12, 2020 19:28 Order submit.

            Chat with Banggood, I remember one said that his charger got returned back to Banggood for some security reason.


            • @superforever: Security reason means they cooked your address probably haha. They said they changed my address "for security reasons" then delivered it to the wrong place and it got sent back 🤦‍♂️

    • 2nd that shipping updates are non existent

    • I actually got mine delivered quite fast. I got the 2 port plug that was on sale last week or so, which said AU stock. Received tracking updates as well but they were buried in the promotions category in gmail.

    • Agree with you everything you just said. I'm in the same situation with a stand-up desk. My first, possibly last shopping with these clowns. I ordered on 14 of August, just before I ordered I chatted with a web chat consultant/robot. They said 2 items still at Australian warehouse and will ship within 2 days. Now that a whole month and a week passed, still not shipped. When you try to contact via web chat again, most likely robots answer. We are waiting for shipment and will post in 1 week. They been saying for the past 3 weeks. Only thing stop me from cancelling my order is the ridiculously cheap price.

    • I ordered on 11/7 and received mine on the 27/7 👌

  • Can vouch for this charger - got mine a few weeks ago. I can charge 2 Android phones (S10 & LG V40), iPad Air 2, and smartwatch at the same time. Can also charge my Dell Latitude 7490 via 65W PD; but can't have anything else plugged into the charger at the same time. Really nice to have as my travel charger, definitely worth the price.

    • thanks for review mate, i have a lenovo laptop coming this week that charges via USB-C PD 65W so wondering how this Blitzwolf would go with that.

      by having nothing else charging at the same time as the laptop, is that because it's drawing its maximum power of 65/75W? Also did the charger end come with an AU plug, or did you have to use a travel adapter

      • Yes that's right - the maximum output from either of the USB-C ports is 65W. If I am charging the laptop with PD and I tried to plug in my phone or iPad, the power to the laptop disconnects (this is due to the charger calculating the new output to the ports that are plugged in).

        You connect the charger with a standard C7 (or figure-8) power cord. I ordered mine with the UK plug because it was the cheapest option at the time - I have plenty of those C7 power cords with the AU plug so it didn't really matter which cord came with it.

  • I am STILL waiting for mine since July. Be prepared to wait a loooooooooong time.

    • Sent from Australia this one

    • +1 vote

      PM me your order ID,I can help you to check why it come so late.

      • It sat as “cleared and awaiting international departure” from Shenzhen CN from 1st august to 14th sept. It now has some updates as recent as yesterday. For some reason it went to Perth, then Sydney now. I’m in VIC. Ordered 18th jul.

        As there’s more updates don’t think I need you to check up on it, but future buyers take note.

        • Check the tracking number on the Australia Post website - that's a lot more accurate than the one on the Banggood order details page.

          I ordered mine on the 17th of July, and I just got it on the 9th of September - and I'm in Sydney.

      • I sent you a message rep, I ordered mine on July 12 and it still has arrived, paid more than this deal for local stock too, I'm spewing :-(

      • Rep, same story here, still no update since start of Aug, looks like just stuck in China, reached out online but was told to wait until after 70 days

        If you don't mind, I'll PM you as well if you can assist it would be good

      • Like others, ordered July 13, yet to arrive. Could have waited, bought this for less and had AU plug (vs EU).

    • I am STILL waiting for mine since July. Be prepared to wait a loooooooooong time.

      Same. Ordered 12 July.

  • Purchased.

  • I bought one during the last pre-orders.


    It was poorly packed and arrived parts. Everything still works though.

    Tried leaving a less than 4 star review on Banggood, but it seems like they filter all reviews less than 5. Anyone else notice that they dont have any products with less than 5 star reviews?

  • Thanks OP, ordered one

  • Bought! So good that I was just asking for a deal on the BW-S16 in another post this afternoon and bam!

  • So far I have bought 2 blitzwolf product, and both came problematic.

    1. Blitzwolf 4 USB port charger similar to this one, just older model. From time to time, the charger will freeze and does not charge at all. I have to unplug the charger from main, leave it there for 15 - 30 minutes, and plug it back to main, it will work again. After a few day, the problem will come back and have to repeat.

    2. Blitzwolf USB car charger, with USB C port. Start the engine, plug the phone into the car charger, does not charge. Unplug the charger from the 12V, plug it back in, the charging will start working again.

    Does anyone has the same problem? Or maybe I have been unlucky 2/2 times

    • You may be unlucky, or I've been lucky. I have had good experiences with a variety of their products, from power banks to deal lamps. Very good value.

    • Unlucky I guess. I bought like 5 times from them. All no issues

  • Would this be safe to charge Nintendo Switch?

  • Does it come with the dock /phone holder on the pics?

  • FYI, I am still waiting for mine from the last deal ordered on 15/07, i had to escalated my case to PayPal.

  • Well…I just bought this yesterday at 43.99 USD….:( is there anyway to cancel this and re-order?

  • I loved the instructions that came with mine:

    "When in use, this product will be a slight fever, tis belongs to normal phenomenon, does not effect safety and service life."

  • Looks to be sold out.:(

  • Anyone knows if it will do 45w charging for a samsung s20 ultra?

    • Unlikely, as Samsung requires a USB-C PD along with Programmable Power Supply (PPS).

      It will charge the phone, just not at 45w.

  • What's the difference between this blitzwolf vs those unbranded ones that are sold on aliexpress with the exact same casing, wattage and ports but $5-10USD cheaper? Are they all using the same internals but just different brandings or are those fake?

    • You don't know if the internals are actually the same. That's the assumption you make. And it be false.

      • I didn't assume anything, whole reason I asked the question in the first place to see if anyone else had actually bought and used one of these unbranded ones. Plenty of other of these types of small electronics simply get rebadged and sold under different names, just thought it was curious why all the aliexpress ones used the same casing in their photos.

        Are you speaking from experience with one of these aliexpress PD or GaN chargers youself? Otherwise you're the one making the 'assumption' that they don't have the same internals. I realise Blitzwolf (or Baseus or Ugreen etc) is a name brand so it's definitely more reliable and can charge a slight premium.

  • Received the shipping notification already.

  • Is this charger certified by any independent facilities like ETL or UL?

  • Do the ports work as a USB Hub as well? Or only power/charge?

  • I got mine delivered in 2 days …
    Nice looking quality product..

  • Mine arrived this morning in Sydney via Aramex. Very happy all round. Thanks BG.

  • Ordered 21/9 Monday night 6pm, arrived by Express Post 23/9 Wednesday morning!

  • Anyone in Melb (laughs) got theirs yet?

  • It’s my first time getting stuff from Banggood. How do you tell which post service the order is shipped via? All I get when I click on the order is the current transit status of the order and a tracking number that starts with BN.

  • Crap. Just plugged in the Banggood tracking number to Fastway’s website and it tracked. So Fastway will be handling my order.