[Preorder] Xbox Series X $46pm / Xbox Series S $33pm Includes Game Pass Ultimate and Telstra Points @ Telstra


Preorder you Xbox Series X or S via Telstra from 8am 2020-09-22.

This has no upfront cost and it works out cheaper than purchasing console and game pass separately at the RRP.

Also comes.with 30,000 Telstra points for the X and 20,000 Telstra points for the S.

Xbox Series X

$46 per month

Min cost $1104 when you stay connected for 24 months + plan charges

Xbox Series S

$33 per month

Min cost $792 when you stay connected for 24 months + plan charges

Am I eligible to pre-order Xbox All Access with Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?
You will be able to pre-order Xbox All Access if:
You already have a month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
You take up a new month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
(New customers must take up the new plan first. Then pre-order Xbox All Access.) Small business and pre-paid customers are not eligible.

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  • assuming you wanna pau full price for gamepass….

    • true.. they are closing a lot of those loopholes sadly.
      the $1 upgrade is being withdrawn soon.
      the 12 month Live Gold Sub been or being withdrawn in almost all markets (gone from Aus, Uk and US already, Europe from Oct 1 etc)

      • Where are you getting this information from? I have to wait until November for my current sub to end before I can do the trick and don't want to pre-purchase 12-month gold subs in case they close the conversion loophole.

      • I still have 12 month gold live code I bought but cannot redeem yet as I have already 2 years and 1 month in balance :(

        Not sure if I should wait the month before upgrading with the $1 ultimate or would it be too late in 1 month time as they may pull the trigger on the upgrade……?

        May have to resell this 12 month code

        • If you activate with ultimate now, the conversion rate of your 12 month gold live card will be variable. It changes depending on promotions I've realised.

      • They always seem to be offering the $1 1-month trial, with such being re-offered to accounts that have already used it before, every once in a while.

        So, with Gold and Gamepass being administered console-wide, you can just activate those trials on alternate accounts, and play on your main.

    • Yes is cheaper if you are paying RRP, have stated this in the description.

    • Is there a forum post or something for some of these? i already did the switch some time ago but working on that i have till next year so maybe stack another year or two on if its easy and cheap :D

    • Anyone know what the cheapest way currently is? Never had it.

  • +10 votes

    Worth noting that you have to be a Telstra customer to actually get this.

    Am I eligible to pre-order Xbox All Access with Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?
    You will be able to pre-order Xbox All Access if:
    You already have a month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
    You take up a new month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
    (New customers must take up the new plan first. Then pre-order Xbox All Access.) Small business and pre-paid customers are not eligible.

    • Updated, thanks.

    • If I port out (because $500 GC's..) before the 24m expiry will the Xbox contract be void and require immediate payout of contract?

      • Yeah that's always how they work.

      • Yes, and they'll remove all the Game Pass Ultimate as well, according to the FAQ:

        If you cancel your service, your games pass balance will be updated within a 4 week period. If you initially delayed your activation and/or had pre-existing games pass ultimate credits that were converted to Games Pass Ultimate, your remaining months balance will be updated to ensure you have access to an equal amount of service for the months you have already paid for.

  • Comes with 20,000/30,000 Telstra Plus Points also, Series X could net 4 Google Nest Mini's with the points.

    • Forgot to add, updated, thanks.

    • I just redeemed points for 4 Minis as i am about to port out from telstra.
      mine shipped same day

      Mate went on today to redeem, got an email saying stock is expected soon and he will get an email again when stock is available

  • Abutting for PS?

    • No, Telstra has a partnership with Microsoft to be the Xbox All Access retailer for Australia. They probably aren't even allowed to sell PlayStations under that contract.

  • Is that leasing console?

    • I'm pretty sure you own it after so it's not leasing

    • no… leasing wont give you ownership at the end of contract period.. you can call it interest free financing a console 🤪

      • You don’t own the console at the end of the contract period, you own it as soon as you sign the contract.

  • Just curious about the quality of Telstra NBN? I have FTTP from Optus which is due to expire on 8th Oct 2020. Has anyone experienced their service?

    • Im on it, get around 30 Mbps in Sydney. I would say its worth.

    • I get 115/5 Mbps with Telstra Cable.
      90/40 Mbps with FTTC Telstra.

      In Sydney, you can't go wrong with Optus or Telstra.

    • I get 100/40 on fttn

    • You should call Telstra and ask them directly for your area what speeds you can expect.

      Generally, they will be fine if you want to take a punt.

      • All they will do is say what speeds are typical of the NBN technology type they have, nothing you can't figure out yourself- there is no special system we have that will tell you an areas speed specifically. Telstra do set up considerable back-haul though, so you will generally always be getting the expected speeds.

      • Now there's a familiar username :-) Hey mate.

  • Would be a good deal if it wasn't through telstra and their eligibility requirements.

  • Seems like a good way to buy it for some people but the requirement to be a telstra customer is a real deal killer

  • "If you’re already an Ultimate member, wait until your existing membership has a prepaid balance that is less than 12 months before redeeming the 24-month Ultimate membership through Xbox All Access. You will be unable to redeem with more than 12 prepaid months of Ultimate."

    Just FYI for those like myself that may have stacked for the near max amount of time.

    • Was wondering about that, assuming it's a voucher or digital code they give you. I have stacked the max Game Pass Ultimate for $1 a little while ago.

      • Yeah seems a single 24 month code you are given. No idea if it’s redeemed IE I’d like my code now or given at time of receivership. And if there’s an expiry on it either if are just given it. Too much of a gamble for me personally.

        Has anyone done this before?

  • Launch day delivery or current Telstra time delivery (sister waited 8 weeks for a Galaxy S20)

    • Telstra assigns you a "delivery wave". You will not get it launch day. According to EB, Australia has a dismal allocation of Xbox Series X, so your 8 weeks may be optimistic.

  • Holy crap, Microsoft just acquired ZeniMax Media.

  • I currently pay $179 but get unlimited data on my S10+ which while hotspotting has been faster than any wired connection I've had. I consider the extra $46 ($225 all up) a month a pretty good deal. Especially considering that I use gamepass on my laptop as well. Only downside is they won't offer me an upgrade to a new phone and stay on the unlimited plan.

    I've used 2tb in 1 month before of mobile data.

    • I’m on a similar deal. $199 a month unlimited.

      Some people gawk at the price, but pre covid I was overseas for work every month. It got me free calls and text from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Data was 10gb a month overseas and was included almost worldwide, even very obscure places I’ve had to visit for work like Nauru, Solomon Islands and PNG. It’s been a bit of a lost cause with not so much international travel as of now but I still get value out of it.

      I dont have broadband at home, just hotspot and get a very reasonable 20-30mb/s (megabyte not megabit) on 4G. I stream UHD Netflix without delay and play online gaming with 30 ping.

      Plus I was able to sign up for any phone, took the most expensive one I could for future resale value to offset the plan cost and it includes phone insurance, 12 months of Binge, etc.

      Oh and then I am also entitled to salary sacrifice the bill so it works out even better 😌

      • Yeah that included phone insurance saved me. I got the s10+ Ceramic Black 512gig which was 2k back then so after doing the maths it was a really good deal. It's so nice as well never having to worry about whether a place has WiFi or what speeds you may get. I have 10 devices connected sometimes with no issues.

        Plus I work in sales and dont have a work phone so was able to claim some back on tax.

        • Yeah once I saw Telstra changed their plans to include no overseas data I was like… welp I’m never leaving this plan. 10gb of data overseas is pretty much worth hundreds at their current data supply rates.

          I can also salary sacrifice a phone once per year so it gives me a decent saving pre tax plus no GST :)

          • @joshtammi: Nice one. They only did the plan for such a short time. What to get a 5t phone but need to sell the s10+

            • @dickiee: Yeah thats the one downside, because of the plan I am on, there is no way i can get 5G access as they'd want me to start up a new plan but luckily so far the speed I have with 4G is more than sufficient.

              Eventually in a few years im hoping they just make it the norm like when 4G came.

  • I really like this deal but having an xb1x that I can trade in for a profit and bring the cost of the xsx right down is the better call for tomorrow.

  • Would have bought this but don't have any contracts with Telstra :(

  • hmm what is the cheapest Telstra plan I could look at to consider this.. currently I pay around $15 a month for unlimited calls and text, 8GB data (I'm not a big data user).

  • I am after a nice Blu Ray player for my 4K TV. If I get one of these, do I need to get a Blu Ray player?

    • only is you get the X, the S doesn't have a disc drive at all.

    • You could get one of the current Xbox One line up people will be dumping off for next gen pretty cheap. You don't need the latest console for BluRay.

  • Aside from the Telstra points, isn't it the same pricing direct thru MS/Xbox?