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40% off Sumatra Beans - Organic Fresh Roast Coffee 250g $13.65, 500g $18.93, 1kg $30.57 + Free Postage @ Airjo Coffee Roaste



New Deal!!

Deal for 24Hrs or when stock runs out - whichever comes first.

Use code AIRJO40 at Checkout
Code posted exclusively to OzBargain
40% Off Sumatra Only
Roasted Today - 100% Organic
Free Shipping (note* - shipping via Auspost - delays in system averaging 2-3 days longer than normal - longer to Victoria)
Express Post Upgrade available.

Deal = (250g for $13.65) (500g for $18.93) (1Kg for $30.57)

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  • ordered the pegasus last time and was delicious; shipped extremely fast. would recommend these guys!

  • Bought, will give it a crack

    • Thanks so much Kenvin - sincerely appreciate the chance.

      Super keen to hear your feedback.


  • I am counting on all of you. Just ordered my first kilo. :P

    • Count on me mataurus!! That's what I'm here for :)
      I can assure you - you just made an awesome purchase!!!

  • +2

    Great deal and well done rep on answering all the questions, looking forward to trying the beans.

    • +2

      Why thank you Tex (John Wayne Voice)

      Really appreciate the opportunity. Keen to hear how they go for you.


  • Righto, thanks, gave you guys a try.

    Just coming off a 1kg batch of (sublime) Campos' Geisha Heirloom, but always willing to try new coffee.

    • Thanks so much beatsntoons - really apperciate you giving us a chance.


  • @rep are you able to delay the postage say by a week or two, not withstanding the postage delays :)

    • +1

      jnjbargains we LOVE you and we are super grateful you are thinking about trying our beans.
      We don't roast and hold. We Roast and Post……that's how we roll. We will be ready for you when you are ready for us :)
      Sorry we couldn't help today.


  • Just ordered a kg of beans to try. I like all brews op. What’s your recommendation for this bean? Espresso? Milky? Long black? Iced? Thanks 🙏🏿

    • Kanari - this one is a super espresso shot for you to do with what you will.
      I would be keen to hear that you tried numerous brews and compared - would love to hear what you thought comparing them.
      Please keep us posted.


  • Great coffee! Still getting through my tester pack to work out my favourite

    • Thanks buckster - you're a champion!
      Can't wait to see which one you choose.


  • This or the Inglewood stuff later today?

  • just bought 500g. I'm in the Gold Coast. Can't wait to try.

    • Thanks so much longuyen10119 - Can't wait to hear what you think.


  • Love Sumatra Coffee!

    • Great to hear hayashiyoshi !!

      here's your chance.


  • Thanks, bought 1KG

    • Thanks heaps RadioBirdman - can't wait to get your feedback.


  • Thanks guys. Placed another order after trying the Pegasus blend last month.

    • +1

      Dealspider thank you so much - super keen to hear how they compare for you.


  • Thanks for the deal. I tried some Aldi beans based on people's recommendation here and I'd rather consume instant. It'll be good to have some hopefully quality beans ☺️

    • Actually laughed out loud lol.
      I'm feeling the pressure now. Can't wait to get your thoughts on these.
      Hope they go well for you and thanks for trying.


      • I think if I went outside and got some dirt and mixed with hot water it would taste the same.

  • Guys and Gals - you clearly have an insatiable appetite for the good stuff!!

    Heads up - we have sold around 90% of the stock allocated to this deal so far. We
    When the code stops working on the website that's done - out of allocated stock. End of deal.

    Thanks so much for your orders.


  • Guys… You're killing me. I just bought a bag of Twilight! (My wife loves it, I'm enjoying it but do prefer a slightly bolder brew personally). Well, I've grabbed a bag of the Sumatra beans so looking forward to moving onto these next :)

    • haha - sincere apologies ArmyKnifey - we will be keeping you on your toes I think .

      Thanks heaps for the feedback and orders.


  • Ordered 1kg to try out!

    Any chance you got a aeropress recipe you recommend for this blend?

    • i feel like aeropress aren't good for light roast, maybe rep can shed some insight

      • +1

        Hey sushimaster, as with all of these stunning coffee creations….. personal taste is key to satisfaction. Light roasts can work well in an aeropress given the removal of acidity through the process but maintaining original flavour.

        Just have to give it a try :)


    • Hey ShoeJunkie - just do your normal thing with the aeropress and see how it works for you. If you want to then chat with me on what you like/don't like in the results, we can work through some changes from there. You can email me directly any time [email protected]


      • +1

        Hmm, will trial it in my Hario carafe and the french press if it doesnt work out in the Aeropress! thanks!

        • Perfect!!

        • Yeah drip would be much better i reckon, but like op said, just play around and see whats right for u

  • Got myself a 500g to put through the aeropress

    Love Indonesian coffee

  • Really like that you offer different grind sizes in the ordering process (currently using a Delter press - I think I prefer it to Aeropress now)

  • AIRJO40 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart :( after i did paypal

    • Hey rankardio - do you mean after you had paid??

      • i'm not sure i had confirmed on the paypal site and then got sent back to your site and then it gave that error

        I'll see if it takes money out of my account

        • Please let me know - it certainly shouldn't have gone through but please double check.


  • Code not working = out of stock?

  • Getting code not valid error

  • All done guys and gals - deal is out of stock.

    Sorry if you missed this one.


    • Any chance to repeat it any time soon?

  • I failed to buy using the coupon “ AIRJO40 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart”

    Btw which coffee beans are best for Latte. I like my coffee sweet and smooth

  • oh, I am late again :(

  • If I have to use this filter then which coffee should I choose? I cannot opt for beans, since I don't have a grinder? I am looking for ground coffee options.

  • damm - had a work meeting and it went over time, and missed out on the deal

    OP - any chance of a similar deal in the near future?

  • Just for info, not blaming Airjo, I'm still waiting for beans from last deal to be delivered to Melbourne. Sort of defeats the purpose of ordering freshly roasted coffee.

  • Ahh damn it. Two hours ago at lunch I was thinking 'ahh I'll get onto that later at 3pm and do an Inglewood order as well'. Well, now Airjo is out of stock, and the Inglewood one is Ozbargained!! Zilch coffee for me :(

    Airjo, are you planning on a deal on one of your other beans?

    • Hey GeneralSkunk.
      Check out our home page.
      There normally a blend or two on sale you can tap into in between these deals.


  • +1

    I'd love to see a rep come on after a sold out deal and give us some stats. I did buy some in time.

    100+ upvotes, 1500+ clicks.

    How many kilos, breakdown of sales based on size, did sales come in a linear pattern or exponential, did the website buckle under the strain, how much overtime you'll have to put in to fill all the orders.

    I'm not expecting for the rep to let us know, it's just something I wonder after a successful deal.

    • Do you want to become an online coffee merchant?

  • Damn missed out. Loves the pegasus one from last deal. Even better the customer service, was initially given wrong order but rep fixed it asap

  • +1 for deal because of the support included here.

    I just had 3 kg arrive from Sicilia otherwise I would have ordered.

  • Do you print a roast date on your packets? Do you generally roast then send out the coffee for delivery a couple of days after?

  • Mine just arrived today. Made a cup of V60 and pleasantly surprised at how smooth it is.

    • Great to hear aus bargain!!

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Crazy good shipping time, received today, can’t wait to try.

    • Great to hear some good shipping stories!!
      Thanks for sharing dylanando
      Can't wait to hear your feedback on the coffee.


      • im back,
        Honestly a real solid coffee. Rather nice black.
        for sure buy more.

  • Got mine today too! Enjoying it. The only problem is the seal was not done properly so I had to transfer the coffee to jar. Hope you guys pay a bit more attention when packaging next time.

  • How do identify the roast date? There is a batch number but not exactly a date.

  • Im still waiting on mine. Getting overnight parcels from Amazon, so don't think its covid delays.

  • +1

    Got mine last week I think? Just dropped back in to say they're probably one of the best beans I've had from the deals on here.. good stuff.

  • Just ordered more. Best coffee I’ve had

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