[PS5, Pre Order] Overcooked, Planet Coaster $62.99, Sackboy $96.99, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 $59 + More Delivered @ Amazon AU


Update: Sackboy A Big Adventure has come down slightly more now to $96.99.

Some updates to the previous deal I posted. Prices for Overcooked, Planet Coaster and Puyo Puyo have come down. And Sackboy is now on the list as well. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget the pre-order price guarantee. If the price drops between order and release, you'll pay the lowest price. Also no deposit required for pre-order = pretty good. If you decide you don't want it from Amazon eventually, you can just cancel whenever.

Game Amazon EB Games JB Hi-Fi
Assassin's Creed Valhalla $79 $99.95 $99
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War $89 $119.95 $109
Demons Souls $119 $124.95 $124
Destruction AllStars $119 $124.95 $124
Far Cry 6 $79 Not Found $99
Immortals Fenyx Rising $74 Not Found $99
Just Dance 2021 $69 $79.95 $79
Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales $79 $94.95 $94
NBA 2k21 $88 $109.95 $109
NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition $139 $149.95 $149
Overcooked! All You Can Eat $62.99 $79 $79.95 $79
Planet Coaster: Console Edition $62.99 $79 $79.95 $79
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: Limited Edition $59 $59.95 $59.95 $59
Ride 4 $99 $99.95 $99
Sackboy A Big Adventure $96.99 $99 $109.95 $109
Watch Dogs Legion $79 $99.95 $99

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  • Just note that you may not get your order on day 1 of release with Amazon AU.

    My Super Mario 3D All-Stars hasn't arrived yet and it was released last week.

    • I also ordered SM3DA and it arrived on the Monday rather than the Friday (living in NSW). So yes, that is a risk.

    • I have gotten lucky with all mine, either on release day or day before, but with covid I suppose you should expect delays

    • Mine arrived on Friday, on release day, despite delays due to VIC lockdown.

      • I'm suspecting that the games arrives at Amazon Main Victoria Warehouse, so it takes a few days to deliver outside of VIC.

        • Except Vic mail is being sent to NSW to be sorted (they can sort quicker there due to not having the same level of restrictions on the number of staff working in each area of the facility). Although maybe this applies to regular post only.

          I'm in country Vic and got SM3DA on release day

    • That's strange, Got mine on Monday (In WA)

      • You got lucky. I had TLOU part 2 pre-ordered with Prime and it wasn't shipped until the evening of the release date (a Friday) meaning I got it on Tuesday (to Perth). I had to chat to their support multiple times who were adamant release day delivery was never guaranteed even though I had proof of expedited delivery (which they conveniently removed from the product listing). They eventually gave me a small credit but I'm never going to buy new release games from them again.

        • That happened to me with TLOU2 in Melbourne where it was shipped from. I always pre order at JB for back up so was able to go down and get it on the day and then when the Amazon copy comes, return that to JB.

          The best part is, I sent a nasty email to Amazon on that weekend when it did not arrive on Friday. They did not respond but refunded me the full price of the game straight away and it was still delivered to me on the Tuesday so it was now free! So because I had the one from JB, I returned that free Amazon copy back to JB but they gave me the full retail $79 price as a refund instead of the $69 I paid to pre order.

          So I was basically paid $10 to play TLOU2. I then sold the copy I had for $60 when I finished it. So I got to play and finish TLOU2 and was actually paid $70 to do so in the end. Thank you to Naughty Dog for paying me to play the game!

          • @Justin9mm: Aw man wish that happened to me. I only got a measly $17 credit all up, after having complained three times.

            • @rith: Yeah the whole situation was stupid really. Don't worry, I don't have that much luck usually.
              And I did get the stuff around to have to get the game from JB, write my long complaint to Amazon, go back to JB to refund the Amazon copy. At least I feel I was compensated for my time lol

    • I've always gotten my Amazon preorders on time.

    • I'm Metro VIC. Got an email from Amazon day before release saying it was going to be delayed. Refunded and Click and Collected from JB instead.

    • I ordered mine after the announcement, and only got it today. Never again.

    • My last 4 games haven't come on release day. No longer pre ordering games I want on day 1 from Amazon.

    • I received my 3D All Stars today.

    • Don't hold your breath waiting for it lol, I pre-ordered THPS which was due to be released/delivered on the 4th. I received it yesterday…

      Learned my lesson after that and pre-ordered Mario 3D All-Stars for collection from JB instead, picked it up on release day no problems.

    • Got mine today.

    • Mine expected on 2nd October. Ordered from the Games Men ebay. :(

    • Ordered for the first $60 "mistake" pricing before it was relisted. Hasn't even been shipped yet, & Support are hopeless as it's not yet past the "expected delivery date" (which is between tomorrow & Fri 25/9). 3+ days to send a pre-ordered item (one of the first to order, & well in advance) is NOT OK in my opinion.

      Reluctant to preorder from 'em again at this rate.

  • Dear Amazon,

    Please send my $30 amazon credit.


    • Preorder should automatically adjust itself.

      If you don't want to wait, just cancel and reorder.

    • the $30 credit is not applied to your account until your PS5 Ships if that is the $30 credit you are talking about

    • Pretty sure they'll wait to take your $749 before giving you $30.

      • I received an email from Amazon last night confirming the $30 credit and they will send you a unique voucher code once the PS5 ships. Voucher will be valid until 14/2/2021.

        Edit: Whoops didn’t see DS Dudes comment below.

    • Check your email. I got one today saying that once my PS5 ships I'll receive a unique promo code for the $30, to be used by 14/02/2021

  • some pretty expensive old games…

  • Went to pre-order but it ask's for the money now.

  • Why is PS selling a ps4 and ps5 version of Valhalla? Isnt the ps4 version coming out with the next gen upgrade?

    • The PS4 - > PS5 upgrade is free yes, but not everyone has a PS4 that will be buying a PS5!

    • AC Valhalla has a free PS4 -> PS5 upgrade; you just put the PS4 disc and either download a patch or basically download the whole PS5 version and use the PS4 disc as an access key (they haven't made it clear yet). Basically the PS5 version is just $10 more for a white border on the box.

      Same is true for Watch Dogs Legion, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Far Cry 6. No point paying more for the PS5 version when the PS4 one has a free upgrade. Sackboy and Miles Morales will be the same, but the PS4 versions of those games aren't up on any stores yet, as far as I can see.

      • They have made it clear.
        If you play an PS5 enhanced version of a PS4 game you must have the disc in the console to be able to play the game.

        • I'm just talking about how exactly the PS4 version becomes the PS5 version when you put that disc in, whether it's simply a patch for the PS4 version or if you actually download a digital copy of the PS5 version. Not a huge difference, but it could be the difference between like a 10GB patch and a 60GB+ full game download.

        • I have a feeling it'll turn out to be a COD: Ghosts situation.. You downloaded the complete PS4 version and needed the PS3 disc to act as a key :)

        • If you play an PS5 enhanced version of a PS4 game you must have the disc in the console to be able to play the game.

          And if you play a PS5 disc game you must also have the disc in the console to be able to play the game.

          The "(they haven't made it clear yet)" he is referring to he doesn't know if any data is copied from the disc and then patched to be PS5 version or if nothing is read off the disc and it's just used as an auth key for the entire downloaded game (saving no bandwidth using PS4 disc to copy data)

      • The situation with Miles Morales is very confusing, but I DON'T think it's a free upgrade from PS4>PS5

        • From what I've read, Miles Morales IS, but the main game, Spider-Man 2018 IS NOT.

          It's a moot point right now because the PS4 version of Miles Morales isn't available anywhere yet, but if it does go up some time before launch it should be eligible for the PS5 upgrade.

    • PlayStation doesn’t have a smart delivery system for cross gen games like Xbox does, it’s up to the publisher to upgrade games if they wish. In this case, the PS4 version will upgrade to PS5 because Ubisoft have made that possible, but the PS5 version will only work on PS5. With Xbox you just buy the ‘Xbox’ version of the game and it will download the optimal installation for whatever Xbox console you have.

      • Sony have announced their system.
        Works exactly the same as the Xbox version.

        • No it doesn't, hence why there are different disc versions for the PS4 and PS5 versions of Valhalla and only one version for Xbox consoles.

          • @mr_me450: You can buy Series X versions of One X games (not all but some)
            Same as you can buy PS5 versions of PS4 Games
            If you buy One X Version / PS4 version and enhanced version is offered you get the upgrade free.
            Its literally exactly the same on both platforms.

            You can buy PS4 Version of Valhalla and Get PS5 upgrade free
            You can just buy the PS5 version.

            AND like the Xbox, it will give you the optimal version of the game depending on the console you are on

            It may not come on two different discs on Xbox but that does not change the fact you get the PS5 version no matter which one you buy on Playstation

            Literally every gaming forum is saying buy the PS4 version (which is cheaper than the PS5 one) so you get the PS5 version for the PS4 price

            • @jimbobaus: Read my original post; the op asked why there are seperate versions of Valhalla for PS4 and PS5 and not for Xbox. As I said, Xbox uses their smart delivery platform where games that support it only use a single version of the game for any Xbox. The disc version of Valhalla is the same for Xbox One systems and Xbox Series X/S systems. On Playstation consoles things don't work that way; if you buy the PS4 version of the game you will get an upgrade to the PS5 if it is supported, or it will likely be backwards compatible with the PS4 version, but if you buy the PS5 version it will not work in your PS4. I'm not disputing whether PS5 is backwards compatible or offers next gen upgrades, I'm answering the op's question which is about why there are different disc versions for this game for Playstation and not for Xbox.

              • @mr_me450: might have misinterpreted your post but if you put the PS4 version of Valhalla (or any game with free upgrade) when the console downloads the files it will download the version best for the console you are using. This is the same system used by Xbox.

                If i buy Valhalla on PS4 disc and put it in my PS5 i will automatically get the PS5 version
                Sony have posted about this on their PS5 page.

                • @jimbobaus: Again, most of that is exactly what I said in my original post. It is not the same system though because if you stick the PS5 version of the game in your PS4 it won't do a thing; you'll have to return it and get the right version for your console, but if you stick the 'Xbox' version of the game in an Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, that one version of the game will work in any of the consoles as long as it supports smart delivery, which Valhalla does.

    • For mum and dad.

    • PS5 version of Valhalla might be releasing later than the PS4 version.

      • Same Day

        Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will release on Xbox Series X and PlayStation®5 upon the launch of the consoles. Players who purchase Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on Xbox One or PlayStation®4 will be able to upgrade their game to the next-gen version (Xbox Series X or PlayStation®5) at no additional cost.*

        • Ah awesome. Last I saw was amazon and it just said Dec 2020. I’ve pre-ordered the PS4 version. Thanks.

  • Any idea if the ultimate edition of Spider-Man Miles Morales is going to be up for preorder? Would love to play an enhanced version of the first game.

  • Anyone know when another PS5 Preorder will be available?

    • I do not think you will see any more PS5 stock for ordering until after launch.
      EB, JB and others are pre sold out until early 2021

  • Still no ratchet and clank preorder? when is that releasing..

  • The only game I care about is Demon Souls and that is still waaaaaaay overpriced. Will wait.

  • I've had two really bad experience with pre-order from amazon, never arrive on the release date!
    The mario 3d collection for switch will arrive almoast two weeks after the release…

  • Lol, imagine paying $120 to pre-order Destruction Derby, $100 to preorder sackboy

  • +3 votes

    Anything above $79 is a rip off imo. The ubi titles are probably packed with intrusive microtransactions which is why they went for the lowest launch prices.

    • Ubi didn't increase their prices this year like everyone else. Next year they will.

      • It's because the Ubi titles are cross-generation so if you buy the PS4 version you can use it on the PS5 and it will download the PS5 upgraded version of the game.

        They don't want to jack up the price for PS4 players as that's not the expected price for a PS4 title, makes sense that they will increase price next year when they aren't providing cross-generation games anymore.

    • The $60US to $70us for games is the biggest scam in gaming history.

      It'll improve working conditions? Crunch culture isn't going anywhere without unions.

      What about inflation?! Wages have been stagnant for over a decade.

      Gaming has such a vast reach now, companies are making huge profits.

      All that new money is going straight to the pocket of executives.

      • While companies are making huge profits on games there's no denying the cost of game development has increased a lot with 4K assets and the demands of next-gen features. Have you looked at the credits for AAA games? There can be over a thousand people involved in the development with tons of different studios and teams working on a title, all of those people need wages.

      • Games have been $60 US for around 15 years, which with US inflation since then would be about $80 now. If you're going to be critical of the price increase, you should back up what you're saying re wages, 'huge profits', 'crunch culture' etc.

  • read it SACKBOY

  • Need to buy another 3 controllers to play overcooked. Heck even would the law allow it in VIC at that time.

  • So is anyone buying the PS5 version of AC Valhalla? Or saving the $10 and going for the PS4 copy?

    • PS4 copy for meeee

    • I'm getting the PS5 version. I would imagine the game would "work" with the ps4 disc, but wouldn't be the ps5 version since its release date is later, right? I don't really want to start on ps4 version and then swap to ps5 version. Not sure if saves are compatible

      • I would imagine the game would "work" with the ps4 disc, but wouldn't be the ps5 version since its release date is later, right?

        Nope, same release date. Ubi have confirmed that all of their new releases at the moment are cross-generation where if you buy the PS4 version and put it into your PS5 the console will download the PS5 version rather than playing via PS4 BC.

      • yeah bro, same day. literally no difference apart from a download, different coloured box and disc design.. aha

  • Anyone had any ideas as to when Amazon will confirm what the delivery date of the PS5 is?

    • Does yours just say "not yet shipped"? That's what mine has so I'm a bit concerned it's not launch stock. I ordered the headset too and that says "arriving 16 Nov".

      • To you and everyone else that has the same status, according to the conversation I just had with Amazon, if you don't have a date, you won't get it this year, they are completely out of allocated stock.

        • Oh that's a real shame :/ I wish they were honest about the amount of stock they had

          • @sephiris: Yeah, stupid thing is they told me to cancel my order and place a new order, although you can't place a new order.

            • @Plexys: Erm ok then. Maybe they're not correct then? Wouldn't surprise me either way to be honest. I would assume the great lack of xbox pre orders meant that they didn't get any stock from microsoft, so maybe the got a lot less units from sony than they were expecting