[PS5, Pre Order] Far Cry 6, Watch Dogs Legion, Overcooked All You Can Eat $79 Delivered & More @ Amazon AU


Haven't got time to post links to each and compare with JB and EB Games, but as far as I can tell, they're all cheaper here.

Amazon seem to be updating this list as the day goes on.

Also, don't forget the pre-order price gaurantee. If the price drops between order and release, you'll pay the lowest price. Also no deposit required for pre-order = pretty good. If you decide you don't want it from Amazon eventually, you can just cancel whenever.

EDIT: AMAZING formatting and price research thanks to @axeology

Game Amazon EB Games JB Hi-Fi
Assassin's Creed Valhalla $79 $99.95 $99
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War $89 $119.95 $109
Demons Souls $119 $124.95 $124
Destruction AllStars $119 $124.95 $124
Far Cry 6 $79 Not Found $99
Immortals Fenyx Rising $74 Not Found $99
Just Dance 2021 $69 $79.95 $79
Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales $79 $94.95 $94
NBA 2k21 $88 $109.95 $109
NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition $139 $149.95 $149
Overcooked! All You Can Eat $79 $79.95 $79
Planet Coaster: Console Edition $79 $79.95 $79
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: Limited Edition $59.95 Not Found $59
Ride 4 $99 $99.95 $99
Watch Dogs Legion $79 $99.95 $99

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  • PS are over charging for ps5 games to make up for the costs of selling console at a loss.

    • That's always been the console market's business model. Nothing new. The next gen RRP is rising to account for inflation and the ballooning cost of modern game development.

      • Xbox 360 I remember paying $90 now I pay $69.

        This doesn't make sense to charge $120 because all other games cold war is $89 and that's next gen.

        PS are just trying to make money back.

        • I don't know what you're complaining about. Console game RRPs have been static since at least PS3/360, but there's always been the normal variation in pricing, e.g. this $69-119 spread. I doubt the market would bear $120 games, so just wait and get lowest price with Amazon's pre-order guarantee, anyway.

          PS are Sony is just trying to make money back.

          Platform holders make money via game sales? No kidding.

          • @Strand0410: They are clearly over charging to make money back on the console.
            Cold war is $90 and I'd expect to see all games maxing out at $100.
            For a standard edition game I've never seen it for over $100.

            Marvel Avengers just came out $69 and is next gen also.
            Ghost of tushima $69 new game.
            You can just go and say ohhhh yer we will put an extra $55 on a game just because it's a ps5 game also cross gen.
            Well they can and have but it just looks like they are desperate and don't give a shit about PS owners.

            • @Jklaro:

              They are clearly over charging to make money back on the console.

              Where is anyone disagreeing? This has been standard practice for decades. As for over-charging, we will how those $119 pan out in the long term. I remember PS3 and 360 games with $109.95 stickers in EB Games. The rest are in the $80-90 range, which is about what you'd expect. Avengers and Ghost of Tsushima are still technically PS4 titles with a planned visual update, so not a fair comparison.

        • 360 bundles were insane, could get 4 games, 2 were normally new releases with a 500GB 360 and bonus controller for 399.
          Games and controller alone were often $250 value.

      • This time in particular they are selling at a huge loss

        but I don't get why JB and EB are suddenly increasing the price by $35

        • Eb games has always been high end of the scale for games cost wise. Usually the $90-$100 mark. Jb Hi Fi and Big W have been the leaders with the $69 games. Amazon try and snipe in at few dollars cheaper again.
          Maybe this generation they are pushing the physical copies to the same price as digital to push the disc less versions of the console.

    • Welcome to modern consoles?

    • If console was priced higher instead you’d complain about it too.

      • PS would have charged extra $100 on consoles if it wasn't for Xbox. But no I wouldn't because I know the tech that's involved in the console.

        What doesn't make sense is one game cod is $89 and destruction all stars is $120

      • Agreed. Charging full cost + profit worked out well for Panasonic, GoldStar and Sanyo back in the 90s….

    • The kicker too is PS5 versions will be the inferior versions because series X will run them better.

  • Bit of a lucky dip if you get these on launch day through Amazon

    • Every single game I've bought from Amazon since it launched here has been at my door on release day

      • Wish I had the same experience. Have ordered 2 games and they both came the following week

        • if you mean this year, everyone is having trouble with deliveries nothing Amazon can do about covid delays

          • @Freestyle: Nope, completely Amazons fault on both occasions. They dispatched both games the week after the friday release date. They gave me $10 vouchers for both of their (profanity) ups. Every other experience through Amazon (probably purchased 20 things during covid to Victoria) has been flawless. Pre-order games just seem hit and miss. Plenty of people who pre ordered tony hawk through Amazon received it late.

      • Not my s20 ultra or note 20 ultra both one week late.

    • I got Avengers delivered almost a week before launch, the servers weren't even running. Only 1 of my Amazon preorders have shown up late for me to be fair, I gotta give them that much.

  • which is the sony exclusive? spiderman expansion?

  • Posted this in the other thread, but…

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West and Sackboy will also be cross-gen (coming to PS4).

    Link: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-16-playstation-5-...

    I'm not surprised - the PS4 install base is just too big to ignore. But a bit of a bummer if you want to play games made only around the PS5's/next-gen capabilities.

    Demon's Souls is the only true PS5 exclusive at launch - but at $119, Amazon can get stuffed.

    • Lol don't blame Amazon blame Sony they increased the price. Destruction all stars is also high price cross gen and sack boy.

    • And Demon's Souls is the only game I want. Maybe it's yet to be announced for PS4.

      • Well I don't see why it wouldn't be possible on ps4. PS boys was saying Spiderman and horizon was not possible on ps4 because it was next gen taking full advantage. Today we learnt that they are coming to PS4 don't see why a Deamon souls remaster isn't capable to run on PS4 only if Sony is trying to push a reason to buy next gen when truly the game is possible on current gen.

        • I doubt the PS4 can run Demon's Souls. Have you played bloodborne, it doesn't run the best. Also Demon's Souls has ray-tracing the PS4 can't do that.

  • LMAO so the $10 increase that everyone hated and Sony did that? Niccee. So whats wrong with everyone else doing it.

    • Nothing's wrong with anyone 'doing it.' The U$60 yardstick games has been static the last 15-20 years, despite inflation and development costs. $100M+ games were once a rarity, now every AAA title is in that range; the mega franchises like GTA and CoD even moreso. Some of it is made up across a larger player base, but it's not enough; that's why we're getting all sorts of ancillary services and products like subscriptions, battle/season passes, paid DLC, cosmetics, etc.

      • $10 usd means $70 USD quick AUD conversion brings us to $97aud

        Where did the $25aud leftover go to?

        • EB's pockets

          • @Freestyle: Sony's Pocket.

            Check out the shifty Sony charging $10 for a ps5 cover version that is actually free PS4 upgrade on Valhalla.

        • +4 votes

          Keep in mind that the USD price doesn't include tax.

          • @dano: Often I see US commentators noting how gaming is such an expensive hobby in Australia but, maybe I'm missing something here, but often think they seem to compare their pre tax prices against our GST inclusive pricing and also, if you buy your games wisely over here (ie Amazon lowest price guarantee/Gamesmen with an ebay discount etc) then the costs seem very reasonable and often the prices seem lower than what people seem to pay in the US at their local Gamestop.

            Wanting to pick up Demon Souls as a launch title but hoping there may be an opportunity to get it closer to $100 before November once all this pre-order craziness settles down.

        • This happens every year when an iPhone comes out. How are people still making this mistake in 2020? Firstly, local pricing accounts for GST which US does not, it also accounts for the cost of operating in Australia. You're also cherry-picking the most expensive title.

          • @Strand0410: Yes my point exactly why is there a title that cost $125 and another game that cost $90.

            Sony is cherry picking what they want a game to have double tax and GST?

            Stop damage controlling Sony's tight arse moves.

      • Nope. This is utter bullshit and you've clearly bought into the corporate narrative you've been fed.

        Video game companies have been making record increases in profits year on year.

        Plenty of this profit increase comes down to more people playing video games than ever before (especially when you compare to 20 years ago), and then even more of the additional profit is generated by all this ancillary crap and now they want to justify a price hike per title as well as include all the dlc/battlepass/skins/loot box junk.

        At least with this additional crap theres potential value for the consumer. Not so much with a general price hike, hence why many are annoyed.

        The price increase for next gen games at this stage is pure publisher greed trying to push the limits of consumer tolerance.

  • Can someone send me the link to demons souls Amazon I'm unable to find it

  • +4 votes

    Demons Souls - $119

    $119? Damn.

    • Publisher pricing is going to be hilarious. Especially Digital preorder prices and sanctioned, limited 1% to 3% discounts.

      If it's starting with €80… Expect $129.95 and $139.95 "special edition" digital games with $50 season DLC packs.

      If there's nothing holding Distribution and Publishers back, it won't be long before we see a CoD sequel is $200+ for digital preorders. All because they have zero incentive to backtrack and a locked in audience with the SAD /discless units.

      • I mean, if people are willing to pay those prices, then power to them. But I don't see how people will be willing to cough up that much cash for games.

      • Far Cry 6 full edition is A$180 with only the game content, no collectables.

  • So PS4 games work but you need to buy the PS5 versions to get any upgrades?

    If that's true… well that's truly awful.

    I highly recommend moving to PC….

    • It's going to cost you a hell of a lot of money to match the specs of next-gen systems in a PC build. The great prices on the new Nvidia cards help alleviate that a little though.

    • Not true for Ubisoft or CD Project Red Games.

      Currently you can pre-order Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for PS4 for only $69 (not $79) and once the PS5 version is released you can get a free upgrade.

      • That might change in light of PS5 version being $10 more. Ubisoft made those statements before Sony shocked everyone with lower than expected console price but higher priced games.

  • So glad I ordered the disc version… digital is great and all but we all know how much cheaper disc games can be, especially on launch!

  • Worth looking up which games have free upgrades to the PS5 version. I know Assassin's Creed Valhalla does (i.e. buy the PS4 game, stick it in your PS5 and download a patch that turns it into the PS5 version), I think the other Ubisoft games do, too.

  • But we can't pre-order the console from Amazon?

  • I really want to go all digital… but god damn those prices are tempting.

  • Where is the PS4 version of Spiderman I want to order PS4 version.

  • PlayStation are makeing $10 of Valhalla when it's a free upgrade.

    $69 PS4 $79 ps5

    I guess it probably cost $10 for the ps5 logo on the packaging.

    Sony is stealing money from us and everyone agrees with it.

    • If I understand correctly, PS5 has signficant graphic upgrade but can play PS4 games. So both options are out there for you, PS4 (save $10) or PS5 (4k quality). Am I understanding it correctly?

      • Nope you are wrong Ubisoft is offering a free upgrade to the ps5 version.
        So if you own PS4 you can buy Valhalla then next year buy a ps5 and with that PS4 disk you will automatically free upgrade to the ps5 version.

        It's just Sony's way of being sly and shifty.

        • Cool. I didn’t own a playstation and PS5 will be my first. I’m bit clueless about the whole situations here LOL

          • @JC1986: I'd suggest buying an Xbox. It will cost you either $500 or $750 that with Netflix style GAMEPASS you will have all Xbox exclusives for $15 month. That comes with over 200 games plus all day one exclusives.

            You buy a ps5 with all the games you will spend $750 plus another $400+ and you only have 4 games. $1150 and you have a less powerful console with 4 games.
            The most powerful console and $15 a month for 200+ games.

            • @Jklaro: Xbox exclusives? Tell me one lol

              • @Dienk: ok let me inform you with the one or should I say many. These are expected at launch or first quart 2021.
                All these games will be free on gamepass.

                The accent
                The Medium
                The Call of the Sea
                Second Extinction
                12 Minutes
                Bright Infinite Memory

                And don't give me that crap these are not next gen only because as of now only Deamon souls is next gen only and that's BS because it's a remaster easily done on PS4.

                • @Jklaro: Are those games coming to PC as well?

                  • @Dienk: Most likely what's your point? The argument is what games are coming to series X, I don't want to spend $2500 for a PC and I just want to play on console Infront of my tv.

                    Ps5 vs Xbox series X.

                    Series X the most powerful console You get all those games plus more then 200 more for $750 plus $15

                    Ps5 the $750 plus $450 for 4 games. 3 of which coming to current gen.

            • @Jklaro: I wouldnt make any comparisons at the moment until proper benchmarks and testing done. Dont rely on specs only. It only looks good on paper. Before you go bonkers I own PC XBX and PS4 so no favoritism

              • @Nullefied: Yer cool so you must be up to date with spec a and should understand once we have 3rd party games compared ps5 and series X you should be very confident that Xbox series X will blow ps5 out the water.
                Especially when it comes to ray tracing.
                I can't wait for assassin's Creed ps5 v SX comparison. I'd put any bet on it that SX will run the game better.

                No Sony gamer is confident that ps5 will run 3rd party better.

          • @JC1986: If Sony wanted to do the right thing by their customer they would would have just had one version of assassin's Creed and had on the cover PS4 and ps5. Not charge $10 more for the same game.

            • @Jklaro: mate this is SONY land - i agree with you - so hope u enjoy some seriously good gaming with your new consoles.

              I think its obvious from the vanilla only old exclusives tossed in with ps5 that Sony have serious issues. At a minimum persona should have been the royal version…

    • Both AC:V PS4 and PS5 games retail for $99. I think it’s Amazon AU that’s happy to take a $10 hit when selling the PS4 version.

  • Grabbed Far Cry 6 before the 10 dollar price hike on amazon. Yusss

  • That's why you buy the disk version of ps5. Hope they don't block somehow the second hand market

  • The extra $150 of the disc PS5 is easily made back once you realise you’re stuck paying whatever price Sony decides to list the game at….

  • Where's the PS4 version of miles Morales though…

  • I've never pre-ordered games from Amazon. Do the games arrive on launch day ?

    • They did pre COVID. Since then it's been more hit and miss. I believe you have a better chance if you're in a major city. I've found at most it misses the window by 2 days.

      • Amazon have warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Launch day arrival is probably best in those cities.

  • frustrating to see Mamba Forever for 139

  • Silly question, are these titles definately PAL versions?

  • $125 for Demon Souls what the absolute f

  • Since I already have a PS4, would my better option be to get Watch Dogs Legion/Assassin's Creed: Valhalla on PS4 for $69 which contains the next gen upgrade?


  • cheapest Demon's Souls, $79 + $6 postage