Philips 276E9QDSB 27" FHD Ultra Wide-Color 16:9 75hz Monitor $199 Shipped @ Centre Com


IPS, 4ms gtg RRP$269
1920 x 1080 @ 75 Hz

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  • seems like a very good deal to me per the spec, can anyone comment?

  • Looking at getting a second monitor to accompany my ultrawide (same height as a 27inch 16:9 monitor). Which would be the better option, this or ? I understand that this monitor might be a bit pixelated due to it's low PPI but having it match the height of my ultrawide I feel makes up for it. Which monitor would have the best-looking panel do you reckon?

    • I would say matching (or closer) ppi is far more important than matching the height of the screen. If you match ppi, then stuff is the same size visually across monitors. If you match height but not ppi then…well, the monitors will look the same size on your desk, and that's pretty much it! (It's not like you can span stuff across the monitors, because they won't line up due to the ppi!)

      34" 1440p (ultrawide): 109.68 ppi

      27" 1440p: 109.68 ppi
      24" 1080p: 91.79 ppi
      27" 1080p: 81.59 ppi

      In that order. I would strongly advise 27" 1440p - not only does the ppi AND height match, keeping everything consistent in size and allowing you to span stuff across the monitors, it also provides a very comfortable 1440 pixel width in portrait (in case you want to use the monitor in portrait mode / switch between the two). I have 1920x1200 in portrait (next to my 34" ultrawide), and 1200 is already a bit too narrow for my liking. Will definitely be upgrading my side monitor to 27" 1440p or 32" 4K.

      Edit: Answer is in relation to productivity use - I'm not sure how eyefinity works across resolutions for gaming. Someone else can comment about that.

      • Thank you for your detailed response, here's to hoping that Dell 1440p 27inch monitor goes back on sale.

  • Need a deal on WQHD or QHD. Everyone is waiting on Dell for $240 deal.