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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller - White, Black $78 | Shock Blue $88 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheaper than JB Hifi and EB Games (don't have this colour in stock).

Credit to Press Start's Shannon Grixti.

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  • Reminder to people with existing Xbox One controllers, they are compatible with the new S/X consoles.

  • Was about to post this as I found everywhere else being $89-$94. Good deal.

  • can these compatible with old xbox? I have the original xbox one with the fat power brick

  • Where the black ones at I’m wondering?

  • Do they work on PC natively? Enjoy using my Xbone pad for PC.
    Edit: yes they do, preordered

    • Best controller to use on PC.

      • Controller yet to release is the best controller to use on PC?

        • +11 votes

          Wireless Xbox controllers are, yes.

          DualShock support isn't great.

        • Yes, Xbox controllers are natively supported on Windows 10 out of the box. The Series S/X controller is no different to the Xbox One controller other than some minor design differences. Also many games default to the Xbox layout/buttons rather than other controller layouts. Other controllers require more fiddling with drivers.

    • Just be aware that the Bluetooth can cause major frame dips/drops (at least on windows). Can be completely solved by using the wireless adaptor or just via wired USB.

      • Oh really? Ive start using an elite V2 via Bluetooth and get savage frame drops. Didn't think of it being the controller, will try plugged in from now! Thanks

        • Yeah Google search for "bluetooth xbox controller pc lag fps" as an example yields a tonne of results. No idea how Microsoft haven't fixed the issue. Lucky for myself I needed the wireless adaptor anyway so I could plug in my headset to the controller (not supported in Bluetooth).

          • @beaver2233: second that, elite v2 here, unplayable via bluetooth which is a shame…though I had the adaptor anyway and no issues using that - great controller when it works as intended

      • Do any of the controllers come with the adapter? I thought I saw somewhere you might be able to get together.
        Edit: see there is one in comments below

    • do you know if it would work with windows10 home edition? and does it work for any PC based games or only selected ones?

  • FYI, xbox series x is available to preorder for Christmas delivery at Microsoft store and ebgames now.

  • Do these come with a PC usb cord to plug directly into a PC? Bluetooth is too slow for me on pc so need a cable..

  • Series elite V2 is a beast, 40 hours battery life, the entire controllers covered in rubber, the paddles on the back are like bubble wrap, so addictive to play with…

    However the charging brick in the case is confusing, its like almost 400grams, yet it's for charging similar to NFC charging… You can't use it as a wireless base for the pc, (while in theory possible due to its size)you can't do much with it… Yet you get a 2m type c cord.

    • Second this, best investment I have made. Now whenever I use other controllers, it just feels plasticky and cheap.

      • as long as you get a good one - quality is still an issue - had mad drift 2 months in - lucky their warranty is amazing - had to send it in twice but it was easy

  • The Microsoft store has the PC versions listed but can't be pre-ordered. The one with the long USB-C cable is $89.95 which is what I want and the one with the wireless dongle is $109.95. Called the Microsoft store and other retailers and no one knows anything about them so I just got this Amazon deal.


  • Do you reckon it's worth buying now or waiting

  • Nice Blue and White. Pre-ordered. That makes, hmm, 5 xbox controllers now and 3 still work.

    My only issue is the xbox wireless adapter for PC just doesn't connect anymore on my PC. Endless forum searches on power settings etc, trying all ports. In short something is stuffed, so I'm using bluetooth. The PC is fast enough that I don't drop frame rates but it's a shame. Tried another one, alas no luck.

  • Will the older model be cheaper now? I'd love to buy one for PC … I'm still using my xbox 360 controller for 10years now

    • You missed this one?

      Hopefully, retailers will try to clear them out cheaply.

    • Prob get some cheap second hand ones

    • No hurry to upgrade, really. I recently got 2 extra xbox 360 controllers for my PC so I can play mario kart on cemu more easily with the kids. $20 each and work basically just as well as these for anything that doesn't rely on fluent D-pad responsiveness.

    • To be honest, I stuck with the 360 controller. Still to me the most comfortable controller on the market and I prefer it to the XBONE controller.

  • Wonder if it would be compatible with the Nvidia Shield?

    • Any Bluetooth controller is compatible

      • That's what I thought the xbox elite v1 that i have doesn't work, the normal xbone did and the ps4 controller. I would pick this up if it is confirmed working with the shield then I have two that are similar that works.

  • Never got used to the LB and RB buttons and the way they actuate.

  • Whats the difference between these and Xb1 controllers?

  • Any brick and mortar stores with similar pricing?

  • Sweet. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, good find

    Also if anyone is intereted, you can save a further $10 off the price by:

    1. Click on the promotion message (under the price on the Amazon page)
    2. Click Redeem
    3. Add the item to cart on your phone using the Amazon Shopping App
    4. Enter code APPONLY10 at checkout.
  • This is cheaper than I thought it would be

  • If I buy this say 4 months later, will it still be $78? And secondly, does it come with a USB C to USB cable for wired connecting with PC?

    • I believe it is no and no unfortunately…

      The current controller costs about ~$90ish on average so doubt they will become cheaper. Get the deal, its not bad this close to launch day.

      I doubt they will include a cable, I don't recall one being supplied with the previous gen. There's no real need for them to put one in.

  • Are these 100% compatible with older Xbox One S ?
    I can't find it anywhere.

    • Looks like it will be according to this

      Scroll down to the "connectivity and battery bit)"

      • "For one thing, the controller will work with existing Xbox One systems, just as Xbox One controllers will work with the Xbox Series X and Series S. "
        Sweet thanks :)

  • Just ordered the white one.

    Some minor improvements from the previous generation, but USB-C sealed the deal for me :)

    Micro B connectors were always finicky and prone to having the little latches/prongs break on me x x

  • Just ordered the white to go with my Series S preorder.

    Awesome price, works out to not be much more than an xbox one controller.

  • -1 vote

    Can't believe these still take AAs and need the rechargeable battery to be purchased separately…

    • Get some eneloops and your sorted

    • C'mon, at least it's not built-in batteries like most devices nowadays

    • IMO, I'm glad they stuck with AA's. I use rechargeable AA's and is easy to swap out when flat. I wish they had the cartridge action of the 360 controllers. Lock and load.

      • +1 vote

        Isn't plugging in a cable easier than having to remove and replace rechargeable AAs? Also having to ensure you have another set charged.
        I'm surprised at the people defending AAs over built in rechargeable batteries in controllers, it's just more hassle.

        • +2 votes

          You already have a set of AA and a set of AAA Eneloops sitting fully charged, because you'll need them when any of your AA/AAA battery powered items goes flat.
          Game controllers are just another item in that same chain - zero hassle, and Eneloops are significantly easier and cheaper to replace when they die. Integrated batteries can be a giant pain in the ass when they die.

          • @Nom: it's still quicker to plug in a cable.

            • @lostn: Can always buy the plug and play if you want cable action, or just play through the cable. The best part of replaceable batteries is that the remote doesnt become useless as batteries degrade

  • So are these the same controllers as the current Xbox One controllers? What are the differences other than USB-C?

    • There are various improvements, but the only new function is the additional "Share" button.
      Current controllers will still work just fine 👍

  • why did they switch from cross d-pad back to a circular one? The only time they've done a good d-pad is for the XB1.

  • All out of stock now - deliberated too long and missed out -.-