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7% off (Stackable) @ Dell


Was browsing through the dell store for a new monitor. Found this coupon with "Honey". I believe it takes 7% off sitewide. Also stackable with the AUAFFILIATES15%OFF coupon, however it will remove any Dell discounts when you stack it. This is my first post, so feel free to tell me if I've missed anything.

EDIT 1: Some people have said this doesn't work with some monitors, especially the "U" Series.

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    some more knowledge:
    AUAFFILIATES15%OFF - the related post says it doesn't apply to G series laptops - I checked it does.

    for example this G series model:

    with AUAFFILIATES15%OFF and SUPER7 comes down to $1264 (from $1598)

    or this cool Ryzen 4500U based 14 7000 2 in 1:

    with AUAFFILIATES15%OFF and SUPER7 comes down to $1185 (from $1498)

    also can get XPS 13 with touch screen and i5 comes down to $1580 (from $2000) with the two codes above

    • Is there an option to upgrade the hard drive?

    • Great prices. Is the RAM on Inspiron 14 7000 upgradable? I check the spec, ir doesn’t mention onboard or soldered. Can anyone confirm please?

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        on every model page in Dell store there's a section "drivers, manuals & support" go there

        it will have a button "get started" that will take you to Dell support website for this exact model

        there click on "Documentation" section -> "manuals and documents" and open pdf called "setup and specifications" this will give you everything you need

        in the same section you will also see service manual pdf that will explain how to go about upgrading or replacing things including pictures and instructions

        the instructions above are good for every laptop on Dell store. good luck :)

        in this model in the specs pdf it is stated that there are 2 ram slots ddr4 3200 so all good to extend

        display however isn't top notch at 220nit and 45% NTSC

        but with the instructions above you can find all that out for every Dell laptop in store

        • thank you.

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    Thanks bought a S2721D monitor for 204$ (had a dell advantage coupon also).

    • wtf? it's out of stock isnt it?

    • if you dont mind, how can you get that price?

      • I believe the advantage coupon is for returning customers.

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          Yes, I bought a monitor for a friend and dell gave me a 120$ coupon.

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            @darshu: Thanks for explain, that makes sence now, I can only get it to $324.85

            • @icefire09: Hi @icefire09 and all. Please let me know how do you get final price $324.85?? Which promo codes do you use? Thank you.

    • How did you manage to get for 204? Could you mention the codes?

      • I bought a monitor for a friend and dell gave me a 120$ coupon. It's a one-time coupon. I tried it again, but redeemable only once.

        • Very lucky. I thought they gave only 5% discount under that scheme. Hope I get one for the purchase made last week.

          • @kphnx5: The coupon amount is always 5% of the transaction that you made. It does not come immediately. As per their policy the coupon code comes after 20 days it seems.

    • what is the dell advantage coupon?

    • Just curious how much you spent to get the $120 coupon? I got 3 monitors from them but only got a $50 coupon. Was going to see if I can negotiate something with them because one of my monitors took 2 months to arrive.

    • Is that model better than Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor – S2721HGF?

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    Just tried these on dell outlet but it doesn't work if anyone wants to know

    • @Homr
      "Just tried these on dell outlet but it doesn't work if anyone wants to know"

      True statement, tick :)

  • Terrible customer service once you've paid them

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      Just don't pay them then

      • Ahh! That is the trick! Thanks!

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      I've had good service from Dell before and after payment, having made half a dozen or so purchases from them.

      Last time I ordered something from Dell was just a few weeks ago. I ordered a second power supply for my laptop, and I carefully checked the codes on their web site to make sure it was the right one for my model laptop, but there must have been a mistake in the listing because the connector didn't fit. I called customer service wanting them to send the correct one, but it was out of stock with no expected back-in-stock date. They gave me a refund and told me not to bother sending the wrong power supply back. The same rep called me back twice, the first to check that I'd received the refund, and the second time to make sure that I was happy with their service.

      Although laptops in particular can sometimes have long wait times, Dell have always met their estimated delivery times with me.

  • Will Cashrewards work if you use these codes?

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    "This is a valid coupon code, but there are no matching items currently in your cart."

    • Same here, was trying those 2 codes on 32" 4k usb c monitors :D

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    Damn timing !!! , right after I pulled the trigger with the earlier Lenovo laptop deal 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    FOMO got the best of me, XPS 13 would have been a better choice than the Lenovo…

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      so cancel the lenovo one. I think you can call them before business hours and they'll do it over the phone.

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    Tried a couple of days ago 15 off coupon didn't apply to U series monitors

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    Tried on a Vostro laptop but not valid :(

  • works for Dell 27 Monitor - S2721Q $552

    • How did you get it for $552? It’s showing $557.26 for me.

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        @Eptrade - You've likely got the S2721QS in the cart? (Stand is adjustable for a few extra $)

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    If only the S2721DGF was still purchasable

    • Apparently it's coming in Oct?

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      Mine arrived yesterday. It's fantastic. I'd recommend waiting for it to return to Dell's website.

  • Ace!! Another price protection claim! woot woot!!!

    Killing it this month

  • The 7% discount code doesn't stack for all products, when tried on the monitor arm it says "This is a valid coupon code, but there are no matching items currently in your cart."

  • Works for Gaming laptops.

    Just bought a Dell G5 15 SE. So pee off that I missed out the 20% off sale on e-Bay. This one cost me $160 extra, but WTH…why not

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    AUAFFILIATES15%OFF will remove the 20% off on discounted items.

    Booo.. should be AUAFFILIATES15%OFFRRP

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    Both SUPER7 and AUAFFILIATES15%OFF do NOT work on Dell U series monitors

  • Tried this on various monitors and neither worked.

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    it doesn't work on the dell 49 inch monitor either

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    Dell Alienware Monitor AW3420DW - stacked coupons still more expensive than the standard discount (and way more than the last eBay deal).

  • Any good desktop computers around the 1K price range?

    • What specs are you going for? What are you looking at using it for? It depends on what you want to do with it

  • My G5 15 SE laptopn arrived today. Ordered it at 11pm on 22/9/20. Delivered at 11am on 24/09/2020. Damn that was fast!

    The downside - it comes preinstalled with too many unwarranted apps like McAfee security rubbish, pre-loaded games, heaps of Dell related apps. I need to remove them all.

    • Does your laptop have heat issues?

      What's wrong with the dell apps? I like them but yes the McAfee is rubbish.

      • I've been using it normally for half a day, have yet to hear the fan kick in. I might be able to pick up the fan hum noise in a quiet study room at home, but in the office I haven't heard it yet. I don't know if I'll get the noise people speak about. I didn't buy this laptop to play games, I bought it for to use some Adobe apps (Photoshop, Acrobat and Premier) and so far with Photoshop and Acrobat running, it's quiet.

        I don't need any of the Dell apps so rather not have it.

        • Hi @Datrance. I got similar use cases. Game laptop has great specs but how good is the screen resolution on G5 or do you mainly use external monitor? Which monitor do you recommend? Thanks

          • @Smaland: I have this laptop plugged into a 34" 4K monitor so it's fantastic.
            The laptop screen quality is average, I would say 6/10 for brightness and vibrancy. You'll get by fine and you will get used to the poorer screen quality if it is your main screen. But if you are switching between a high-quality screen and the laptop screen, you'll notice the difference considerably.

            • @DeeTrance: Hi Datrance, can I know which monitor do you use? Do you calibrate it yourself? And I wonder if it is your home setup or at office? G5 is quite heavy, about 2.5kg I think. Thanks

  • Neither coupon works on the 49 inch ultrawide :(

  • Does Shopback work if you use these codes?

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