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[Used] Creality3d Printers: Ender 5 Pro US$279 (A$391.16) Ender 3 US$140 (A$196.28) + Shipping @ Comgrow3D


Thinking about getting low cost 3D printer with decent quality? Now Comgrow offers Certified Refurbished Creality3D printers at 25%-30% off on Original Price! Come with original package and full ONE year WARRANTY!

Ender series are avaialble! Free shipping from US/UK warehouse

Please note that:
All these Pre-owned products have been used and returned, oftentimes through our Amazon Comgrow Official. These items have been professionally inspected and are in working condition.

Normally the printer you get is:
①Open-box items: The open-box designation refers to products that have been returned to us(not used)
②Refurbished products: Refurbished products have been repaired and restored to like-new condition. All parts and accessories that would have been included with the original product are present, and our thorough inspection process ensures that the product is clean and in working condition.

NO PLA Filament!
NO Extra Accessories! Condition is Used. Excellent working condition. Shipped in Original manufacturers Box (Original).
Already Repaired and in working condition.

  1. This item is a 100% Creality Genuine Ender-3/Pro 3D Printer.
  2. Repaired and re-sold after testing, No PLA in the parcel!
  3. We offer Creality company after-sale technology support
  4. We do not Provide "Return Service" for the Refurbished Printers

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  • If its refurbished, it should be 25-30% off the original price, shouldn't it?
    Also there are no prices listed, so I'm doubting if this really is a bargain, or just you trying to get some free advertising.

    • -7 votes

      Hi there, first of all those machines are not exactly used or second hand machine. They are either only unboxed and got returned or there was a slightly use then got returned due to several reasons, we make sure they will be all look like new machine and in perfect working condition. For the prices listing, they are more than one model so I can only provide a discount range : )

  • Could a sufficiently big enough 3D print print a smaller 3D printer?


      Yeah use 3D printer to print another printer(toy) is totally possible : )

    • Yeh its called a Prusa

      • Actually it’s called a reprap and a number of Prusa printers fall into that category all the way back to his Mendel derivative.

    • Actually any 3D printer can print a bigger printer as modular parts.

    • Doesn't need to be a big printer, and it can be easier done as most printed components are brackets etc. and don't require the full build volume. Most people end up printing mods or upgrades for the printer it is printed on.

      There are still components that need to be sourced and can't be printed of course like metal rods and bearings etc.

  • So for $245 AUD you can get a 3 Pro, but previous deals here have it just under $300 with varying accessories of glass bed/filament etc. That's not including shipping either.

    Doesn't seem like a crazy good deal?

  • Tell ‘em the Price, Son!

  • By the time you add shipping and GST since this is outside Australia it comes dam close to the new price for all these models. In the case of the 5s you can get yourself a sapphire and a new/better hotend for the same. No deal at all.

  • This is a horrid refurb price. New was 220 for standard. 280 for pro.