Philips Hue Smart Plug with Bluetooth $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU

  • What's Required: Nothing; This product works out of the box with the free Philips Hue Bluetooth app; Simply plug in any non-connected light to your new smart plug and connect to the Bluetooth app for in room control

  • Get Started In No Time: With no complex installation required you can start controlling non-connected Lights straight out of the box; Discover the easiest way to control your smart lights

  • Turn non-smart Lights smart: Turn non-connected plug-in Lights smart with the Philips Hue smart plug; Expand your Hue ecosystem and start controlling non-connected products with your voice or smart device

  • Control Smart Plug With Your Voice: Works with all Echo smart speakers or displays and Google Nest devices for hands-free voice control (Philips Hue Bridge (sold separately) is required for Echo 1st Gen and Echo Dot 1st Gen)

  • Unlock your homes full potential: Add a Philips Hue bridge (sold separately) to your cart and unlock full home control, either when you’re home or away

This is the cheapest I have seen this for.

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  • Given that you can get 4x Tuya plugs with energy monitoring for the same price as one Hue, (from Kogan, eBay etc), I'd hardly call this a bargain.

    Google/Alexa has no problems integrating Hue and wifi lights in the same room. And interesting, the wifi lights respond more quickly.
    The only problem is that the wifi plug cannot (easily) be controlled from a zigbee wall switch.

    I'm a Hue/Zigbee fan, but come on … $55 for a one simple switch?? (Kogan is $55+post)

    • Any chance you have a link for AU plugs at this price from someone you consider a reputable eBay seller?

      Or is Kogan cheapest available?

      Is Tuya itself the brand I should be looking for? Or just Tuya compatible products?

      Noob, I know.

      • Kogan is the best I know of.

        Tuya make the electronics sold under many brands, and using the "Smartlife" app.
        The main alternative is Sonoff and the ewelink app.

        • Thanks kindly for the info!

        • just for fyi where people may not know..
          Ewelink have removed free access to IFTTT unless you want to sign up to their paid service.

          if anyone has a way to move forward with Ewelink for free like it used to be, im all ears
          They have changed to say that for larger users they must pay, but small/light users seem to have been caught up in their new user pays system.
          The way is reads suggests that a one household light user should still have what was free before, but sadly no..
          i.e. one household and a couple of garage switches and a couple of commands,

          • @Austaurean: It's IFTTT that has removed the free access, any system that uses IFTTT has been hit with the subscription. :(

            • @melb melb: IFTTT have been doing greedy, nasty things. us$10/month is ridiculous. Best not to depend on them. Unfortunate if you have already paid for devices expecting IFTTT.

              Paul Hibbert:

              Officeworks has the Australian brand "Brilliant Smart" for $25, or $20 without energy monitor, also Tuya, and their app still has (limited) IFTTT free, I believe.


            • @melb melb:

              To use ifttt with ewelink, its a part of ewelink pro features..

              Dear eWeLink user,
              Thank you for using eWeLink service on IFTTT.This is a kind reminder that IFTTT has become a paid service from May 31, 2020. Only advanced users have access to it.

              If you would like to continue to use our service on IFTTT, please upgrade your account to the advanced plan immediately, or your current connection may expire anytime soon.

              (As soon as it expires, all the applets you set with your eWeLink account will be cleared completely and cannot be reversed. You will have to re-create all of them later when you upgrade your account.)

              Apart from eWeLink service on IFTTT, advanced users also enjoy more new features and exclusive privilege. The Advanced Plan package includes:

              - eWeLink Web (The web-based eWeLink app for PC/Mac/tablets)

              • 10 homes

              • 200 rooms

              • 1000 scenes

              • 200 groups

              • 100 Shared users

              You may click the button below to upgrade your account or visit to do that. Thank you for your kind understanding. We would appreciate your continuous support.

              If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected] or submit feedback in eWeLink app.

            • @melb melb: Thatcreally sucks but i guess understandable

        • Are the Kogan ones flushable and will they work with Hubitat?

          Are there any reliable zigbee plugs in Australia?

        • The kogan link says it uses "Kogan SmarterHome app". Any ideas if this works with tuyasmart app?

          All my other switches live in that universe and would prefer to keep them together!

          • @Name: Kogan is just one of many using a re-skinned Tuya app.
            You can use tuyasmart, smartlife, brilliant-smart, … I can't imagine any reason to use Kogan's version.

            The only problem with tuyasmart is that it lacks IFTTT, I believe.

            • @manic: Thanks. While it sucks IFTTT was dropped I've managed to do most of what I wanted to do with the tuya built in automation tasks.

              I'll grab these kogan ones then as they're a pretty good price.

      • Eh. I mean Dyson is more expensive than a Kogan vacuum cleaner too. I still want to know if there’s a good deal on a Dyson

  • Any reason Philip's smart plugs are 2~5x more expensive, other than branding?

    • It uses Zigbee mesh system.

    • If you're invested into the hue ecosystem, this can be quite useful. Eg a hue dimmer switch would be able to turn this on along with other lights. But if you're using your phone app or home assistant or a number of other solutions, this may not be that interesting.

    • Branding, software and reliability. I run conbee + deconz + home assistant and my deconz often goes unavailable dropping off my Xiaomi devices.

      I won't buy this of course, too rich for my taste. I do see why people would out of convenience since theres no stuffing around. I still run a hue hub with some bulbs connected to it, never fully migrated everything to the conbee.

      • Yeah I run all of this too, but with hue and IKEA devices. European quality and product lifecycles, open source privacy, and HomeKit compatibility. Lovely. No always on video or audio. Overall the cost difference is less than a couple of restaurant steaks, or a $1/week rent reduction over the product lifecycle. As a conscientious software engineer, the last thing I want is CCP, GCP, or Bezos controlled auto-update pipelines for the always spyware devices in my home network.

    • A lot of Philips gear is actually manufactured in Europe now.

      Especially the health and medical related products.

      Spendy to make, spendy to buy.

  • You can get the Xiaomi ZigBee plugs for about $30

    • My understanding is the Xiaomi Zigbee plugs are considered highly unreliable for routing other zigbee traffic and people often avoided them in their mesh for that reason. Have you had any issues?

  • Xiaomi Aqara plug + Conbee = win

  • Anyone have one of these and can comment if you can plug 2 of these into the same double powerpoint? Some of the smart plugs are so big that they basically cover the other socket on the powerpoint.

  • the cost to run eg. 9watt of bulb if you run 24hrs 365 days is around $18-20 / year. Automation is cool, but if the device you buy cost you >2years to break even electricity saving, you are just buying garbage to dump. The smart bulb or device might not even last 2 years or perhaps you replace it with a new version smart device.

    • Don't know if saving power is the main purpose people are buying these smart devices. The idea is to combine with sensors to automate tasks eg. Turning on/off lights.

      I have a smart plug with power metre function and i use the power metre to automate my bias light when using my PC. My monitor is plugged into the plug so when the monitor wakes up, the bias light turns on, when the monitor goes to sleep, the bias light turns off. The other option is to ask google to turn the light on/off everytime or open the app and turn the light on/off everytime.

    • You cut CO2 and save the planet

      • +1 vote

        I don't think you cut any CO2 considering the manufacturing process of this plug.

        • The manufacturing cost is just a few dollars. Energy used is small, compared to the lifetime power consumption of even a light bulb.
          So there is potential. But a much cheaper timer or motion sensor will save power and money too.

          • +1 vote

            @manic: It's not only the cost or energy though. I don't have the numbers, so you might be totally right, but you should also take the CO2 produced for refining oil to manufacture the plastic and then recycling at the end of life of the product.

            Also you don't reduce the power consumption of the light bulb to zero, so it's not easy to say "you save the planet by using a smart plug".

            • @bio: The cost of the item puts a ceiling on the resources used. If they can make this for $5 each, it cannot require much oil. Or even coal.
              The amount of materials is tiny, and mass production is very efficient.

              But a single 20W lamp burning 24/7 can cost $50 and nearly 100kg of coal every year! So timers and motion sensors quickly pay for themselves in
              situations where manual on/off is not appropriate.

  • Are there any other similar devices that are bluetooth controlled?