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IFTTT Pro Subscription US$1.99/Mo (US$9.99/mo from 7 Oct)


Got this in the mailbox:

IFTTT Pro is a new plan for creators who want the best tools IFTTT has to offer, including:

  • Unlimited Applet creation
  • Multi-step Applets with queries, conditional logic and multiple actions
  • Faster execution for all Applets
  • Customer support

Through October 7th, set the monthly price you want to pay and we’ll honor it forever.

Note: the free-forever IFTTT Standard plan no longer supports creating unlimited Applets from scratch.

To date, you’ve created more than 3 Applets. If you do not upgrade to Pro, all but 3 of your created Applets will be archived.

For more information, see What happens if I do not upgrade to IFTTT Pro?

More information from The Verge:

IFTTT, a perennial favorite of smart home tinkerers everywhere, is going Pro. That means paid subscriptions for faster and more sophisticated IFTTT applets that can query more data sources to trigger multiple actions in the home. The free version will stick around but is now limited to just three applets — only Pro subscribers will be able to create unlimited personal applets.

Historically, you could create as many IFTTT applets as you wanted, although these were limited to one trigger controlling one action.

Pro has a suggested monthly price of $9.99 [US], but the company is allowing subscribers to set their own price for the first year as long as it’s $1.99 per month or more. That special offer expires on October 7th.

Edit: Got extended until 31st Oct.

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  • Thanks, saved me a click, they never mentioned the $1.99 minimum in the email

  • So really, the plan just basically gives speed/efficiencies that they 'shuld' offer to all customers through a regular app update. Seems crap :0/

    • Note: the free-forever IFTTT Standard plan no longer supports creating unlimited Applets from scratch.

      To date, you’ve created more than 3 Applets. If you do not upgrade to Pro, all but 3 of your created Applets will be archived.

      Seems they have introduced a new limitation and now charge you to continue use of the service as you were previously using it.

  • I'm guessing once you stop, your 1.99US plan evaporates?

  • So US$1.99 per month for a year and US$9.99 afterwards.

    • apparently not:
      For a limited time, you may set your price for IFTTT Pro and we will honor it indefinitely. All subscriptions are in US$ and renew monthly.

    • Ambigous. They said different things in different places. Personally I doubt the $9.99/month will fly seeing the backlash against them.

      • Their policy changed which is probably why it’s inconsistent. It was initially set your price and it’d apply for a year, and then it’s made indefinite if you join up before Oct 7.

  • +2 votes

    Obligatory "just use Home Assistant" comment.

    • I mainly agree with your sentiment, but I also use ifttt at home and if I'm outside.
      For example a record of all calls I make or receive is uploaded to Google sheets so I can calculate how much of my usage is business v private. It also tracks how long I am at a premises to track time. I have several other automations that I now realize I depend on so I'm actually considering buying in thanks to your post whereas I originally thought screw that!

      • An alternative is to use Tasker to automatically write each call sent/received/missed/duration to a Google Sheet. IFTTT is way easier though.

    • For Home Automation, yes. (I use Hubitat at the moment)
      For a lot of other things, no.

  • Dumb question but what does this work with ?

  • My Kodi commands for google home stopped working with ifttt will this fix it ?

  • A plan that was once free and is now paid, does not constitute a bargain.

  • IFTTT double dipping now. Charging companies that make products to enable the integrations, and now charging the end user to enable applets.

    Corporate Greed

    • Yep, good thing I never got into it.

      • I tried to but was always disappointed by the outcome (lights turning on tuesday but not wednesday sort of thing) when setup to turn on anytime I go into an area.

  • Not a bargain. Don't care what the discount is. Used to be free and you paid for device compatibility, now you gotta pay to keep it. Don't support these sort of rubbish company.

    • Yup, luckily I've already got a rasp-pi that I use as a pi-hole, will just have to setup Home Assistant as well I guess.

  • It didn't even work well when it was free, what gives?

  • To the people negging the deal: I too am very disappointed with this change. The reason I posted it as a deal is for people that find IFTTT so invaluable that they will consider paying. For these people locking in $1.99/month now is a deal IMO.

    • You might want to update that the choose your own amount option ends after 12mth, as per the reddit post you linked.

      • They have actually change that stance. You can keep the amount you set forever. But this offer expires on 7th of October.

        • Interesting that they haven't updated their comments on reddit then…

          Through October 7, 2020, you may set your own monthly price when you upgrade to IFTTT Pro. The price you set will be valid for up to 12 months.

          You may pick a price that you can keep for up to a year, and cancel your subscription at any time.

          You may pick a price that you can keep for up to a year

          They even make a point of saying "up to"

  • Wait monthly. I thought this was yearly or once off ..

  • Crippled the free tier
    now only 3 recipes
    Used to be unlimited

    I think its good that they are having a pro tier but crippling the service they used to have is crap.

  • so I have a few applets… but I'm not keen on the mthly subscription. Is there a free alternative?

  • I was using IFTTT to send me an email when my YouTube subscriptions had new uploads posted, given YouTube turned email notifications off.

    With the IFTTT news, I've since migrated to RSS feeds - seems to work just as well, and free when using The Old Reader…

  • Please just let it die, so something with a better architecture can come along.

  • Deal got extended to 31st Oct.

    You can use this form to switch to Paypal annually (lock it in at $24/year) vs paying $1.99/mo via CC. - https://ift.tt/pro-paypal-request
    The paypal invoice automatically generates after 10-15mins.

    • Thanks, updated the deal.

      The question is whether the PayPal one is a recurring subscription (if so, then I would much prefer PayPal).