This was posted 1 year 1 month ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Foxtel Subscriptions $10 off Per Month for 4 Months @ Foxtel


follow these instructions to get $10 off per month for foxtel now.
for existing members or new members.

  1. Login to Foxtel Now
  2. go to your dashboard
  3. then cancel subscription
  4. provide your reasons (e.g. too expensive or murdoch media is immoral, corrupt, repulsive, noxious, pernicious, unethical, venal, lying, depraved etc)
  5. submit
  6. on the following page you will be offered $10 off per month to keep your subscription

you're welcome.

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  • +1

    I'm surprised that second one was an option.

  • +20

    should really be $10/month, at a stretch

    • I barely used it when it was a free inclusion with the telstra broadband, but that was a more appropriate price.

  • +27

    Must be how they've managed to offer up such a great deal!

    • filthy pigs with their head firmly planted in the LNP taxpayers trough
      No tax payed and a hand out talk about the LNP dole bludgers

    • Yeah, we're all subsidising the cost.

  • +14

    Imagine paying for ads

    • +12

      Imaging paying for taxes that go towards ads

      • +6

        Imagine paying for taxes that go towards ads by the government telling us what a great job they are doing with our taxes.

        • +4

          imagine trying to keep this thread going

  • +3

    Thanks for the tip. The discount is for the next 4 months. Wish it was forever.

    • Rinse and repeat?

  • +1

    Laughed at step 4.

  • Foxtel Now is renamed of Foxtel Go? Or is this completely different?

    • +2

      It's ummm… complicated…

      Foxtel Go is the mobile and tablet product that you get if you have a multi-screen sub on satellite Foxtel.

      Foxtel Now is the standalone streaming service. However, to use it on mobiles and tablets, you use Foxtel Go. This is in contrast to TVs where on some platforms it's 'Foxtel', on others it's branded 'Foxtel Now', and on still other legacy platforms, it's 'Foxtel Play'…

      Note that Foxtel Go will work with 'Foxtel' apps on TV but won't work with 'Foxtel Now' apps.

      Got it?

      (Or you could just get Binge…)

      • Thanks for the explanation, might give them a 10 days trial and see how good their streaming service is. Dont think I will be sticking around after the trial.

    • +3

      Foxtel Go is free for everyone who has the box, don't need to be subscribed to multi screen.

      • Yeah, multiscreen is only needed if you want to push to additional screens using chromecast etc.

  • nice thanks.

  • I believe this only includes base package ?

  • +4

    Not even for free, F U Foxtel.

  • Awesome work beeman !!! Thanks

  • -2

    Can I apply this twice and get $20 off?

  • Thanks op, confirmed this works for 4 months.

  • +3

    Just followed your steps, it cancelled fine but no $10 off offer unfortunately.

  • +5

    Didn’t get the offer. This is targeted

  • foxtel: panic.png

  • +2

    Just tried it and didn't get any offer.

  • Cheers worked on my foxtel now subscription - had subscribed to 2 things ($25) month total.

    Checked box too expensive and wrote something about costs.

  • +1

    As some others, no sign of 'dashboard' or $10 off.

    Must be targetted fully.

    Thanks for raising though

  • +1

    Just cancelled, got no offer.
    So got the best reduction of all 100% no Foxtel, 100% discount.
    Ha - jokes on you Foxtel, you dont get another cent. I'm out!

  • Foxtel is the very worst value TV entertainment that’s out there!