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Bonus Samsung Galaxy Buds Live When You Purchase a Galaxy S20 FE (from $999) or S20 FE 5G (from $1149) @ Participating Retailers


Limited time only!

Pre-order S20 FE | S20 FE 5G now and get bonus Galaxy Buds Live
Pre-order bonus gift offer ends 8 October 2020. Terms and Conditions apply

Participating Retail Stores

  • Samsung Retail Stores
  • Samsung Online Store (Excludes: Education, Government, SMB and EPP)
  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Vodafone
  • Bing Lee
  • Harvey Norman
  • Domayne
  • Joyce Mayne
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • The Good Guys
  • Officeworks
  • Amazon AU (Note: Marketplace is excluded)
  • Essential Group
  • Qantas Q Store
  • Woolworths Mobile

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  • +6

    better go with 5G version, with the only difference that matters to us - Snap 865 instead of Exynos s**t

  • Is it really a good phone compared ro regular s20/plus/ultra?

  • Definitely tempted to get to upgrade my s8+. Was going to wait for pixel 5 and iPhone 12.when does this deal end?

  • -2

    Back: Glasstic
    Frame: Aluminium
    RAM: Less
    Resolution: Lower
    Pixel Density: Smallest
    8K video recording: Missing
    100x space zoom: Absent

    • What is this comparing to?

      • Other S20 models

    • +7

      8K video recording: Missing
      100x space zoom: Absent

      Mostly pointless features anyway.

  • Would go well with the other samsung deal

  • Is there a limit on the number of bonus Buds Live being given out? Or will you get it as long as you pre-order by 8 October?

  • Noob question, so this is a cut down version of the s20?

    • Basically:

      The main things you don’t get on the S20 FE compared to its more expensive siblings are a higher resolution main camera (64-MP vs 12-MP) and a glass back (the S20 FE uses a polycarbonate plastic instead).

      Also, unlike the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the S20 FE’s 120Hz display doesn’t support a variable refresh rate, so you can choose between 60Hz or 120Hz and that’s it.

  • +1

    Samsung is offering a $200 bonus on any trade in values also. Ordered a 128GB 5G which retails for $1149 and trading in my old S8 which trades in for $120 + bonus $200 = $320.

    So my final cost came to $829.

    Samsung is also offering 50% off Samsung Care + which normally costs $249, but I received an email from Samsung with a code which discounts the full cost so I got 2 years of Samsung Care + for free.

    The phone also comes with a case in the box. Plus the free Buds Live.. Awesome deal.

    • Hi, may I ask how you got the email for free Samsung Care? Thanks.

      • I was already subscribed to receive emails from Samsung and the email was promoting the S20 FE, so not sure if targeted specifically or anyone who was already signed up might get the code.

        I was originally waiting for the $50 discount code to be received by a second email address but was considering the Samsung Care, so decided to go with this code instead.

        • Edit: Think I may have received it from signing up to the announcement on the S20 FE from a notification I received on my S8, but have heard of others who also did so not receiving the email. Sorry I can't be of more help!

    • Hi May i.know how to get value for my S8+? I downloaded the trade up add, went through all the checks but at last it asked me to provide ID's number etc but didn't give me any number to.put on samsung store under trade in.? How did you managed to.put your value in trade in?


      • The app is a bit buggy, I remember I had to redo one of the steps again as it seemed to just hang when it was meant to give my code. Once it works though you'll get a unique code you can input into the trade in area of checkout.

        I suggest just trying it again and trying to do it in one sitting because it looks like if you leave it too long, you have to start from the very beginning with the testing part. I've already given my code for my pre-order and going into the app it's asking me to start from Step 1.

  • Can this promo be stacked with the $50 marketing sign-up code?

    • +1

      Answer is Yes. Just ordered one.

  • I ended up going for the Snapdragon version of the S20 FE which is any of the 5G models. The 128GB one has 6GB RAM and the 256GB one has 8GB. If pre-ordering today (ends midnight) you can also get $200 extra on trade-ins plus the pre-order Galaxy Buds Live. After trading in my Note 8 and the $50 newsletter promo I will be paying $784 for the $1250 retail 256GB version, and I guess I could sell the Buds for around $200 if I don't decide to keep them.