GoPro HERO8 Black + 32GB SanDisk + 1 Year GoPro Subscription $459.95 @ GoPro


Similar with the Hero9 offer, they reduced GoPro Hero 8 black price to $459.95 with 1 year subscription.. I think it's great price considering it's $99/year separately, hence, you can assume price is $359.95 if you want to factor in the 1-year subscription

1-year subscription to GoPro1 or A$529.95 without subscription

Subscribing to GoPro gets you:
* Unlimited cloud storage
* Total camera replacement2
* Up to 50% off at GoPro.com3
* 32GB SD card included

Dont forget Cashreward

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  • I think this was there offer price too before release…i bought it then…ofcourse without subscription!

  • Yearly sub is $70, not $99.

  • Is it worth getting Hero9 over this?

    • Depends what u wanna do with it and how much you expect from it. Hero 9 Has a front display if you do selfie or film urself. Apparently better battery. Changeable lens is back. Larger LCD. HyperSmoth 3.0 and Horizon Leveling which is really great. 5K video and 20MP image which seems to be slightly better than Hero 8 in reality.
      I personally upgrade every year regardless of small changes.
      You can decide if these things worth extra $. :)