GoPro HERO9 Black + 32GB SanDisk + 1 Year GoPro Subscription $559.95 @ GoPro


The GoPro 9 has just been announced! The price has gone up compared to the GoPro Hero8 Black, but they now have a deal where it's cheaper if you get it with a 12-month GoPro subscription. I guess they're hoping to get you hooked and continue the $99/year subscription. You can cancel the subscription before the next billing period without any penalty - don't forget to set a reminder to do so! You can cancel it immediately but then you'll lose out on the features.

The 3.5% cashback at CashRewards should work. I'm not sure if they count GST in the cashback, but if they don't, and it's approved, that'll bring the price down to $542.13.

Note: Don't bother getting the $659.95 bundle (GoPro + spare batt + handle + clip). If you add all those items to your cart individually, it'll be $620.85 as the GoPro subscription comes with a discount on accessories. The discount will be reflected in your cart once you add the $559.95 camera to your cart.

Their new pricing strategy is interesting. So far it doesn't look like any of the other retailers are offering this free subscription offer, they only list the camera alone for $699. This deal is basically 20% off the retail price, plus a year's free GoPro subscription. That's not going to make retailers happy! The offer will continue until GoPro decides to terminate it at its discretion.

Compared to the GoPro Hero8 Black, the 9 has:
- A front screen (note that it's ~5fps in 4K mode)
- Larger rear screen
- 5K30 video
- 20MP photos
- Much longer battery life from a new larger battery
- Better cold weather performance
- The replaceable front lens protector is back
- Even better image stabilisation, in every resolution
- In-camera auto-levelling horizon
- Can livestream to more destinations, including custom RTMP
- Scheduled capture - set it to switch on and start recording a timelapse at e.g. 5.30am
- Hindsight mode (save the previous 15/30 seconds)
- Max SV Mod (looks like an ultrawide lens attachment)
- Comes with a nice carry case now

The subscription gives you:
- Unlimited cloud storage for your GoPro footage
- Up to 50% off on accessories on
- Swap your camera for any reason for $99

Here's a review.
Side by side video samples comparing the Hero 9 to the Hero 8, Osmo Action, and Insta360 One R.

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  • This is a new pricing strategy. So it will be $700 in stores soon without subscription which is $100 more than last year and even if we wait for %20 discount on ebay for example it's basically the same price u get it from GoPro with subscription. I'm confused :D

    • Yeah.. I can't see retailers being happy about it! They're already listed on retailers sites like DigiDirect, Harvey, and Camera House for $699 with no option to buy the subscription bundle. I doubt GoPro can continue doing this for too long!

  • Great the replacement lens is back
    Edit: I wounder if the 9 connects to a one plus as the black 8 did not

    • Why didn't it connect?

    • +1 vote

      Did you try turning off any avoid-bad-wifi features? It's the setting that makes the phone route everything through 4G if you connect to a wifi AP that has no internet access.

  • Is the bundle worth the extra 100 on top?

  • Will the subscription version only be sold via GoPro?

    Wonder if there will be a sale on this on Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday which are just around the corner.

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      Their new pricing strategy is a little confusing. At the moment it looks like the subscription bundle is only available from GoPro direct as stores only have the standalone camera listed.

      $699.95 DigiDirect
      $698 Harvey
      $699 Camera House

      I'm not sure why anyone would buy one retail if it's cheaper from GoPro direct, plus a free subscription. That would surely annoy retailers! Even if they offered a 20% discount, that would make it $559 without the subscription, as aljafari mentioned above.

      Because of that, it's most likely going to be a limited-time offer. The T&Cs say it will continue until GoPro decides to end it at their sole discretion… which I'm guessing is when retailers start complaining loudly.

  • sweet, i can buy the hero8 for cheap now, im not interested in the hero9.

  • However it says at the checkout:

    "If GoPro subscription is purchased as part of a bundled camera promotion, customer may cancel the subscription portion of the bundle post purchase and acknowledges they will be charged the full retail price of the camera."

    It's not mentioned in the T's&C's though.

    • Yeah, just don't cancel the free subscription and you'll be fine. Give it to someone if you really don't want it. :)

    • how would that even be enforced though?

    • So you are stuck with the subscription?

      • Found it here:
        so as per my understanding you'll be charged the full price if you cancel within the initial year. So either you go in for one more year (still a good deal), or switch to monthly and cancel after the 13th month if that's possible.

        • The way I read it is. You pay the bundle. Then you have to keep the subscription till 23rd month to get the most of the subscription as the subscription is not pro rated. So no discount from using say half year or 1 month.

          Or as you said. Change to monthly after 1 year then cancel subscription then.

          • @xoom:

            Change to monthly after 1 year then cancel subscription then.

            I haven't seen the cancellation screen, but I imagine you can just tell it to not auto-renew after the first year is up. I would expect that to be the case anyway.

            • @eug: Yeah but that would be the ideal scenario for customers. Buy the go pro 9 with subscription. Set it to not auto renew.

              This is where the confusion is.

              In the event that you cancel your subscription before the end of the initial year term but keep your camera, and in so doing, fall below the threshold for eligibility for this offer, we will reduce any applicable refund owed to you by the full retail price of the camera and reserve the right to charge your payment method for any remaining balance owed to GoPro. There is no free trial period and there will be no pro-rated refunds for cancelled subscriptions.

              Cancel before the day of subscription ends you get charged the balance of go pro full price.

              Cancel the day after and you get charged another yearly subscription in full. Its not pro rata. So if you cancel on day one of second years subscription you get charged same price if you kept it for another 11 months.

      If anyone else finds a firm answer from GoPro on this please share! Short of cancelling the credit card before renewal!

  • If go pro offering 559 with subscription, why would you buy the gopro alone?

    You can cancel the subscription any time isn't it??

    • I saw that you’ll have to pay the full price if you cancel it?

    • +1 vote

      You can cancel the subscription any time isn't it??

      The subscription is free, no need to cancel it. Just don't renew it for the second year.

      • the million dollar question is can you set it to not auto renew? If you can then you do that one day one of getting your go pro but if it doesn't let you. The question now when do you cancel the subscription to only get one year subscription.

  • remember this deal when the 8 was released $450, hopefully something simular can be sort

    • The RRP has gone up to $699 from $599, so it's not going to reach that price point anytime soon.

  • +2 votes

    What if you use prepaid credit card to do it?? :)

  • Anyone with Insta360 ONE action camera, heard alot of good reviews for that product.

    • I have insta360 one R, gopro hero 8.

      Insta360 doesn't quite match the video and audio quality of gopro, but is very close. the FOV is also a bit smaller on the insta360.
      However insta360 is a 360 camera so the "action camera" aspect is only the by product of it.

      for action camera, no one beats gopro, period.

  • I dont understand, so it's cheaper if you go with extra subscription? So what happens if i dont renew subscription once it's expired then? Doesnt it mean that i just pay less for the kit?

    • +1 vote

      So what happens if i dont renew subscription once it's expired then?

      You just won't have access to the GoPro subscription.

      Doesnt it mean that i just pay less for the kit?

      Yup. Doesn't make sense to me either, but I'll take it! :)

      • Cool thanks for the info… After reading further I think the company is betting on people keeping the subscription once it's finished

        • Yup that's the plan… but they'd be pissing off all their retailers by doing that. Not many people are going to buy one from Digidirect for $699 when they can get it for $559 + cashback plus a free one year subscription. So either this deal won't last long, or retailers will be able to sell the same bundle deal. I wonder which one will happen.

          • @eug: I just got the bundle with subscription. Looks like just like Netflix etc you will need to manually cancel otherwise they will auto debit your CC

            • @djmm: Did you find a way so that you won't get charged?
              I mean if you cancel one day before renewal they will charge you.
              If you cancel the day after, they will still charge you since you are using it for 1 day.

      • On the payment portal it says

        This card will be charged AUD 69.99/year (plus tax if applicable) on the billing date for your GoPro subscription until you cancel.

        Looks like annual subscription only.. No monthly subscription.

  • Looking at buying and discovered that if you add just the camera + subscription, then add the bundle accessories separately, you get the discounts on the accessories, which makes the total $620.85. Am I missing something here, as this is $39 cheaper than the camera bundle + subscription for $659.95?

    • Oh, I just updated the post to say exactly the same thing. I don't think you're missing anything, GoPro's just being weird. :)

  • looks good, need it urgently. Think JB or GG will match the price? Haha

  • Looks like Digidirect and Camera House dropping their prices to $599 with bonus stuff.
    What is going on? It's getting more complicated, lol.


  • Has anyone purchased the gopro yet?

    • Yes. And the free SD card is on back order. This morning it wasn't. So they must have taken quite a few orders. The Hero 9 dual battery charger is also out of stock now too

      • Thanks. Bummer, can't add the dual charger for back order either

        • No it won't let you order. So I will add it with the helmet mount to bring the total over 80 for free shipping when it's available. Or you could chance it for a few more business days and see if it becomes available again.

          • @Sammyboy: yea i'll chance it. This is more of a "want" than a need so i'll let let fate decide.

            • @pippohippo: Hi, I already have the dual charger for my hero7. Do i need to buy the dual charger for the 9 or it is compatible.

              Thank you

              • @Fredfloresjr: New battery from the 7 to 8 and new battery from the 8 to 9 again yes

                • +1 vote


                  New battery from the 7 to 8

                  They're effectively the same battery. The 8's battery will work in a GoPro 5/6/7, the 5/6/7 battery will work in the 8. GoPro says some features "may" not work, but I don't think anyone has really shown what those features are.

              • @Fredfloresjr: I spent like a good 2 hours watching reviews last night and only 1 guy mentioned the battery size and did a comparison. Whilst I don't have any gopro products yet they did say the new gopro 9 battery is larger (hence more battery life) than the 8 so I would say it will not work given the 8 has a different battery to the 7 (?). So if you get a GP9 you will need new batteries and new charger.

                Just under the add to cart it shows you what item it is compatible with as well. But I think most accessories (clips and sticks) are compatible since it has that same mounts.

      • Did you get charge any international fees? my commbank card sent a message saying it declined online international purchase…seems a bit weird!

        Also debited my account and in pending…great!

        • Had the same issue last year purchasing Hero 8 with Commbank through PayPal. Had to cancel order, get refund and try with NAB bank which went through easily. Just be in touch with customer service.

          • @aljafari: no paypal option. I didn't get any order number, reference or email from gopro. It just went to the main screen. Called CBA and they said to speak to GoPro to get a refund…otherwise I need to lodge a dispute. I'll speak with GoPro customer service first before doing another order with cba card with the locks off.

            Also noticed the subscription fee wasn't even included!

            • @pippohippo: That's why I hate buying things from GoPro website. I can't quite remember but it took me so much time to get them to refund me as the customer service was suggesting to get refund through PayPal and my bank. Then the postage was supposed to be express but I think it took about a week. Hopefully it all goes smoothly for you.
              I would prefer the local stores as they're easy to deal with for everything like warranty.

              • @aljafari: Can't even lodge a dispute until it clears and gopro contact on Monday to Friday normal business hours. This is so off putting! Waited for 9 gopro versions before buying and hit with a roadblock. Hope it is smooth sailing.

                I would have gone retail but the subscription and discount on the accessories is hard to pass on

              • @aljafari: turns out my order went through but without the subscription charged…maybe it gets charged separately. What a mess

  • Checked with JB and even at 559 it's below cost and then can price match competitor but no card or subs.

    • +1 vote

      So how much JB can offer??

    • Sorry do you mean that JB can price match it with GoPro website but without Subs and memory? I don't really care about Subs and memory if I can get a good price. Just don't know if I can get a better price than Gopro deal with the way it's been priced. I've already sold my Hero 8 but not in a mad rush for new one.

  • I'd get the 7 or 8 instead..

  • Which helmet holder can i get with this gopro9?

  • Just posting as it might help for price match.

  • +3 votes

    GoPro has posted clarification over the subscription cancellation question. We are able to cancel the subscription during the first year without being billed for the full price of the camera. The clause in their T&Cs only apply in limited cases:

    If you're concerned about being billed for the full amount for the camera or bundle if you cancel during your first year of your subscription, you'd only be responsible for the full price of the camera or bundle if you cancel your subscripiton and are refunded for the subscription fee. This scenario would happen in very limited cases, such as with customers in the EU who decide to cancel during their 14-day free trial period. For everyone else, there are no prorated refunds for cancelled subscriptions, so you'd still be meeting all the criteria for the special offer.

    • I had already bought it before all of this was 'revealed', so that's a good response. They finally responded after so many questions.

      Still don't know when the GoPro will be sent though. A bit disappointing they can't send it before the SD card is available, so it may not be until next week until it's arrived…

      • Is the SD card unavailable? Saw someone mentioned that in the comments but looking at their site, it looks to be back in stock

      • Still don't know when the GoPro will be sent though.

        A friend of mine ordered on the 17th, his shipped on Saturday. When did you order yours?

        • ordered on 18th only got an email confirming the order but no follow up email for subscription nor shipment confirmation. I wasn't billed the subscription fee either…

        • I also ordered on the 18th pm, and I've had no notification since.
          I've been charged the full amount, including subscription already. So hopefully it ships soon.
          I wanted to get the battery charger but it's out of stock, so I'll get it next time with something else I want for free shipping.

          • @realsniper09: same, ordered on the 19th and still Order Received - Pending Shipping. Been charged full amount for both camera and sub.

            Kinda regret getting it without the dual battery charger + spare battery as I don't think we can get that from the online store without having a camera or drone.

  • Anyone got shipping confirmation?

    • nope… still waiting. Can't even cancel it as we can't get the battery from their website without a camera/drone. So with the gopro subscription.. can't really enjoy any of the discount as less than $80 will need to pay $30 shipping fee.

    • My friend in Melb just received his today. He ordered on the 17th.

      • Did he/she gets a shipping notification?

        • +1 vote

          Yup, he got it on Saturday the 19th.

          • @eug: Not sure when ours will come then. Spoke to support and they said it’s packed and waiting for UPS to collect. Did a google and it seems to be the same message for quite a lot of people in the past. Oh well!!! Just have to wait.

    • I ordered on 17/9 and never received a shipping confirmation. Spoke with sales support today and they emailed me the UPS tracking #.

      Turns out it was dispatched on 22/9 and arrived in Melbourne today, 25/9.

  • Night mode on Gp8 is better than Gp9?

  • For anyone who is going to buy this, don’t bother with the accessories on Gopro website. Instead, check out the Neewer 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessories Kit on Amazon.
    The only accessory on Gopro website that I would recommend getting is the battery + duo battery charger.

    • Do bear in mind some cheap accessories aren't built well. I've tried some of those cheap accessories and some work perfectly fine while others are just average.

      Generic suction cup mounts like that aren't firm, so any bumps will result in the camera shaking a bit. I also wouldn't trust them for mounting a camera outside a car. I haven't used the GoPro one but have two Panavise suction cup mounts which are far more solid than the generic ones I had.

      The generic chest mount I have works OK, but the genuine one I bought later is built with better plastics and is more comfortable due to the padding.

      The problem I've had with generic bendy tripods is the ball head is difficult to adjust smoothly. But for light casual use it might be alright.

      The official GoPro bike mount is a much better design than that generic one.

      In short, you get what you pay for. Generic accessories can be perfectly fine for light use, but for heavier use, I would go for the genuine ones. They're built and designed better, but you do pay for it.

  • Hey guys. Wanted to share that I got the gopro9 for 492. Must be some system error when they are applying the discount.

    • What r those web discounts? Did u use any promo codes?

      • 1st discount for the gopro(where the error happened I believe)
        2nd discount for the free microsd
        3rd discount for the headstrap I added in

        Didn't use any promo code.