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50% off Xero Subscriptions for 3 Months @ Xero (New Subscriptions Only)


Just received this by email.

For a limited time only, we’re offering 50% off for three months on new Xero subscriptions.
Simply subscribe using the promo code SEPTEND20D before midnight (AEST), Monday 28 September 2020*.

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  • Anyone used myob essentials and xero?

    Im currently using myob essentials and am ready to put a boot through my pc screen.

    My key frustrations with myob essentials:

    *No facility to easily search sales history via part number. Eg I want to see sales history for 'widget A' including details of date, price sold, price bought for etc.
    *Reports cannot be customised - eg I want to sort all sales by invoice date within a certain range, the default report displays all sales via customer so dates all over the place.

    • Yeah, interested to know as well. I was looking at signing up for MYOB for a small business, how is your view on them?

      • Well i mean theres really only two choices.
        I only went myob as at the time it was cheaper and seemed to be more well known.

        I also feel myob is doing sweet FA in terms of actively improving their software.

        Was just wondering if changing to xero was worth the effort.

        • Can't answer the specific question, but myob is only better known as it is older. But was a desktop package that they had to convert/migrate to cloud, so had lots of issues along the way and was not built in that way so always played catch up.

          Xero was built from ground up on cloud and all the accountants I've heard prefer it as it works much better as a solution and doesn't have legacy issues.

        • Thanks, looks like I will have to try them both and see.

    • I used MYOB essentials for about 10 months before switching to Xero. The difference isn't night and day, but Xero is better in most instances. Xero has a free 30 day trial so I would recommend taking it for a spin to see if it solves your particular issues.

      Also, MYOB customer service were downright awful when trying to sort out billing etc.

      Despite what they might tell you, if you cancel your subscription you lose access to basically all of your data. So make sure you move everything across before you pull the plug. Also, they'll hit you with some BS about needing 12 days notice to cancel the account or whatever. In other words they'll make the process of changing as painful as possible.

      Xero, on the other hand, offered me a $180 voucher to take part in a survey after I'd joined up. The survey was about my experience with other providers and why I chose to move to Xero. I think they're trying to improve and gather feedback, which is a positive step.

  • Why would Xero need to do this in a booming economy? Super share price and all???

    How about rewarding long term customers, $60 a month for a small business with 2 employees is a rip off.