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Free Admittance to JAMF Nation Virtual User Conference


Received via email from itnews, since California is on fire and plague afflicted, this year JAMF is doing their user conference 100% virtual. JAMF is an Apple MDM (mobile device management) so if you're a business and have a bunch of iPhones or iPads it might be worth attending, even if you don't use the product and just want to talk to other Apple device admins. Usually it's in San Diego and I assume carries an admittance fee, so this is much like the free virtual MS Ignite.

This is intended for businesses and the registration form will ask you a lot of questions about your business, and you do have to actually attend the user conference (or I guess at least some of it?) for any applicable swag

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  • Thanks OP, signed up. I admin jamf at work so this worked out well. :)

  • So if this works out it's a free way to get $50USD of food vouchers? That's huge.

    • Make sure you sign up as a biz .
      Otherwise you are wasting your time .
      I hope none of the burners have a play :)

      • For clarity, is there a type of attendance category that's required?

        I'm interested as we use JAMF in our company (we are categorised as a 'customer') and we develop internal apps that are deployed, managed through it.

        • It doesn't seem to imply so in the rules. I'm interested as we currently use Mobileiron and I've used Xen in the past so I'm keen to see how it compares and get some ideas off other users.

  • Probably cant use Uber Eats US gift card in oz though

  • I got $50 in uber credit. Amazing.

    • What did you do to get it?

      • Signed up for the conference

        • That's all? I signed up and haven't got it. Did you do a US or AU address?

          • @dv1den: They are actually filtering attendees to block OzBargainers from getting swag. You'll only get the Uber code if you signed up before the keynote, and they think there's good odds that you're a potential or current customer. I expect they will be looking up your Linkedin to see what you do. Given the cost of giving gift cards to everyone that signs up, I can understand that.

    • Same here, thank you OzB!