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Cascade Mesh Chair - Ergonomic Office Chair $199 Free Metro Shipping @ Epic Office Furniture


The popular cascade mesh chair deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/554426 is back with discounted voucher. I just placed order myself and the voucher 'cascade199' does work.

Powerful Synchro Mechanism
Breathable black mesh backing
120kg weight rating
10 year warranty

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Epic Office Furniture
Epic Office Furniture


  • Hrmmm I have waited so long for the Ikea Markus to come back in stock, this might just lure me in

    • its so bad that I clicked and collect 2 weeks ago but person who works there told me they sold out before they got to fulfill my order, so I'm going in this weekend for the order, feels like I had to pay that $5 for the pre-order fee because I can never walk in and buy it

      • I bought Markus 2 days ago from Ikea Rhodes, NSW. Went there Sunday when there were 2 left, by the time I reached, all long gone. Next morning it came up and I instantly placed an online C&C order, paid $5. I didn't confirmation until the next day but called customer service and they confirmed my order was ready. Oh this chair, it's amazing. Worth all the hassled. Tried few other options from OW, Fantastic but this was the best looking and feeling.

    • It's in stock in SA, which chair is better? I need one haha

      • I would also like to know this. And which Markus?

        • It's either a fabric or leather chair cushion as for which Markus. The leather version is $329 and the fabric is $229. Very easy decision.

      • Try out the chairs first. Just sit there and play with your phone on the computer desks. I get lower back pain with my current chair and is still looking for good lumbar support.

    • I've got a Markus that is 3 years old and I'm looking to change, it's not comfortable for long use which was never a problem until working from home this year. The cushion depth of the Markus depth as good as my last chair (a $100 chair from officeworks) and the tilt settings aren't the best but not the worst

      • I have to agree. I got the Markus recently and the cushion on it is near non-existent. Was fine for the 10 mins I sat in store, but it becomes downright painful working the whole day. My old chair (an IKEA chair with 10 years of wear on it) is somehow way more comfortable on the butt. It's also a bit poorly designed in the sense that I'm the perfect height for the lumbar support and head rest, but the seat depth is way too short for my legs. Considering I've read so many short people say the lumbar and head support doesn't suit them, I'm wondering who this chair is for? I'll probably flog off on Gumtree and get something else.

        • Thanks let us know what chair you end up getting and I just reread my last post. Sorry for the typo I meant to say the cushion isn't as good

  • This looks to have a solid top bar. Any suggestions for tall people? My back/shoulders will hit this bar.

    • Apparently ikea Markus is good for taller people

      • It's kind of a bit and a miss. I'm about 6ft, so the headrest is fine for me. On the other hand, the lumbar support thing is too low and ends up pushing me forward so much that unless I recline, the backrest above the lumbar support may as well not exist.

  • Do the arm rests tilt up?

  • I'm expecting my delivery in a few hours of this chair, so expect a decent review tonight :)

    The team at Epic were fantastic, even when I had a silly issue. Highly recommend their customer service.

    • +4 votes

      +1 for Epic.

      I bought two Cascades (one for my partner) and on the day they had their first big shipment to fulfil the OzBargain backlog the courier driver only delivered one of the chairs while I was out. I'm guessing he must've gotten into the habit of dropping one off at each place that day. I hopped on live chat with Epic and in about 10mins they sorted it out and the driver was back an hour later.

    • Review Time:

      I've unpacked and assembled. Delivery time was good, they had to order more stock in, but as soon as it arrived in Brisbane then ti was on it's way to Melbourne overnight (according to tracking). No faults with shipping! Assembly was easy but beware of the grease on the screws, don't rest them on your light grey sofa like I did!

      As for the chair, it's very comfortable. The base is fabric with a spongey, comfortable foam bottom. It reclines, ascends/descends and has movable armrests. The armrests are slightly padded so they are comfortable than just hard plastic. Button on the side of armrests allow you to move them up and down easily.

      The back is vented with a plastic lumbar support. Works for me (186cm tall man with long legs) and my shoulder/back doesnt hit the top bar of the backrest. The lumbar support is a bit hard and only adjustable via the plastic grooves on back, can't imagine it would grip for long if you adjust it frequently.

      Recline is good, not a very tall overall chair height but this is fine for me as it encourages me to use my standing desk haha.

      Any questions, let me know!

      • I'm sold. Thanks for putting your height in there and providing this review…im going to place an order.

        Working from home means all the time on the chair and and phone.

      • Thanks for your review

      • Hi jamdav16 thank you for your reviews!

        How do you find this on your lower back? Also how vertical/upright can the chair go? What about height of back support?

        Also are you able to take photos for the above questions?

        Sorry about all the questions - I've been looking for a decent office chair for months and this fits my budget and I'm very interesting in buying this one.

        Thank in advanced for your efforts! Cheers

        • The things I do for OzB :P

          How do you find this on your lower back?
          After a day of use, ive adjusted the lumbar to be as high as possible, works well for me, forces me to sit up straight. Mind you im a bit overweight so i have some fat on my back to pad me.

          Also how vertical/upright can the chair go?
          Not sure what you mean by this, but the back is non movable. So you can't shift it up or down, or move it forward. You have the option to lean back and the entire chair leans on an angle.

          What about height of back support?
          Better explained by my photos below, the lumbar plastic seems to go just as high as half the height of the back. It's adjustable but for skinny/boney people I can see it being uncomfortable. Some foam on the lumbar plastic should fix that though.


          Lowest Chair Position:

          Highest Chair Position:

          Furthest Chair Lean:

          Close Up of Lumbar:

          Lowest Lumbar Position:

          Highest Lumbar Position:

          Hope this helps!

          • @jamdav16: How did you get your chair to lean all the way like that without putting weight on? I don't know how to lock my chair like your third picture.

          • @jamdav16: Jamdav16, thanks for the pics mate. How do you get the the chair back into to normal position from picture 3? Flicking the tilt lock up and leaning forward sitting on the chair doesn’t help! :(

            • @gentlecrack: You need to unlock the position (as you have done by flicking the tilt lock up) then push the chair lean back, you should hear an audible click and the chair should now freely recline.

      • I agree re: the lumbar support. I just received my chair too and am finding the plastic somewhat hard and digs into my back. Adjustment for this is a bit limited, only up and down and can't be moved away/toward you to ease the digging in.

        Communication along the way from Epic has been great. Fast delivery, although the box was damaged with a hole in the side on arrival - fortunately no apparent damage to any of the parts.

        Height adjustment doesn't go very high, it's just enough for me though (170cm).

        Otherwise it's a generally good sturdy chair, good tilt, and comfortable seat, with a 10yr warranty and good local support - seems like a good buy at this price.

  • +1 vote

    Here's the demonstration video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGPQuPmSEkE&feature=youtu.be

    Can anyone who owns this comment on how the chair has fared after prolonged use? (8-10+ hours a day, 5 days a week). Did you run into any issues?

    • It sits a bit lower compared to other chairs I've had in the past but it wasn't an issue for me since I'm tall enough to have my arms rest comfortably on the desk at that height. That may be an issue for you though if you have a higher desk. The cushion is definitely the comfiest I've sat on though. I have a home office which I bought a NeueChair for a while back and I bought the cascade for my gaming setup and to be honest for this price it's a steal when comparing the two.

    • Sturdy, good quality, would be a very good chair apart from the lumbar support, it's a piece of slidable hard plastic. really digging into my back after a short while, slide it all the way down helps a bit, but still extremely uncomfortable.

    • I found it on the short side. I'm 185cm and I want 2-3cm extra of height. I know others around that height reckon its fine, personal preference I guess.
      I'm back on my old chair, and gave this to the missus who is shorter.
      Otherwise its a good quality chair for the price.

  • What if i purchase the chair and after using it for say a week find that it is uncomfortable, would I be able to get a refund?

  • Hi guys,

    We've only got a couple hundred Cascade Chairs in stock at the moment - so you'll have to be quick to avoid delays!

    We have more coming in around 3 weeks time.

    Epic Office Furniture

    • Just ordered. Wondering is assembling is easy for someone who has assembled some of the most difficult IKEA crap?

      • It sure is :-) It comes with detailed instructions, and you can refer to this video if you're not sure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkCDX7DKwn4

      • I got mine a couple weeks back and it was easy enough. The screws aren't labelled all that well though and two sets were really similar to each other which was my only gripe.

        • Same here, would be nice if the screws were packaged individually and labelled properly rather than a mix bag of similar looking screws. But worked out well in the end :)

          • @jamdav16: Apparently Zinus furniture has some of the best instructions I have seen so far. I can say for the bed at least. Color and number coded parts/ screws and extremely easy to assemble, with a superior quality tool included. I wish other companies look into it and start following a similar or better approach, particularly a great learning opportunity for Ikea.

  • Any deals on the Magnum Mesh Chair?

  • Mandatory 'Buro Metro is still available' comment. Definitely the other front-runner in this price range, as many previous comments have reflected :~)


  • how does this compare to the ergonomic chairs at officeworks? seriously need a new chair working at home is killing my back

    • +3 votes

      My brother and I bought one of these for work and its easily the worst chair I have ever used, its unbelievable. Saw back/ butt and elbows galore.

      • You mean office works chairs were bad?

        • Yeah mate, sorry, I should have specified. I've 100% learnt to not skimp on a chair, in saying that, my go to embody sky rocketed in price with everyone working from home so who know what to do.

          • @6rad: What's your go to?

            • @Adelv: My go to without question is the Herman Miller Embody - but that wasn't an option for work. I ended up trying the ergohuman and quite like it, for the price the build quality is amazing. I've learnt my lesson on the cheaper chairs now, I just cant do it.

      • "Saw back/ butt"……..well there's your problem right there, don't place carpentry items on chair then attempt to sit on it. :)

  • Thanks just ordered one.

  • Thanks grabbed one.

  • didn't realize its charging me $88 in shipping :( and placed the order. Now trying to have it cancelled.

  • +1
    I just received today! Its actually a good alternative to the Buro Metro :) Love how there are adjustable arms and tilt system.

    • Just wondering if you could compare the two?

      • The seat cushioning on the Buro Metro is much better than the Cascade. But I would highly recommend the Cascade Chair over the Buro Metro anyday, the arm wrist rest + the lumbar support is a big +1

  • Does this code stack with the 5% off sign up code?

  • Cascade or this one? https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/ergolux-pisces-mesh-offi...

    They have dropped price by $100 too.

  • Cascade, 10 years warranty vs 1 year.

  • Thanks Op

  • Anyone purchased the cheaper chair from these guys? Any comments?

    • Yes…I bought the Magnum when it was (I think) $99………I realise that this is cheap for a chair and you get what you pay for..but for me personally, It was the most uncomfortable chair I have even used…..after about 20 minutes it was unbearable…..ended up throwing it out….waste of money.

  • Do you have any deals on high back chairs with a head rest and mesh back and seat?

  • I understand the arms are adjustable, but are they removable?

  • $88 for freight wheeee.
    Do you get auspost pickups?

  • Says "free shipping" but then adds $20 for "shipping insurance". It's there a way to deselect the insurance?

  • had a mesh chair, never again. doesn't provide nearly enough support for extended hours of use. bought a SecretsLab's Titan & loving it

    • Most of the modern offices have mesh chairs though and people do work for prolonged hours on regular office days.

  • Can somebody please advise if this chair is suitable for a tall person?

    I checked the specs and it says the depth of the seat is 490mm which is same size as my current chair from Aldi and the Aldi chair is not very comfy for long use

    • Max seat height is 520mm, which is on the low side and may be an issue for a taller person.

      • Yep this is me. Got bitten, still planting my arse in my old chair which has a good ~2-3cm extra - makes all the difference, believe it or not.

        • Maybe use a cushion?

          I believe you, though my experience was the opposite, I have a chair without gas lift and replaced the wheels with glides, with the wheels it was uncomfortably tall and my legs got sore in a day.

    • Sorry, I re-read your comment and see that you wrote seat depth, for depth you're going to find that most chairs are similar so they can fit more people, some chairs have sliding seats which allows depth adjustment but that's about it.

      • Thanks, I wonder what should I look for that will be deemed as comfy chair for tall/big person?
        Depth or width or height? Or all of them?
        Might go to IKEA and try out their chairs

        • For physical size just go for what can fit comfortably in your space and what you can comfortably fit into. A long warranty, high weight and long working hour rating means you should get decent build quality and a well cushioned seat. A seat height range that fits to you is of the utmost importance.

          If you can test a chair out first definitely do that, lots of people love the Cascade, but there's also a few people who don't like it as much.

          Check out this YouTube review of some of the currently available IKEA chairs.

  • Looks similar to the chair I got from mydeal.


    But after reading more, I also got the below which is similar to Secret Labs chairs. These are amazing for all day seating (and sleeping :D)


  • Thanks, ordered one to replace my cheap officeworks chair that's getting rather uncomfortable.

  • I don't like the look of the base / wheels. Seems pretty cheap.

  • which is better this or the ikea markus?

  • Pulled the trigger on this yesterday and a then discount comes through today..