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Buro Metro Task Chair with Nylon Base $249 - Free Metro Shipping @ WINC


Fantastic office chair, available at a $20 discount for new WINC users.

I am typing from mine (aluminum base) purchased in 2014, and it's still in great shape. It has a large, deep, comfy cushion and supportive mesh back, which has been considered high quality for its price range for many years now, as an OzBargain favourite. In my opinion, if you have the extra $50 to splash, it is a superior bargain to the popular Cascade chair deal posted yesterday, particularly when looking at the seat cushion and the higher weight rating.

A few members have remarked previously that they think the nylon base has a softer cushion compared to the aluminum base (also available for $299). I rang both Winc and Buro this morning, and neither of them believed this was the case, and hadn't heard of that observation before. In their view, the ONLY difference in the base itself. I can't give any further insight than that, but both companies said to get in touch if this was found to be an issue and that they'd sort it out.

$20 FIRSTORDER coupon available after signing up from this link:
Free metro delivery to the following areas:
35 in stock at time of posted.

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    take my upvote however I think the ozbargain community including myself all just bought the Cascade chair

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      It was not my intent to make you feel regret, comrade, just to help anyone maybe still on the fence or turned off by the Cascade now having late August delivery due to demand

  • I've read through the comments in Cascade Mesh Chair deal and both seems to be on par?

    • It definitely looks good, and can't see anyone who has tried both - I just think the seat cushion looks like it has a lot more to it on the Buro

    • +3

      150kg weight rating for the Buro. 120kg on the Cascade.

      The Buro is AFRDI Certified Level 6 meaning it should stand up to plenty of abuse. Not sure on the Cascade.

      I have two of the Buro chairs with aluminium bases and they are pretty damn solid.

    • unlike the Cascade, the Buro seat and back can tilt independently of each other - free floating or lockable - and the back/lumber height can also be adjusted via ratchet, but some find the seat too deep

  • Does this have arms or not? I added 1 to cart with arms and 1 without, both look the exact same in checkout cart with same item ID & description.

    • With Arms is showing up as 'Not available with current selection' for both Nylon/Aluminium.

      Very subjective, but for what it's worth, I bought the one with the arms and ended up taking them off for comfort sake years ago.

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    Pardon my potential ignorance, but what exactly makes this better than the Cascade chair from the other deal (besides actually being able to get it now after the Cascade was OzBargained)?

    This doesn't seem to have arm rests or adjustable lumbar support, but it does appear to have a more molded cushion. Both have 10 year warranties. Is the shape of the cushion alone enough to justify the extra $50?

    • +6

      In my opinion:

      • Fair enough if you prefer arms, but many don't, and adds costs for the sake of it. I bought my Buro with arms, and ended up taking them off
      • The mesh is very taut on the Buro (even after 6 years for me), so adjusting the angle of the back provides me as much support and adjustment that I can imagine wanting
      • More padding on the cushion is very desirable if comfort is a priority and wanting it to last a long time, & can't justify paying for a mesh seat
    • This doesn't seem to have arm rests or adjustable lumbar support

      the lumbar/back height can be adjusted via ratchet, and unlike the Cascade, the Buro seat and back can also tilt independently of each other - free floating or lockable - but some find the seat too deep

      arms might be available as well

  • +2

    I have two of these chairs, one for home, the other for the office, and they're great. Well priced, very comfortable and adjustable. Definitely worth the money at this price

    • +2

      Have had the two for nearly 5 years, and both are still in great condition

  • +9

    Not sure if it apples to this particular model, but I own the Buro Metro 2 and the small of my back just reaches the back if I tippy toe the ground at the lowest seat height. The seat depth is slightly too deep for my 1.63m height. I wouldn't recommend this chair for anyone below 1.7m tall to sit comfortably without a back cushion.

    Despite that, the seat cushion is amazingly comfortable. Additional seat angle and back angle adjusters are awesome. To my understanding the Buro Metro 2 beats out the 1 with adjustable seat depth allowing me to sit cross legged on the chair to watch videos at my desk.

    Would be a 10/10 if I was slightly taller.

    • +2

      Thanks for your comment! I'm 1.64m and was wondering the same thing about lumbar support. I notice for the Cascade you're able to adjust the lumbar support but this chair you can adjust the back and seat independently, so I was thinking that this might be better as a result. Still tossing up between the two, but I'm wanting to go with whichever has better back support!

      • +2

        I am 1.70m and I have difficulty keeping my back comfortably on the back rest of this chair. If the chair is too high, you could have some sort of foot rest to mitigate that. However the seat might still be too deep for you. I have read from Buro's website that they offer a smaller seat for this chair. Not sure where this would be available though.

        • It's unfortunate you're finding the same issues as well - it's as if they make these chairs for giants!

          I'm currently using my foam roller (whilst I wait for my ergonomic foot rest to arrive) and it does mitigate the "fist's length between the edge of the seat and the back of your knee" you mentioned below.

          But again, the seat depth is so deep I find myself adjusting every 20 minutes whilst working.

      • the lumbar/back height can be adjusted via ratchet, and unlike the Cascade, the Buro seat and back can also tilt independently of each other - free floating or lockable

        • unless I've misunderstood both reviews, it sounds like despite the back adjustments it's still not comfortable for 'shorter' (those less than 1.70m). happy to stand corrected on this.

          • +2

            @cassiopeia: That's right. Despite the adjustable back height for your optimal lumbar support and the straightest back angle, the seat depth is just too deep for a shorter person.

  • Note that the nylon base chair has a different seat to the aluminium polished one.

    Supposed to be softer / less durable

    • Have a read of my description and see what you reckon. I'm interested that a few people have mentioned this, but both Winc and Buro think this isn't the case. Very intriguing

      • Ah sorry didn't see! Well thought ahead.

        I do remember reading people adamantly saying this was the case on multiple sites.

        If buro say it's not true then it should be good! Wouldn't trust the retailer to know

  • +1

    Finally pulled the trigger - thanks again for taking the time and effort to contact Winc and Buro.

    I really hope the cushion of the nylon base is the same with the aluminium one. Though I won't be able to tell as I have nothing to compare it with…

    • +1

      Enjoy, my friend.

  • Been on back order since June for me.

    • Really? The Nylon with no arms? Says 35 in stock with estimated delivery 4th August. Nothing in stock for 'with arms'.

      • +1

        Sorry, its actually the Buro Metro II

        • +1

          Maybe save a couple of bucks and get this one next week instead! :~)

          • +1

            @Doy: Maybe - substantially cheaper. $430 paid for the II.

  • +1

    I've had this chair for years and I've always hated how squeaky the back is. Have to tighten it every month or so otherwise it's unbearable.

    • +1

      You mean when you press back into the mesh?

      • Yep. So pretty much when I'm sitting down.

    • +1

      Yeah, mine is very loud when you shift your weight. It is good in all other respects, though.

    • Is that from the plastic? Not a WD40 fix?

      • +1

        One of the first things I tried. No luck unfortunately. It's really the one metal bolt that's allowing the back to swivel and squeak.
        You can tighten the hell out of it but every time you sit back in the chair, it loosens that bolt ever so slightly until it reaches the point where the back starts to swivel with minimal force and the squeaking begins.

  • +2

    I've had the metal-base version of this chair since ~2013, still just as comfy as the day I got it. The mechanism under the seat is still just as noisy too, If I adjust my weight on the seat or lean back, something under the chair makes a loud pinging sound that has the potential to wake my 10 month old down the hall. Any existing owners got any tips on adjusting/spraying the right part to shut it up? I did speak to someone at Buro who suggested lubing the 'clutch' and adjusting the two pre-tensioning bolts on the left-hand side but it didn't seem to help much.

    • +1

      Wonder if that's worth looking into warranty for, especially if you already followed their advice. If I lean all the way back, and then all the way forward, I get a small noise but that's it. Never done any maintenance on it in 6 years (probably bad haha)

    • +1

      Same, if I lean too far back it makes a "click" which is quite loud, annoys family when theyre trying to sleep.

      • +1

        I have the same chair and same noisy clicking issue from day 1, I don't even have to lean back very far. Can't isolate where the noise is coming from either.

  • +1

    Just checked but showing back order for me?
    August 20 for Melbourne CBD delivery… anyone else?

    • Definitely selected nylon base, no arms? Says 33 available for me, now.

  • I like the look of the Metro (looks similar to the chair I have at work which is very comfortable), but the lack of arms kills it for me. Also worried given the lumbar doesn't appear to be adjustable.

    Can't really justify the jump from $250 to $550 just to get arms (i.e. this

    Might have to go and have a look at the Marcus/JÄRVFJÄLLET, though I'm a bit wary of Ikea, I have one Ikea office chair, and though it's a cheaper model it is the worst chair I've ever sat in (worse than Officeworks or even Aldi). At least I can sit in it before purchase, buying a chair online without the chance to see how it fits is a bit scary. Though it sounds like other people of similar dimensions to me (6'2" ~100Kg) are pretty happy with the Ikea offerings.

  • Delivery date is now 20th August for me (NSW) =S

    • Are you definitely selecting Nylon?

      • +1

        Yup, $269.01 option (don't want to pay more lol).

        On the Chat function now to clarify with rep.

        • True, I just changed my postcode to 2000 and it says 20th August too. Must be a different warehouse for QLD, or the website is bugged. Sorry about that!

          • +2

            @Doy: The Chat rep confirmed "…Upon checking we do have stock of the item. For Furniture delivery it usually 5- 10 business days". I pulled the trigger on the deal, hopefully it gets dispatched within 2 days, and if the same state, delivery should be within 10 business days, which I'm okay with.

        • @zrmx If you are still talking to chat, can you check whether the arms can be purchased separately for this chair.

          Looks like you can't use chat until sign up and I don't want to sign up until I'm ordering (strange system that).

          • @Abaddon: The rep said " the arms can be bought separately", but haven't given me any link to listing, and she needed to look up for me regarding cost.

            Update: The Chat rep actually "can't access the arms catalogue", and had to forward the enquiry to their relevant team. She asked for an email contact for the reply info.

            • @zrmx: I spoke to someone on the phone who told me the arms are an option on their website. Just got back to my desk and still no joy.

              • @Abaddon: Hey! any updates on this? with arms is greyed out for me.

                • @ashz: Chat person told me it's greyed out because it's out of stock (that could be NSW only though so your mileage may vary).

                  • @Abaddon: I give up waiting for a price with arms, it seems like it will be around the $320 mark (or even higher found it listed at $469 on another website). Think I will bite the bullet and get the Cascade Mesh Chair.

                    I may not be able to sit on it first and be stuck with it if I don't like it but it has to beat my 6-year-old Aldi chair…

  • +3

    Need more chairs deals in this lockdown period! (and more SSD and Motherboard lol)

  • +4

    Just an fyi, I had a part on a Buro chair break recently that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago, when Winc was Staples. The Winc customer service was excellent, they contacted and followed up with chair manufacturer via cc emails to me, and new part was sent out within a week of the claim :)

    I haven't bought from Winc, but their CS was pretty good.

    • +1

      Same here. My Buro chair arm split and they arranged a replacement with Buro.

  • Currently using a Secret Lab Omega for my work routine. Is it worth making the switch to this?

  • +4

    I bought this chair a few months ago and have been mostly happy with it. It feels durable and the seat is much more comfortable than the cheap office chair I was previously using. There is however one issue, which is that the seat is too deep for me. There is supposed to be a fist's length between the edge of the seat and the back of your knee, but there is barely any space there for me. This results in some difficulty with keeping my back on the back rest comfortably. Everyone's body has different shape and proportion but the chances are that if you are below 5'8 (1.73m) this chair might be a bit too big for you.

    • 100% agree with this statement but I'll also add that the minimum seat height for the Buro range is much higher than normal chairs (something like 48-50cm from the floor)

      ** Unless everyone sitting on this chair is taller than 175ish then proceed at your own risk **

      I am 175cm with a 30" inseam and I had to send mine back. At best it was just low enough but my wife who is 165cm was way too short for it. The specs on the website were incorrect at the time and in the end I had to threaten ACCC on them to arrange the return.

  • Ive had this chair for 4 years, after the 2 year mark, the rubber on the armrests deteriorates, then falls apart. Otherwise the base is pretty solid/sturdy.

    • Mine looks brand new… rough are you?

      • If leaving your arms on the armrest is rough, i guess thats the extent of it.

        • I crunch mine under the desk all the time. When the chair rises up a bit after I get off and the arm rest is under the desk, even sometimes spinning it slightly while it's under there. Mine still looks brand new too.

  • Good chair but as others noted you should check seat depth as it is not movable on this version. Paid 350 a month or so ago for the aluminium base … grrrr.

    • Check all the dimensions and try and return it. See my post above.

      Tbh this is the worst chair I've ever used, just due to the dimension constraints.

      • I also believe WINC have fudged the dimensions because Buro actually have the minimum seat height dimensions 15-20mm higher.

      • Oh don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the chair but would have been happier paying $50 less. Got mine from Officeway.

  • Since shipping of the Cascade is being delayed for some, if you prefer this chair maybe try cancelling your order?

    I want the arms so I'm sticking with the Cascade, I prefer the look of it more as well, the Buro definitely has the better seat though, much thicker and higher weight rating (150kg/130kg).

  • Can anyone recommend a chair mat (for hard flooring) to go with this chair?

    • +3

      Ikea KOLON works well for me.

  • Do you guys always try out chairs before you buy? I feel like I would have to, because it surely can't be one size fits all????

  • +1

    I have one of these with the alum base and arms and love it. Still looks great after all these years

  • Anyone have chair recommendations for shorter people (<170cm) ?

    • If you have an office way near you you should be able to try out different seats - seat depth is probably a feature you will want.

    • I'm into the research hole now for this very thing. Measuring my current chair I don't want to go above a 45cm depth (I'm 153cm). I also want adjustable lumbar. So I'm looking at the Buro Mentor, the Ergohuman Classic Mesh, the secretlab Neue or Ergofit Customisable. Badbacks have a bunch of customisable ones that look like basic office chairs, no mesh, maybe a bit cheaper.

  • +1

    Probably a bit off topic, but if you are using the version with the aluminium base, be very careful where you place your bare feet! A few years ago I cut the back of my foot (where my achilles tendon is) by rolling in the wrong direction.

  • Just received my order confirmation, which says it's Backorder Qty 1 (even though Chat rep says it was in stock when I bought it) =S

    Hope it'll still get shipped quick.

  • -2
  • How does thy is compare to an Aeron?

  • If we're talking this sort of price range, I would consider a custom-fitted Sturdy Framac Task Chair

  • Thanks OP ordered one but postage was $11. Hope it is as nice as you all say. Kind of wanted the arms but that or the postage didnt deter me. I was originally going to order the JÄRVFJÄLLET from Ikea.

  • The big question. This or JÄRVFJÄLLET from Ikea?

    • +1

      I haven’t tried the chair in this post. But I just returned my Jarvfjaet back to IKEA. 6’2, 95kg, not enough cushion. Pillow didn’t help. Crippling for even half a work day.

      Your mileage may vary, weight height etc.

      IKEA return for refund was super easy so that was nice.

    • Sydney IKEA's don't appear to have stock either if that influences you any.

  • Can anyone actually verify how high the top of the seat is from the ground? Need a lower state.

    Anybody use this with their kids?

    • It's very high. I returned mine but before I did so I measured the front lip to be 50-51cm from the ground. This was for the Buro Metro 2. Most chairs have a minimum height of something like 40cm so as you can deduce the Buro is ridiculously high.

  • Would this be suitable for someone who is 190cms? Seems like the cascade isn't geared towards taller people, and shorter people are struggling here (but what about taller fellas?)
    It's between this and the Markus chair. Any thoughts?

  • Got mine in post today (pretty much 1 work day postage) super comfy. I am 170cm tall if that helps anyones choice. One thing to note, I am not used to no arm rests and sometimes go to lean on them lol.. this is a deal breaker jk. Would buy again.

    • hey! when did you purchase it? Mine is saying backorder so looking at mid august :(

      • Ordered Tuesday 6:30 PM. It was shipped Wednesday 8am, recieved Thursday 2pm. Hope that helps.

  • How does this chair compare to the Matrix Mesh Deluxe Heavy Duty Chair from Officeworks for $199? It looks pretty good, I'm going to check it out in person but I can't check out the Buro Metro in person so I don't know how they compare.

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