Amazon Prime Day - October 13 & 14 2020

Edit - Confirmed!

When is Prime Day?
Prime Day is an annual deal event just for Prime members on Oct. 13-14, with an extra 18 hours of deals live on October 15 through the Global store, delivering incredible savings on products from small businesses & top brands. Shop for everything you need & love on Prime Day!

Amazon is saying that Prime Day is coming.

According to Techradar, Prime day will be October 13.

A little bird has also whispered in my ear the same date.

Anyway, get your pennies ready for a couple days of non-stop Amazon deals on Ozbargain!

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  • Cool. Can't wait to buy more stuff I didn't know I didn't need! :D

  • Cannot wait anymore.

    This will def crush ebay plus

    • +14 votes

      I think selling a wet cardboard box for $2 will crush a typical eBay plus deal. :|

      • I guess you guys missed out on deals .. eBay paid me $95 to have plus for a year, so already a good start. I scored an iPad 10" for $199 .. a Kodak 360ยบ camera for $49 .. NB shoes (RRP $120) for $44 during their 21-day event .. buy-1-get-2 USB and SD cards deals for $5 each delivered earlier this year and free delivery so much more crap

    • It looks far from it. eBay plus had airpods and apple watches, Amazon has cans of coke?

  • Anyone want to guess how likely it is that Prime day will include a deal on the Xbox Series X?

    • A little bird has also whispered in my ear either/both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

    • Will it require money down? I've already preordered with Telstra, but maybe I should hedge my bets.

      • Amazon usually charges my card when an item ships, not when I place the order. It's actually fairly annoying when you get charged for something a month later that you've forgotten about and need to work out what the charge is for when there was multiple items on an order plus currency conversion.

  • +17 votes

    Hope it is better than last year, that was super disappointing.

  • +11 votes

    This to buy more games that I won't ever play, shoes that I'll never wear, goat soap that will last till I die,

  • I hope it's better than AfterYay/AfterPay Day.

  • Will there be any deals on NutriBullet or Nutri Ninja?

  • Date is confirmed 13/14 October.

  • +10 votes

    OzBargain will be tracking the 2 days Amazon Prime Day event on this page. They had some pretty good deals last year — most popular ones were 12x Viva Paper Towel $10, Crucial P1 SSD 1TB $129.67 and Amazon Echo Plus $49.

    • Yep, and there were some great deals on nappies and baby stuff… perfect either for your own or as gifts for others if you need something!

      • Prime Day is famous for discounts across tens of thousands of products from both big brands and small local businesses, including Bosch, Huggies, Samsung, Gobe and Zenify. Deals will launch across all categories including Amazon devices, consumer electronics, pantry food and drink, toys, fashion, beauty and more.

  • Have Philips hue (play bars, light strips, colour bulb sets) been on sale on prime day in the past?

    • not sure but have a feeling it would this time

    • Yeah actually hue was one of the featured products last year, up to 50% off and something like an additional 30% if you bought an echo dot. Not sure if there were sales on all products, but I bought a starter kit with a bridge, downlights and a remote all for 50% off.

  • Is it likely the LG CX (specifically 65") will be on sale? If so, what price should I just push the button? Under $3k?

  • Just wondering about the scope of the discounts. As Its my first prime day and was wondering if its always a select range of Amazon AU items that are discounted?
    Or is it site wide discounts? Looking to purchase a number of electronics and power tools which are shipped from Amazon US and Amazon UK. etc.

    Do these normally fall under the Prime Day promos? Or only popular things like Switch/Ring cams / AirPods etc?

    • Hard to predict but other than Amazon's own branded stuff, there'll be a variety of other products on sale and the sales pricing may not all be announced upfront. Even the items on sale, sometimes only start at certain hours.


    echo gen three will be discounted since gen four is out.

  • My wallet is going to hurt.!

  • I thought on LegoDay that they have already done it .

  • Does prime day usually have amazon prime subscriptions on sale?

  • Do you guys think they will have the firesticks on special ?. Planning on getting one as my tv is from 2013 and only have Netflix on it . Cheers !!

  • If I order a Oculus Quest 2 now, which releases on Oct 13, if a prime day offer comes up like a free strap or something will I be entitled to that? Or should I wait a week to order?

  • Apart from Amazon's own products, what other good items will be going on sale?

  • Anyway, get your pennies ready for a couple days of non-stop Amazon deals on Ozbargain!

    I misread this and almost choked myself.

  • So far looks lame. I have just signed onto Prime after a 2nd trial, mostly for Prime Video. The Boys is the best thing Amazon has on offer.

    • how many trials can do re-trial?

      • I don't even know how I was offered the second one. Did my first one ages ago. Was offered this taking up one of the soft drink deals. Anyway I jumped at it. But then I had to decide whether I liked Prime Gaming and Video enough to sign up for the year so their trial worked - they got me . ;-)

  • I wish every day was prime day.

  • Looking forward to price match/beat at local retailers like a good "Oz"B if I find anything interesting… ;)

  • +11 votes

    Why is Amazons prime day banner huge on the ozb home page? Did Amazon pay for advertising ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • I cant sign up for a new account to get free 30 day prime trial with a different email. I used a different debit card as well. amazon figured this out?

  • Anyone know if there will be any good deals on Kindles?
    My Kindle Fire from 2012 is on it's last legs so looking for a new one

  • Can't wait!

    Got a few things wanted to buy, will hold off until this is over.

  • Has anyone heard if there's going to be an announcement on a new Kindle Paperwhite? I've heard that in the past they've announced new products on Prime Days

  • +3 votes

    Cancelled my Prime membership

    Was ordering too much crap!

  • Remember to stock up on discounted eGift Cards if you have Lumo, NIB or Suncorp Rewards!

    • $500 limit. Also GC lock you into the Amazon eco system.
      e.g. You get refunded an item that is damaged or lost and it goes to GiftCard.
      If that item isnt sold any more that its. Your $ is stuck with Amazon thats the only down side for 3% diff

  • How does it usually work, do they announce special deals and the time they will drop? Or are we supposed to stay up and grab a bargain at midnight?

    • There is usually a countdown to when a deal starts.

      So the deals will start from midnight, early birds get the worm.

  • Just picked up an Oculus Quest 2 256gb for $399. The 64gb version is going for $299 and both with free delivery.

    Delivery appears to be early Dec 7 - 11 rather than release date but I'm happy to wait.

    Edit: Appears to be full price again. Not sure if I got lucky or if they'll cancel order?

    Edit 2: Appears I've bought from Inventory Clearance AU and not Amazon AU. The seller has no feedback and is a new account, does that mean I've been duped? I don't use Amazon much and didn't notice the seller until after purchase.

    • Brand new product in the market from a brand new "seller" for about 40% less than amazon are selling for. Probably not great. I mean, that's the listed price for the 256gb in US dollars, so maybe a price error?

      • Also wondering if they meant to put it up as the Quest 1 extra inventory?

        What happens in cases like this, is there any way to luck out? Almost pulled the trigger just to see haha. Interested to see how it goes for you PDeez.

        • You could always send the seller a message and ask what the go is. At the end of the day though Ozbargain loves deals that generally have 0.01% chance of being honored and try their luck anyway haha. In my shoes, I'm sending a message to the seller.

        • Will keep you all posted, genuinely thought it was a flash deal so jumped on it without realising it wasn't Amazon AU. Will message seller but hope they honour it.

          • @PDeez: Honestly hope that for you too. Would be an awesome buy. Fingers crossed

            • @sleepingtiger: So checking the Amazon app, it appears something has been shipped but if I follow the tracking it looks like it is going from China mainland to Adelaide, then I assume it will be posted locally to me. Is the Quest 2 even releasing in China? Will I be receiving a knock-off and if so, are Amazon pretty good with returns?

              • @PDeez: Thanks for the update. I actually don't have any answers for you here so hopefully someone else can chime in. All I can say is that I'm still interested to here how it all goes. Did it say it was shipping from Australia on the original listing? Either way, have a read through of Amazons A to Z Guarantee. I imagine you'll be fine it something is amiss:


                Hope for the best, expect the worst.

                • @sleepingtiger: Definitely an odd one as I didn't think the devices were available in China due to its Facebook connection (but may be wrong, a quick google shows a few on taobao). I think they're made by Xiaomi though so maybe this one was diverted onto the dodgy truck from the factory instead of the other truck going to the retailers. Might be stolen or a copy or possibly a Quest 1? Interested to see if it works. I'll check the original listing and will keep up the updates.

                  Will check out Amazon's terms, thanks.

                • @sleepingtiger: Expect the worst is right, if a deal is too good to be true it's usually because it's too good to be true!! Item was sent to someone in Adelaide and signed for. I note another user has also left a review saying they've been scammed by seller, as such I've filed a refund request with Amazon.

                  • @PDeez: That's shit. Hope Amazon steps up for you. I'm still confused by the logic of shipping something or nothing to a different address. Well, not that it's going to matter but I'm still hoping you get the next best outcome with Amazon.

                    • @sleepingtiger: A full refund was given within hours of lodging the case with Amazon, kudos to them for great service.

                      Yeah the scam is a confusing one, I don't see how the scammer makes anything as I assume Amazon recoup the money from whatever merchant account they sign up with and then ban the seller? Seems a lot of trouble for low gain? Not sure.

                      I ended up buying direct from Amazon AU and received a Quest 2 the following day, full price of course but worth the price and the wait!

      • Could be an error, but sometimes businesses just eat the error.

    • Sounds like a pricing error. It supposed to be $US 299.

  • One more sleep until Prime Day.

  • Is it just my wife & i but has anyone else noticed that items that are 'Ships from' / 'Sold by' Amazon US on the Amazon AU site have jumped in price by 5% since last week ?

    Last week we bookedmarked & screen shot about 12 items.
    Today i reviewed these same items and every single one of them has increased in price by approx 5%
    They are exactly the same products and the same 'Ships from' / 'Sold by' Amazon US on the Amazon AU site as we saw last week, but with higher prices.
    I thought it might have been due to the Australian dollar dropping against the US dollar ?
    But the Australian dollar has infact strengthen against the USD over the past week so prices should have fallen not increased 5% since last week.

    It is very disappointing : (

    • I noticed the opposite, several items I've had on my wishlist for ages dropped about 5% in the last week or so.

    • Yes, something I was looking at was $25 two days ago, $27.49 today.

    • Actually now you mention it, yes. I had a tshirt on my wish list from Amazon US which was $15 but a week ago it jumped up $10.

      Another item has gone up a couple of bucks after I checked it upon hearing on free international delivery.

  • Do we have to really wait for Amazon Prime day to buy an Amazon Kindle on sale? SMH.

  • How to know when/if deals are going to drop? Or do you just have to lurk 24/7 and hope you're looking at the right categories at the right time to score?

    Edit: Alright, discovered you can sort the Prime Day specials by upcoming. That said, most of it is trash. Presumably they'll also add/drop actually decent deals as Prime Day goes on, yeah?

  • Kindle Paperwhite vs Oasis? Do people who use them often find the bigger screen + better lighting worth the extra spend?

  • What do people think of this for $1477

    Would it be good enough to run rekordbox for DJing off a controller?

    Lenovo Yoga C740 i7-10510U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 14-Inch FHD Touchscreen Laptop, Iron Grey, 81TC0026AU

  • Seems pretty average so far to me, any stand out deals for anyone?

  • Are there any wireless gaming headsets for PC?

  • Sorry for the basic questions:
    1) Can I add the deals to my card over the next two days and trigger the checkout at the end or better to purchase the deal individually?
    2) When I use cashrewards, what is the process? Use 'shop now' button and once redirected, go to OZB and click on the deal?


  • Lacklustre deals only giftcard was worth a shot