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[Amazon Prime] Crucial P1 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD 1TB - $129.67 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Lightning Deal available on these.

Capacities up to 1TB with sequential reads/writes up to 2,000/1,700 MB/s
NVMe PCIe interface marks the next step in storage innovation
Micron 3D NAND - advancing the world's memory and storage technology for 40 years
NVMe standard Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART)
Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN)

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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  • Very tempting to upgrade… this or Intel 660p?

  • +16 votes

    Got one, looks like I have to build a new PC now.

  • shit, they need to stop tempting me with these!!!

  • this or 970 evo?

  • yeahh mateyy, scored one. :D

  • At this price i simply couldn't resist but i'm running a LGA 1155 motherboard that doesn't natively support NVMe at all .. fun times ahead (and lots of cursing)

  • I have a 3700X system but i dont know if its worth getting one of these for it. Feels like my Crucial MX500 500GB is fast enough

    • It's about as slow as an NVME drive gets, so you aren't missing out on much.
      Still a good price though if you need some storage that's faster than a hdd…

    • Treat this as a normal SATA3 drive. Do you need a 1TB SSD? If yes, is this price good enough?

  • Will this support 2x Lane PCI-E slot which unfortunately my laptop has?
    Not after any fast speed but for the capacity here.

    • Yeah I think they do. Just slower.

    • Yes, it's fine. I have a 1TB m.2 NVMe SSD, but primary PCIe x4 slot is already connected to a faster NVMe SSD so put it on the secondary m.2 slot (which only supports PCIe x2) - works fine. In fact, earlier on, the 6th gen intel NUC didn't enable PCIe x4 properly (only support x2 initially).

      You won't notice a big difference with this SSD, even at x2, you can still benefit the NVMe part.

  • I feel so bad for all the ozbargainers who purchased this yesterday for $148 :D

  • This is a great buy for the price
    - 1Tb - either primary drive or secondary storage
    - M.2 which is faster than most SSD's ( if not all)
    - great value for those who can't afford 970 evo plus which is double the price
    - the money you save here could be reinvested into another component of your pc build eg: CPU,RAM, GPU to increase speed/ efficiency.

    • M.2 which is faster than most SSD's ( if not all)

      M.2 is a form factor not a transfer protocol. However being nvme it is faster than its sata counterparts

  • Will need good airflow in your case and note it ships from us. I bought something recently from amazon us, took 2 weeks. Also for many motherboards NVM takes out one or 2 of your satas.

  • ssd prices will crash when more pcie4 drives that do 5000MB/s come out

  • Welp… looks like i'm returning the bx500 I just bought lol

  • Wonder if this can be used as a boot drive on MY MSI B350 PC MATE

  • must
    Thanks OP - can FINALLY ditch my HDD and make use for my M.2 slot.

  • Obligatory reminder that this drive uses QLC instead of TLC nand, meaning that when the drive is filled over a certain capacity (this is the same with TLC but the threshold is lower) and runs out of SLC cache; this will be slower in real world usage compared to even SATA TLC SSDs. I'd recommend using a drive with at least a DRAM cache for OS usage if intending on filling it over 60% capacity.

    • Slower for writes mind, reads will be the same fast speeds.

      • I'm certain this applies to both read and write speeds as both tend to take a hit in benchmarks where the SLC cache or otherwise is filled, unless you have a source that says otherwise? I'm genuinely interested, as this been my thinking in all my SSD purchases.

        • Correct. QLC is lower cost with more bits per cell but congestion slows sustained performance up to 500%

        • From the looks, it'll be just as fast for burst access, but sustained reads while full can be slow if the data is fragmented. Meaning that, if it was written to the SSD in a contiguous manner, it'll be super fast when reading it.


          Read speeds when full range from 1,170 (super fast) to 194MB/s (barely faster than a decent HDD).

    • So for 1TB, how much do we have to fill up to hit that super slow zone? Are you sure it's 60%.

      • 60% is nice round number. A QLC SSD has 4 bits per cell, so divide capacity by 4. This means this SSD has 256GB of SLC cache (not accounting for overprovisioning), storing anything over that will force the required cache into 4 bit QLC mode and slow the drive down. If it were TLC or MLC it would have ~340GB or 512GB of nand in SLC mode respectively. By how much will it slow down and at what capacity? Depends on how the controller provisions the remaining NAND and can vary greatly depending on use case.

  • Thanks, ordered this for my desktop main drive.

  • anyone knows if I can use this for my Macbook Pro mid-2015?

  • Is it significantly faster to boot os from say 970 pro vs this ??

    • Simple answer, no, it won't, in fact, for most people out there, they won't even notice the difference between this QLC drive and a 970 Pro. That's the reason why these drive exist.

  • Cheers op, bought one. God I have too much storage

    • too much storage? impossible to comprehend. I have 34TB in one machine and 12TB in the older system.. not NAS, desktops.

  • This should be OK on this motherboard, yeah? https://www.pccasegear.com/products/27642/gigabyte-z97x-gami...

    I would like to take advantage of the M.2 SSD slot and replace my ageing Samsung Evo 250GB.

  • LOL I just bought this for $158 then this price showed up for $129. Cancelled my first order straight away.
    You get 12% Cashback also. This is a no brainer.

    Then I come here to my surprise I see this.

  • This OK as main drive for XPS 13? Mainly photo editing in Lightroom and little bit of video.

    • Sustained performance isn't great on this drive because of the QLC flash, but burst performance due to the SLC cache is pretty good. I'd expect photo editing to be pretty fast, but video editing with large files the speed might drop.

      For memory the recent XPS series uses the PM961/891 drives which are faster than this, but you probably wouldn't notice all that much of a difference.

      • The original drive is this (from my googling)
        Toshiba 256GB M.2 2280 SSD (Solid State Drive) NVMe PCIe Model: THNSN5256GPUK - OEM

        The Crucial SSD is faster than the Toshiba in the userbenchmark site. So it looks to be an improvement.

  • Bought one!
    Now I need a good deal for an enclosure, prefer thunderbolt 3, but if its gonna cost a lot then I am happy with usb as well.

    Any recommendations?

  • I have a Gigabyte Auros Pro motherboard and already got a samsung ssd for boot drive. Can I get this to use as an additional storage?

  • Did anyone add this to the X1 Carbon?

    Here Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 6 FHD Touchscreen 8350U 16GB 256GB $1,356.00 + $15 Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay

    hoping to do it this week