This was posted 1 year 3 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Prime] Echo Dot $34 (Dot/Clock $59), Kindle $99, Eero Mesh $119, Ring $105, Echo Sub $99, Show 5 $79, Show 2G $229 @ Amazon


Amazon devices are now on sale for Prime Day.

Don’t forget cashback.



Ring Video Doorbells

Ring Security Cameras

  • Ring Indoor Cam - White or Black - $69 (Was $99)
  • Ring Stick Up Cam - White or Black - $139 (Was $179)
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Wired - White - $249 (Was $329)
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Battery - White - $249 (Was $329)
  • Ring Floodlight - White or Black - $279 (Was $379)


  • eero mesh wifi router
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • +2

    Does Ring support google as well?

    • no

    • +2

      Amazon bought Ring for over $1bn. Crazy right.

      • +3

        They made big dough on their investment .
        The buy was before the crazy tech surge so Ring lsot out as would be worth double now 2 years latter .

        • +1

          Unless Amazon decided to make something to compete against it instead.

        • +17

          Amazon is also using Ring devices for data collection to improve their analytics and share live feeds with law enforcement
          " Ring has forged video-sharing partnerships with more than 400 police forces across the United States, granting them potential access to homeowners’ camera footage and a powerful role in what the company calls the nation’s “new neighborhood watch.”

          • +1

            @AAN: share live feeds with everyone except china more like

            • @petry: Rather my gov watch me than theirs.

              • +7

                @dbmitch: One can lock you up, the other can't touch you…

          • +2

            @AAN: 1984

          • @AAN: Nek minute, did you breach covid lockdown by leaving the house 4 times today….. ermmmm

  • kindle paperwhite 8gb is $149

  • Not a bad price for the sub. Thanks for posting OP

  • +2

    Just deep state spy devices so far pretty much.

    • +7

      You've typed this out on a device that already collects all your data and sells it to unknown companies for a quick buck. And that's before we get to the apps on your phone. Don't forget GPS!

      • +3

        now the only question is

        Do you want the data to Uncle Sam or Uncle Winnie the Pooh

        • +1

          Look like a fool to FBI.

          Or look dead to Red.


          • +9

            @dbmitch: I love how people get down voted for stating the obvious

            Using a web browser isn't the same as having a camera that's connected to the Internet that is potentially vulnerable

            That is beyond next level

            • @Sammy Boi: what’s more dangerous? a camera or your phone’s location/browsing history/app use all pieced together?

              • @ltwo: Well I keep location services off and a VPN can be used and if you're not just randomly browsing crap like I do it should be. And app use is probably tracked on a developer basis these are all things anyone with a mobile phone should know about. Cameras and speakers in your home that could be watching and recording 24 seven once again that's next level.

                Companies will always collect and sell data what I don't care for is potential vulnerabilities that end up on the dark web.

  • +8

    Still not as good as that prime trial 10 bucks for echo dot deal.
    I hope that kinda deal comes back on

    • +7

      Yes, its a bit strange to make a big deal of this old model for Prime day when they sold it just a few weeks back at $10

      • It’s irrelevant though, $10 echo dot was a catch for new prime customers signup only.
        $34 still a good deal and great birthday present for little kiddos.

        • +6

          It's relevant because it sets a baseline for how cheap it can be sold and it was very recent.

          • +3

            @King Tightarse: Not for the people already have prime.
            You can't hang onto the past. Just because you could get it for $10 doesn't mean it should forever sell for $10.
            It is a deal now and those who wants it, the cheapest you can get.

            • @itstuan: BTW anyone could just start another Amazon account and Prime trial and score that for $10. Many Oz-bargainers did but sure, $34 is the current best price if you must buy one right now

  • +1

    Can we make whatsapp or google duo calls on echo show?

  • +4

    The Amazon eero mesh wifi router 3 pack is down to $257 from $429 as well.

    • +2

      Can anyone comment if these are any good vs say the TP Link Decos?

    • is the eero the latest Wifi6 Version? Are they good?

      • This is the wifi 5 eero.

        • do you know how I can tell? I searched eero in Amazon AU. this is the only model came up. Is the WiFi 6 released here?

          • +1

            @Capt0083: The spec sheet says IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and 802.11ac means wifi 5.

            No the wifi 6 eero is not released here.

            • @Twix: Will it make a difference? 5 vs 6?

              • +1

                @skywalka: Wifi 6 routers, phones, tablets and so on give you less latency and increased wifi download/upload performance on Gigabit internet connections.

  • +4

    Wait till tomorrow and use amex amazon promo

  • Also does anyone know if these can connect to phones via Bluetooth like google nest mini?

    • +1

      I've got an Echo dot with clock (not the new ball shaped one) and I can connect to it via bluetooth on my phone and play audio through the echo device.
      I use youtube music on my phone and sometimes play it through the echo for better sound.

    • I have an Echo Dot and it can be connected to phones via Bluetooth.

  • +1

    off topic: what is the best video doorbell for google nest max? TA

    • Disregard . thought it said camera

    • +1

      Following this as well

    • maybe this?

      though it needs subscription for full access

      is there any good doorbell cameras that works on google nest hub/max
      that does not need subscription for full access or features?

    • As far as I researched for Google asistant compability wireless doorbell, best one is eufy.

      Obviously nest hello would be better but it has to be hard wired.

  • +3

    Sadly no fire tablet 😷

    • I don't understand why so many people want the fire tablet? what's special about it that any other android tablet can't do? apparently the fire tablet doesn't come with google play store and uses Amazons app store which is already a -

      • +2

        it's cheap

      • +2

        it's cheap

      • It’s cheap

      • it's cheap

    • can't even find it on

  • +1

    If one has a google home nest device can one make a call to an amazon device (using google duo?)

    can one also use the call my home devices function in google duo?

  • +1

    Kindle paperwhite or Kobo?

    • +4


      • Do they ever go cheap? I've been looking at the latest h20 libra (I think0 that has auto blue light, ip8 and (profanity) folders! The thing amazon had on first 2 pws and earlier kindles but that was a bad precedent of non amazon ebooks no suffering.

    • +3


    • The new paperwhite is waterproof and amazing to look at.
      And for $149 way under what anything from Kobo costs.

      • But then this Kobo Clara pretty much costs the same:

        That's why I can't decide…

        • +5

          I was in your shoes 30 mins ago, deciding between a Kindle and a Kobo. Finally bit the bullet with a Kobo Libra H2O from Harvey Norman. They have it for ~200 AUD on sale. Went with Kobo cuz Amazon seems to try and lock you into their eco-system and the Kindle store. (there are workarounds to sideload books sourced from other places but these seem to be hit and miss). Kobo is much more friendlier to deal with any kind of books. Also, Kobo plugs into your local library through OverDrive so you can directly borrow books.

          • +2

            @sezy1994: @sezy1994 isn't adding books to a kindle that are not from the kindle store as simple as sending an email with the book to your kindle email address?

            • +1

              @twitch1979: I was thinking the same thing too! You can email any pdf to your kindle account and read it on the tab.

          • +3


            (there are workarounds to sideload books sourced from other places but these seem to be hit and miss)

            Just download them in any format and add them into Calibre then plug your kindle into your PC and sync it, it will automatically perform conversion into a Kindle compatible format if not already in one. Awesome free app. Never had any misses with it.

      • Is it just me or did they remove the manual blue light tick in the comparisons just for prime day? I guess they have older stock. Possibly bad vission but im pretty sure thats what the US one had so I was hyped when I saw that its gone.

      • Not water-proof… rather water-resistant as in "splash-proof". Any claims of water-proof should always be treated with healthy skepticism.

        • +1

          if the ip 8 certification is genuine then they are at the very least much more water resistant than all the phones that make that claim (ip68 is 1 meter 30 minutes fresh water, ip 8 is 2 meters fresh water 1 hours I believe…may be 2 but reading underwater seems like a waste of a scuba trip.

          • @xentar: @xentar

            Agree on all points, however the Amazon marketing people don't appear to support their hype with references to these salient facts… My eyesight is not the best but I may stand corrected if there were tiny text with these references or maybe even the ubiquitous " * " or numerals they like to use to refer to tiny font footnotes.

            I really love your comment "reading underwater seems like a waste of a scuba trip." … now underwater sex in scuba gear is a different matter ;)

            Having said that, I won't be using the Kindle I purchased yesterday to read in the shower… maybe the outside dunny though ;)

            Peace out :)

  • New Ring indoor cam is $69.00 down from $99.00. Maybe poster can add?

    • Added all the Ring Security Camera

  • +5

    Feel like these deals aren’t that good especially now that the 4th gen echos are out and that the 3rd gen dot was $10 about a month ago

    Has there been better deals in past prime days?

    • gen 3 deserves a larger discount, and gen 4 a slight discount

  • +1

    Great. Kindle oasis and leather cover done, sold the 10th gen paperwhite and leather cover last week.

    • I got the same. My 2nd gen kindle has lasted me over 11 years, so figured it was time to get a newer one.

    • Me too. Forked out for the Kindle Oasis plus the maroon "leather" cover. (I put leather is quotes because I read some reviews where purchasers/reviewers didn't think they were made with genuine leather.)

  • Still haven't had time to work out getting the AFL onto the echo show 8. Amazon, make it easy and take my money!

  • +1

    I'd say best Amazon device there is not even on special : Introducing Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite | HD streaming device | 2020 release $59 .

  • +1

    3 pack Eero cheapest to date.

  • +1

    Does Ring work well with echo show?

    • +1

      Yes you can ask the show to view your cam and it will pop up. However when motion is detected you cant have it automatically show the camera, you have to ask. If you have lots of cameras it can be a pain, i have a few colour hue globes flash different colours depending on what camera was triggered like red for front cam, green for side etc makes it easy to sing out "Alexa, show the side camera".

      • Does echo show display the camera quick enough for you?

        • +3

          I've got the Ring Floodlight cameras and Ring Stickup cameras, all are 240v i dont have any battery cameras. I just timed them, on the Echo show they average 4-5 seconds to show after the "Alexa, show the xxxx camera".

          Bringing them up on the Rang Rapid app they average 2-3 seconds.

          I also have SmartThings on the TV's, and they automatically show a thumbnail view of the camera in the corner of the screen with the option to view the camera full screen. That takes about 7 seconds to show the thumbnail, but that runs through 2 services.

  • No love for the Ring Elite? I have PoE wiring in place but missed the $287 deal in September.

  • What's the difference between Ring Door View Cam and Ring Video Doorbell? Pretty big difference in cost and savings compared to features.

    Looking for something to replace my hard wired and old traditional doorbell/intercom.

    • Door View Cam is for Peepholes. Doorbell is not.

  • I am thinking about Eero mesh wifi router, but all I really need are two units (as we have a long and narrow house, one to connect to router and one as a 'signal extender').

    Does anyone have experience with an alternative?

    These are for $70 only. Is there much of a difference?

    • +1

      I have the Tplink Mesh 2 Pack, it looks better compared to Tenda. Its great.

    • Just buy the 3 pack and hock one off?

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