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Infinite Data Monthly Plans $40/$45/$55/$65/$120 (Capped @ 2Mbps 30GB/40GB | 10Mbps 60/100GB | 25Mbps 150GB) @ Vodafone


Vodafone have released new 'Infinite' plans today - when exceeding your data allowance, you get shaped to 2Mbps/10Mbps/25Mbps.
(previous plans were 1.5Mbps regardless of spend, and Telstra only offers 1.5Mbps

As with the majority of plans today, these are SIM-only plans that are month-to-month - move at any time, or after the 12 months discount period ends.

Lite is 2Mbps, Super is 10Mbps, Ultra is 25Mbps after your "Max Speed" data allowance is used

Lite – 30GB/$40
Lite+ – 40GB/$45
Super – 60GB/$55
Super+ – 100GB/$65
Ultra – 150GB/$120

Additional offer for new Vodafone customers (or existing customers adding a new service)

Save $120 over 12 months when you sign up to this plan. That's $10/mth off plan fees for 12 months. New services only. Offer ends 13/10/20 unless extended. T&C apply.

(for those eyeing off the $120/150GB/25Mbps plan to replace their home internet…)

Tethering permitted but for personal devices only and not as a substitute for a home internet service.

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    Honestly saying, this deal is ok for those who wants to go over the cap, otherwise, I rather have cheaper full speed package, where I just recently signed up for $35 (after $10 credit/month) for 50gb data.

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    Does anyone else find Vodafone 4g internet terribly slow in Sydney recently? I am using a prepaid phone sim plan in an ipad at the moment and it almost unusable as it hangs at around 50% of a website page load. It can stay at 50% for minutes and even if I try refreshing the page it does not help. I can resolve the issue quite easily by turning on my vpn with a Sydney server which means I am not using Vodafone crap DNS server or whatever else is at fault

    Anyway Telstra 4g sims when slowed to 1.5mbps are capable of playing Netflix at std def perfectly. I think their plan might be better for this reason.

    • Yes, you’re right. I got full 4 bars signal shown on iPhone, that means a best 4G connection on Vodafone network. Then the Speedtest results are horrible, 3M/s download/10M/s upload. Location is St Leonards NSW.

      • Aside from crappy download speed, I reckoned Vodafone is the cheapest in terms of postpaid with full fledge features, i.e. eSim and Apple Watch eSim support. Can't find any cheaper postpaid services than $35/month promo with reasonable download quota I reckoned?

  • Vodafone is now a history due to its unreasonable plan rates. Wrong price strategy leads it getting less customers. Rarely see people around me using Vodafone.

  • Where I live (Camberwell, VIC) I can only get at max about 8.66 Mbps according to Speedtest anyway. To be honest, with the whole lockdown thing happening I have barely even used my phone 4g downloads anyway. Considering I might even be working from home more next year, I do not think getting any of the higher plans will be even worth it for me.
    Also, the Red overseas options used to be a big seller for me but with overseas travel looking to be nixed for quite a while, I might just consider going with Telstra/Optus if they have a better plan with better coverage.

  • +3

    Telstras speed throttled 1.5Mbps has been fine for streaming on my Fetch Mighty boxes with catchup also trialed Foxtel Now same overall good with the odd occasional second or so caching

    So Vodafone's super plan 60GB/$55 speed throttled @ 10Mbps would be fantastic as an unlimited mobile data service (aka home internet), well their Lite plan 30GB/$40 speed throttled @ 2Mbps might be ok also depending i guess 4G reception etc were you live etc plus and how good there data service is compared to Telstras,.. With the bonus $10 discount for 12 months not bad something to consider

    Saying that I'm happy with my 3x Telstra extra small data plans I got on an Ozbargain deal costing me nothing for 9 months (with $45 cashback) and plan discounted by Telstra by $10 so only costing me $5 a month for 12 months minus some extra bonus blunders haved by Telstra on these plans (certainly deserve they've been hopeless and annoying at times)

    Sorry had too brag anyone else got the above Telstra deal,.. past Telstra deal here 🤑🤪😂😃👍

    • I jumped on that Telstra $5 deal you mention above I was too quick and missed out on the $45 cashback lol.

      Still great as about 1.5Mbps is all I get here anyway most times this year with Telstra.

  • Telstra 4G is unusable at home less than 1Mbps so i have Optus for my iPad and get Optus sport thrown in 50GB/$25 @ 81Mbps month, then phone is Vodafone 10GB now with bonus 40GB/$30month @ 114Mbps and 26GB in databank, in Southern Sydney, works for me.

    The unlimited might be nice when kids stream Netflix and play Minecraft/Roblox but normally they need to get off devices anyway…

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    In absolute fairness, this seems like a fairly decent deal, but Vodafone could offer this service for free to me and I wouldn't accept … will never deal with them again, had a bad experience in the early 2000's.

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      Same here, the only reason why their network recover from Vodafail because so many left their network, so their network has the capacity to handle the small amount of user.
      The problem with Vodafone is their customer service is really bad, their network coverage is also bad, especially if you're going to the coast.

  • Does anyone have experience with the throttled speed on Vodafone?
    I know it varies alot depending location.

    • I get 10 Mbps up and 10 Mbps down at the shaped speed with this plan. I am near Eastgardens in Sydney. I love it.

      • Nice, I'm in South east melb, so unsure how it is local to me..
        Was hoping to use for streaming really as hotspot

        • I hotspot the phone to a laptop connected to a tv to watch Kayo. Works great.

          Kayo is way more demanding than Netflix, Binge etc. I've tried them too and they work perfectly.

          That was the reason I got the SIM (Kayo).

          Maybe you could get a prepaid Vodafone SIM and try it out.

          If it works okay in your area then you might be alright with one of these plans at the shaped speed.

          If its no good, at the end of the month port back to your current network.

          That was my thinking on the whole thing before I signed up.

          Peace out Melbourne :-)

  • Considering this so I can use steam link anywhere on mobile on the train bus and work.

    I think I did something like 400mb in 35 minutes so for every hour of gameplay it's going to be over 750mb maybe even more.

    If I play 2-3 hours on phone every day and the occasional Netflix and YouTube could end up being 5-8gb per day on weekdays at least so 20-32gb per month.

    Boost mobile 240gb $240-$300 12 month unlimited calls is what I'm using now and it's doing alright but I think I need double the data to be safe and not hit the max too early.

    Anyone know any other high data plans or if anyone else offers unlimited mobile data.

    I think I only need about 5mbps to have a decent stream I could try it with 2mbps but the stream might get grainy then.

    • If you can dual-SIM add a Telstra S Data Plan at $15 ($25-$10credit) for an extra 20GB full speed, and shaped data for the rest of uses.

      The Boost plan is 300GB with bonus data (~25GB per month)

      So 45GB at full speed plus peace of mind data for everything else.

      • Sounds like a plan.

        How does dual simming work I have never tried it.

        Do I have to switch between the two or does it work in tandem automatically?

  • "Hi, You've used all your available data. You have infinite data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps to keep you connected until expiry, and your speed will be reduced in about an hour. To find out more about speeds of up to 1.5Mbps, head to www.vodafone.com.au/prepaidspeed To check your balance, reply 'BAL' or head to My Vodafone at www.vodafone.com.au/myvodafone Thanks, Your Vodafone Team."

    Fro prepaid plans, after you use up all the data, you still have about 1 hour with no speed limit. It could be similar with postpaid plans.

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