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Hi All,

Long time OzB user, first time "associated with the Store or Product" post.

So I've been making some free Sci-Fi mods in the last few weeks for Microsoft Flight Simulator and have been blown away by the response it's had eg

I've recently started working with a friend to improve on them and we've just launched our first paid aircrafts with animation, and we thought we would try and see if there is interest in the market for something like that at what we think is a reasonable price point for our effort.

But after more thought and feedback from the community, we have decided to make it free like all our other work so as not to have any legal or commercial issues.

We are doing this for fun and thought others might enjoy them too. We don't have all the answers or know where this can go and are testing the possibilities.

If the uptake is good, we will work to bring more to this amazing platform. If not, we will probably be too busy with Star Wars Squadrons anyway :-)

So if you like what you see and would like to see more like this, feel free to post your feedback here, or and tag us (EggMan28,kingdmac25)

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing a random player flying one of our animated aircraft one day :-)

Link to demo video:

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  • Nice of Disney to let you go at it.

    The chance to strafe my home town in an X-wing sounds pretty attractive!


      Haha ! We'd love to hear from Disney to come to some arrangement to help make this happen properly :-) If not, we remove it to comply with a cease and desist, so get in early either way :-)

      We also have some original designs here (for free) - - and also would love to hear from LEGO about making this more official in some way :-)

      I was blown away by this simulation when I first got it (on $1 for first month on Game Pass PC) but thought it needed more Sci-Fi so love the fact that an SDK exists (even if buggy, hardly documented), and that a Community is forming up to fill in the gaps that they feel need filling :-)

      Such as this awesome Optus Stadium mod that a fellow modder hand crafted to fill that emptiness in the game -

      • They look very cool, but I'd be a little bit cautious about selling Disney's IP for money without having an agreement in place with them first - not only for yourself, but you might be selling your customers something they aren't able to use if any legal action is taken.

        On another note the shuttle is cool but the wing animation feels super fast. Can you slow it down a bit?

        • +1 vote

          Yeah, that's a valid point. MSFT could choose to break all mods with a game update too but that'd be a pretty harsh move that would lead to backlash from the community they're trying to grow.

      • You seem to think you’ll just get a crease and desist but I think you’ll find that’s what you would get if you were just giving away the content. As soon as you charge it is a very different game your playing including massive fines from Australian authorities.

        • Absolutely and 100% this.

          Offering it for free is one thing; selling it is orders of magnitude more serious, and the penalties can be huge.

          OP, I really, really wouldn't play chicken with the litigious House of Mouse. They can crush pretty much anyone they want.

  • cheers.
    I've had fun doing random flying.
    I imagine I'll have more fun doing it in an xwing!

    ps any installation instructions ?

  • Hey mate, I’m not a player so this isn’t for me but goodonya for having a crack at it. The early vids look promising, I hope you keep working at it and keep having fun.


      Thanks for the vote of support !

      It's been crazy fun and ever since I got into this, I've not touched any other game in my Games Library !

  • I see you’ve also created an Imperial warship (shown beneath the X-wing in the video). When will that be flyable?? :)


      Haha ! I'd have to scale it down to the size of an X-Wing to be able to make it flyable and that wouldn't do it justice :-)

      I have it available as a free "Scenery" add-on to Sydney Harbour to promote visiting our awesome harbour area :-) Link to an early video with an early X-Wing (with no animation) and sound from a single engine prop plane flying around it :-)

      It's crazy that that janky video has gotten over 10K views…

  • Doesnt this breach copyright law?