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The Wire, The Complete Series $59.99 @ iTunes


Not the cheapest ever, but still a great price for every episode of this amazing TV series.

All in the game, yo…

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    Pandemic. Got that pandemic!

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    The Wire is the greatest TV series of all time. I'm on probably my third or fourth rewatch and it's amazing every single time. Has anything else ever even come close?

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      Nope. The downside is that you can’t watch average tv shows anymore after watching something as excellent as the wire.

      • Because it will mass destruct yo ass !

      • I honestly had trouble with this the first time I watched it. Couldn't get into anything else right after, ended up doing a couple of rewatches before I was sick enough of it to move on to something else.

      • Try Sopranos, I recently saw The Wire and am in pretty much the same boat as you.

        • Great show but terrible ending for the sopranos

    • Shingeki no Kyojin and The Office

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      Sopranos easily #1
      The Wire #2
      Oz #3

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        Oz was a good show but didn't age well.

        • I disagree, as it was all inside the notable technology applications in the wire didn't apply. I just loved how it rotated characters in and out. Each to their own.

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        IMHO Sopranos and The Wire belong together at the top tier of shows. Oz - not even close.

        Breaking Bad and Deadwood belong at the top too.

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      Maybe Breaking Bad.

      • Where breaking bad fails is it's glorification of meth. You never see the rabid nature of the drug in its full glory. Few crack houses here and there, Jessie's gf dying but all in all, too much unrealistic fantasy and not enough of the real dire side of it imo.

        • That doesn't preclude it from being a good show.

          I could go for a rewatch of Sicario, tho.

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            @Manny Calavera: Yeah, didn't specifically say it's a bad show because of it but for one of its main subject matters, doesn't get the full attention it needs. I enjoyed it much more the second time around. Bigger fan of better call Saul.

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          In my watching it was plenty dark on meth.. perhaps you have a more personal connection that makes it more sensitive topic? I didn't share your experience at all, and I didn't get the sense that it was key to the show's message either.

          • @yanman: No certainly doesn't but the fact the shows basis is meth and transformation it shuns it. No real personal connection, lived up the road from east Hastings Street in Vancouver which probably left a lasting impression. Good times

        • Yep, stopped watching Breaking Bad when series 1 was still new for this very reason (this guy is indirectly killing people for his own ends and I'm supposed to ignore that??)

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      How about The Shield. I thought that was a very good cop tv show.

      • The Shield was fantastic.
        Non-stop fast paced from start to finish. The ending was terrific also.
        Wasn't that big a fan of the Holland/Claudette plots but other than that. Great.

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      No, nothing comes close. Not breaking bad, GOT etc. The Wire is the GOAT.

      I'm resigned to my TV watching experience having already peaked.

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      Halt and Catch Fire?

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        Another great show.

    • Deadwood

    • People go on about The Sopranos - which is good, but not a patch on The Wire.

      Another good HBO show is the prison drama Oz.

    • The Wire is still #1 but my #2 is The Bridge 2011 aka Bron/Broen. Then Sopranos

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    I'm watching the 1st season of The Wire and I just got done watching the episode where DeAngelo teaches the younger kids chess. I was blown away! I had to watch it a couple times to really pick up on it, but did you guys realize that when he was teaching them about the chess pieces, he was really referring to THEM being the pawns! What an amazing metaphor!

    It was so deep and meaningful, I am amazed by the deep symbolism of this.

    Do the later seasons continue on with masterful symbolism like this? This was truly the pinnacle of storytelling that I have ever seen on a television show, and I think I can confidently say The Wire is the best show ever made without even having seen the entire series.

    Also the acting is amazing. Idris Elba and Dominic West do a great job with their Baltimore accents.

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      Season 4 is probably it’s best season.

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      Quoted every time someone in my house eats chicken nuggets.

      "Motherf***er got the bone all the way out the damn chicken. 'Til he came along, niggas be chewin' on drumsticks and shit, gettin' they fingers all greasy"

      The longer conversation can also be considered a metaphor for the kids in the pit.

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        Yeah me and my mates talk like African-Americans from Baltimore (or "Bodymore" as we like to call it). We especially use their lingo when we tweet because it makes us look cool. We all went to the Black Lives Matter protest to feel like part of something that's culturally and politically significant. I secretly rue not being an oppressed minority and I know my pals lament that fact deep down inside too. Living in inner-city Melbourne isn't far off though. We sure do complain a lot, that's for sure haha.

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          Think you've spent too much time on Twitter and rotted your brain mate

    • Ohhhh, it finally makes sense now.

      I watched this years ago and I always pondered why there was such an emphasis on chess theory. It appears as though it went straight over my head. It's no wonder this is on top of most people's "best TV show ever" lists. It really gets the old brain ticking over. Maybe I should stick to something that's more accessible and leave gems like The Wire to the intellectual heavyweights.

      Bravo David Simon.

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      Really?. Very insightful.

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        or here

        Either taking the piss out of some fans or the show itself, not sure.

    • Lol

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      he was really referring to THEM being the pawns

      He's referring to them being pawns, but they're not hearing that - they're hearing about being "the king". The first question Wallace asks after hearing about the pawns is "how do you get to be the king?". The first question Bodie asks is, "if I make it to the other end, I win?". That's how the cycle works and the entire nature of the game is presented in that small scene. To that end, Avon (the king) rarely moves around during the entire series: he's usually at his crib, the strip joint or in prison (and even in prison he remains the king). In contrast, Stringer (the queen) moves everywhere - he goes to college, he goes into the city to do property deals, he meets with Omar in a public place.

      Also note how the pawns are playing a different game - no strategy, just moving around the board.

      • Jesus Christ, he's taking the piss. How can you people not see such obvious sarcasm?

        Ironically, the joke is that the scene is presenting a metaphor that isn't subtle or clever in the slightest and is rather hamfisted and on the nose.

    • Thanks, you broke my sarcasm detector - it went off the scale.
      That scene …isn't great imo. But the show rarely feels as on the nose/scripted as that. If you haven't watched further I'd really recommend sticking with it.

    • There are many chess scenarios in the series. Even the scene where Bodie got killed.


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    you come at the King, you best not miss. Omar is Obama's favorite character

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      OMAR COMIN'!

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      "Money aint got no owners, only spenders!"

  • Really good show, one of the best. Watch it if you haven't.

  • Hows the quality on these? Have they been remastered?

    • If it's the same version as the Blu-Ray, it's a fantastic remaster. They went back to add widescreen, with minimal use of cropping. Purists might be iffy about it.

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    This and Sopranos.. unmatched to this day! Except maybe Breaking Bad.

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      Only other thing I can think of that comes close is True detective season 1

      • Hot take

      • Agree with you there man. I wish I could go back and re-experience watching it for the first time. I can remember exactly where I was sitting when I realised what an amazing show it was.

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    Finished watching The Wire for the first time last week, it's every bit as good as people say

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    Omar Comin!

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    $59.50 DVD set in JB HiFI

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  • Fuzzy Dunlop! The new informer.

  • Just for anyone who doesn’t know. Your local library had these on DVD. I watched the whole series on a blue ray that scales them up for free.

  • The Cheese stands alone

  • I have heard nothing but the highest praise for this series. I'll get around to it one day. Anybody know if it's available on a streaming service?

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      Yup it’s on Binge :)

    • The Wire, and most other HBO shows, are on 'Binge' (foxtels streaming service)

      • Thanks, got to put that Telstra trial to use some time!

    • You won’t be disappointed, amazing show.

      • I watched half of the first episode and got bored. How many episodes until I'm hooked do you think?

        • Who knows. Keep watching until you get hooked and then tell us maybe?

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          Half an episode of any tv show isnt going to be enough to gauge it. Stick it out for a few episodes and youll start to enjoy it.

          Its very detailed with a lot of characters and slang, can be confusing for some.

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          Its a slow burn and I found I needed to re-watch the first few episodes as there is so much going on. Most episodes moved slowly until the last few mins where something develops and you hate to see the credits rolling.

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          3-4 - I also had to get over a hump when I watched it

    • I'm still waiting to see anything better, or even as good.

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    Man, money ain’t got no owners. Only spenders. - Omar

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    This looks like the widescreen version where HBO forced the creators to reedit the show from 4:3 so The Kids wouldn't have to deal with black bars on either side of the image.

    Effectively you're getting a zoomed/cropped version of the original artistic intent.

    • Without wanting to feed the trolls, that's a bit of a one sided view. Some scenes are wider, some work better, others don't.

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        And with 4:3 all the scenes work.

        • -1

          They all work in widescreen, just because some are better I never said that4:3 didn't work.
          TBH, unless you're some weird troll it doesn't really matter.

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            @TonyRancid: The scenes that were shot in 4:3 were framed with that in mind. This cannot be refuted.
            Despite you being a child and calling people names, it does matter to a lot of people.

            • @TruthNuke: Yawn. They were shot on film, then cropped for 4:3 SD.
              It's really not a big deal to most people.

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      Here's the deal!

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      That's true but David Simon did oversee the re-edit. Having watched the DVD versions and the HD widescreen I really couldn't tell the difference or notice anything odd in regards to framing. Having the bump up to HD made it not feel quite so old and is now my preferred way to watch it.

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        But, but, but the original artistic intent was SD. HD ruined it for me.

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          Pff I watch it on VHS on an old tube TV to make it more authentic

  • loove it

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    Random fact: this show never won an Emmy.

    If that alone isn’t a reason to say F you to the frauds that dress up each year to reward each other then I don’t know what is.

    • +3

      "The Gang Try Desperately to Win an Award" is an excellent satire of the Emmys by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

      • Love that show too, probably top 3 comedy show of all time in my books.

        As for the Emmy’s just a wankf’est for the usual suspects.

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    You was never one of us, and you never could be. How my hair look, Mike?

    • +1

      Brutal scene in a show full of brutal scenes.

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    I found The Wire to be very very slow and boring. 9 episodes and I just couldn't bear anymore. I keep on waiting for something to happen, but nothing happens.

    I found Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Utopia and GoT to be the best ones.

    • +2

      Couldn't disagree more. The Wire the GOAT for me. Yes it develops slowly but its meant to be that way, its a very complex plot with many moving parts.

      Breaking Bad was very good, but wasn't even close to being as good as The Wire.

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      The Wire isn't Micky D's chicken nuggets fast food. It requires the viewer to have patience and an attention span that can last more than a season. It rewards that, but some people just want quick fix which is fine. I can safely say you would not enjoy Deadwood as that show makes The Wire feel fast.

  • I love The Wire but always had a hard time getting over the actor playing Jimmy McNulty - Dominic West being an Eton educated pom who lives in a castle. But boy he did a great job playing Jimmy.

    • +1

      Only confirms how great his acting was. When I first watched it I had no idea he and Stringer were played by English actors.

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