DANIU LS-XS Mini Laser Distance Meter - $32.88 Delivered @ Banggood


I have used the LS-1S and it's pretty accurate. This is new version I think.

$25.54 + GST & Shipping (untick insurance). Total price adds up to around $32.88. You might be able to stack up with vouchers and bring the price down.

Don't forget the 8% Shopback.

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  • You might be able to stack up with vouchers.

    that almost never works with Banggood.

  • It is showing AU$25.54 for me.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Personally I would prefer to get the more rugged measurers from bunnings for a little extra. I wish they still had the old Bosch ones for $39 :-(
    Although they are 25m compare to 40.
    Also you would get the ozito much quicker.

  • Be aware Banggood shipping is slow, have had a device now shipping for 66 days.
    Contacting their customer keeps saying "wait 7 more days". Will not acknowledge it is lost, or issue a refund.
    This is the 2nd time I have ever ordered goods from them, similar happened the first time.
    Will now never use them again.
    Just don't expect your goods or if they do turn up, be prepared for a long wait.

    • Anything from China with all this covid stuff just takes for ever. I would expect anything to take 2 months easily

      • I found my last two banggood orders came quicker than Aust post to vic, on avg it takes about 1.5 week, while parcels coming from Sydney takes 3 weeks

    • Absolutely fair point, no dispute. But as a counterpoint, I ordered the LS-1S version of this item from Banggood on the 5th September, and it arrived 7 days later on the 12th. I'm a long-time Banggood customer and they've had their ups and downs over the years, I've had packages go missing and experienced their indifference as well. But overall I find them pretty good. Just my 2c worth.

  • if you don't mind aliexpress, they have similar laser distance sensors for under AU$25 shipped

    one example:

    • Looks doggy to me. Doesn't say the brand name and if you scroll down at the very bottom, it has few photos of a different product, controls are different to the one posted.

      • doggy ??? also if you look properly you will see the 40m black colour one does have those controls.

  • Waiting on a deal for the LS-1S like the last time.

  • I'm looking for one with a green laser, measuring distances outdoors it gets really hard to spot the red dot during the day, especially when you are 15 meters+