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[Pre Order] NovelKeys NK65 Milkshake Edition Mechanical Keyboard $273 + Delivery @ Daily Clack


This may not be in everyone's taste, but this mechanical keyboard represents excellent value for what you get.

Shipping was $18 for me, bringing it to $291.

Note: this is a pre-order/group buy (as with most enthusiast-level keyboard sets/kits etc.) with estimated shipping in Feb/March 2021.

Quantity is not limited on this group buy (unlike some others) so less FOMO.

Note it comes assembled and isn't a kit. Also one of the best features is the hotswappable switches, so they aren't soldered in and you can change them if you'd prefer tactile or clicky, there are so many switch types out there! The ones it comes with are linear.


  • 65% Standard Fixed Layout
  • Hotswap PCB
  • VIA (software) Compatible
  • USB C
  • Per switch RGB lighting
  • Milkshake design
  • 8 degree angle
  • Silicone Dampening Pad


  • Top and Bottom case
  • 1.5mm Aluminium Plate
  • PCB
  • NK_ Silk Yellow switches (factory lubricated with 205g0)
  • NK_ Plate Mount Stabilizers
  • Coiled USB C cable
  • Hardware, Mounting Gaskets
  • Bumpons
  • Keycaps
  • Carrying case

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    • You can always buy keycaps that have translucent legends, but you can't just add RGB to the PCB. It's harder to make good keycaps with translucent legends and those are more limiting in style so they're not as common or popular.

  • It's such good value but after building my Tofu60 I wish this had a metal case. Polycarb is cool but if they had an aluminium option for a bit extra I'd hop on this in a heartbeat have been wanting to try a 65%

    • Novelkeys, do have a NK65 Aluminum Edition which comes in silver, black and e-white (off the top of my head), and they only sell it directly it comes with everything apart from switches and caps I believe.

  • Any one know how loud the switches are? would it be suitable for an office environment?

    • Best check youtube for this switch but it is likely to be quiet as a linear switch

      • +1

        could always dive down the rabbit hole and youtube lubed linear switches.

    • +1

      I believe no mechanical switches are appropriate for an office environment. I had a Cherry red and even with dampeners I was still bothering others. Even when WFH I am often muted by others when typing on my keyboard. The trick is not to care that much :).

    • https://youtu.be/B3bSdIhWrlk

      Not super loud but you could easily swap out the silk yellows for silent switches there are some great silents at the moment.

    • Unless you bottom out on every key stroke, there won't be an issue.
      And if you do bottom out, you'd be making a shit load of noise on any board regardless of whether it was mechanical or membrane.

  • -1

    Small right shift key = Yuck

    • to fit everything in the 65% layout 1.75u Right Shift is what is usually on these boards.

    • How often do you use that key? right shift? who's she?

  • This is a really good deal in the world of custom mechanical keyboards.

  • Nice to see enthusiast mech boards on OzBargain.

  • I have hhkb, not sure if this would be a better one

    • all down to preference and what you're used to (or willing to get used to)

    • +2

      topre is king

      • +2

        topre is life

  • Curious about prelubed switches. Anybody tried them? How do they compare actually to lubing them yourself?

    • I believe they can be a bit less consistent than self-lubing but the average user probably won't really notice.

    • They don't do much for sound but they're pretty smooth. Granted, most of the switches that come out of that factory are pretty smooth anyway…

  • I was just wondering is it easy to clean? I really have trouble with dust and crumb under the keyboard

    • -1

      I would say as bad as any other keyboard with this profile. I really enjoy the floating keys keyboards because of this. Sooooo much easier to clean.

      • brush, canned air and keep up the bi-weekly cleaning and you're good. Deep clean you can just remove the caps and can clean the actual board itself.

        • I just bang it on the desk :)

          • @misu p: cant bang these nice boards :(

            • @starKz: God I wish I could sometimes…

    • Deep cleaning this is very simple, just use a keycap puller to pull off all the keycaps, and then you can use compressed air/wipes to clean the keyboard down

  • it comes assembled?

  • Ordered thanks

  • I recently got a Drop Ctrl high profile, also look at those. Pretty top quality and very heavy. Getting used to the first small form keyboard, still like a number pad for work stuff though.

  • The QC seems a bit iffy but at least it states what may be present.

  • How does it compare with Keychron K2?
    I got the K2 for less than half the price and it is wireless.

    • +1

      I had a Keychron at some point, You will find that this will be of higher quality, The keycaps will be alot thicker and nicer to use, Switches are of higher quality and you get hotswap with this as well.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Can't wait to bring all the boys to the yard.

  • Is the case aluminium or plastic?

    • Polycarbonate (plastic) with an injection mould, which they have invested in to be able to produce these at scale.

      • Do you think it should/could have been aluminium at this price point?

        • +2

          No, the NK65V2 Aluminium is $185 USD on its own unassembled.

        • +1

          No tbh, alu would be like 50+ more.

        • I would think so. Considering the iqunix I got for my wife is metal frame for similiar price.

          • @starburstyellow: Almost Everything else on the iquinix is inferior to this keyboard though.

            • @A Banana4scale: How so? Genuine question. Wife wanted a multi coloured and cheery switch keyboard. I've typed on it, very nice cherry blue.

              • @starburstyellow: This is from when I was in the market for a keyboard and considered the F60 and then decided against it.

                1. The stock keycaps are of somewhat poor quality, and they have QC issues with the actual colours, Novelkeys are going to essentially be the KAT/Cherry profile Milkshakes
                2. Known RGB issues with the PCB, although I will admit the RGB effects lighting when is works is one of the best I've seen.
                3. Hotswap PCB only supports Cherry switches (5 pin only), while the NK65 supports 3 pin and 5 pin ( allows you to try/use different switches)
                4. F60 uses Costar stabs, which are not too bad (mid-tier) but the NK65 is using custom stabs which are supposed to be an improvement on the GMK stabs
                5. No QMK or VIA software support for additional programmability
                6. Switches/stabs don't come prelubed, the lube on the NK65 is quite exy
                7. No Foam dampening pads means the keyboard will be too pingy

                I'll admit a few are personal choices, but this is an incredible deal for a custom keyboard

                • @A Banana4scale: I agree with you on the keycaps part. I swapped a few keycaps from my PBT keycaps with wife's, mines (razer with shine through) feels so much better.

                  Interesting insights on the above though we went with the F96, instead of the F60.. TBH we not interested in Hotswaps, so besides the quality issue, we are happy with the purchase thus far.

                  • @starburstyellow: For a first keyboard, the iquinix will satisfy most people. I watched the taehokeyboards video on the f60 and it's an incredible for a prebuilt

    • Plastic, Aluminium case will command a higher price range by at least 100-200

  • -2

    For everyone wondering why this is cheaper than the regular NK65, it's plastic and comes with defects, these are the offcuts of the regular NK65:
    - Sprue marks will be visible on the inside of the entry edition case
    - Small imperfections in the colour of the plastic may be present
    - Dye sub legends may be slightly misaligned
    - The uV printing on the case may also have some slight blur

    Refer to the image: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2772/6534/products/FullyAs...

    • This is more just a disclaimer as these "defects" may be present. It doesn't mean they will be and these are not just offcuts…

      I highly doubt they have thousands upon thousands of "offcuts". No. It is cheaper because they've invested in tooling to produce many of the materials at scale.

    • +1

      These are what they are showing as acceptable quality standards for the products so they don't get people trying to return items for minor niggles.

      These aren't defects. Your post is just wrong.

      • Sorry, my bad then. They just hid that image away on the page and I wanted to bring it to attention in case people were upset spending $270+ on a keyboard with blemishes etc.

        • Offcuts was the wrong word by the way, sorry for that, more so "budget" version, as you say, mass produced and injection moulded.

  • What's the difference between this and let's say the razer huntsman mini, which is the same layout and bit cheaper?

    • +4

      My opinion vs a Razer keyboard:
      You get, a better build quality overall, better quality switches, better quality keycaps, better case, probably better stabilisers as well.
      The PCB is also fully programmable which is not possible on most if not all mass produced boards.

      • +1

        I'm much more in preference of custom built and aftermarket, but in this case the Huntsman does have an aluminium base, PBT double shot caps and I have heard the stabilisers are good. The software might not be as intricate as QMK for programming, but I believe all keys are programmable.
        This is a great option to get into custom keyboards, the huntsman is good for a prebuilt and budget.

        • Thanks for your honest thoughts. So it looks like it's pretty close in terms of performance.

          @sythe all respects to your opinion but it sounds like you've just dismissed the mini huntsman and thrown it with the rest of the razer line.

  • How does the via compare to qmk?

    I don't follow mechkeyboard community that much, but I have heard a lot about qmk firmware, never heard about Via

    • VIA is basically QMK on steroids. My understanding is they are closely related but VIA is just easier to use and whatnot.

      • Sounds awesome. Sadly no support for the Kingly RoPro out of the box but I'm gonna have a go at putting a build together this weekend :)

      • Pretty sure VIA is just a GUI for QMK. Sorry for all the acronyms

        • Oh nice, it's always a pain coding rotary encoders anyway

    • Via is qmk 2.0

      Let's you modify on the fly and is more user friendly.

  • For the price would the duck one 2 mini be a better buy?

  • Anyone here old enough to remember the disgusting brown colour that beige keyboards turn after a couple of years…. :/

    • +2

      The plastic in these shouldn't yellow over time (PBT) like with the old keyboards :)

  • +3

    AUMK Gang!

  • This is honestly one of the most affordable complete build group buys I've ever seen and I have no idea how they can ship these units so cheap, especially with cabling and lubed switches…

  • I just watched some videos on nk65, they say that the aluminium version is around 200 USD, plastic is 95 USD.

    Why is this plastic version 273AUD Which is almost 200 USD?

    • +6

      Sorry I don't get the same serotonin rush from being indebted to a bank for 25 years.

  • Great entry level mech

  • Not sure how I feel about this being posted as a 'deal'. I guess it depends how you see RRP, whether thats the GB price or the cost of the parts if you could get the case in this colourway separately… Good to see DC getting spruiked on OzB because they're a great business but again, I don't think this is really a deal.

    • +3

      I would agree if the price was higher, but I was pretty shocked seeing the price, given it is 190 USD from NovelKeys themselves. Just in currency conversion alone that is $269 AUD.. so either DC is getting a wicked wholesale rate (and shipping to AU), not charging GST, or some other reason.. but this is surprisingly cheap in the AU market. I expected $330-$350 and they still would have sold like hotcakes.

      I think as a sum of its parts this is good value. I knew this deal would be divisive but I guess the keeb enthusiasts have come out in numbers to support it as they recognise the value.

      • It's an interesting one for sure. I just don't think that we should be going down the path of listing every decent GB that is available through an Aus vendor. Tbh if I the colourway was different I probably would have joined, but for the time being I'm going to wait and see what price the Kara releases at.

        • OzConsume

  • coming from 5 kogan boards and 1 rk board, the features list is the stuff of dreams.

    here, have an aspirational plus vote from me

  • keycaps/body is not my cup of tea, but good value otherwise.

  • +4

    oh baby Dailyclack gang rise up

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