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[Pre Order] NovelKeys NK65 Milkshake Edition Mechanical Keyboard $273 + Delivery @ Daily Clack


This may not be in everyone's taste, but this mechanical keyboard represents excellent value for what you get.

Shipping was $18 for me, bringing it to $291.

Note: this is a pre-order/group buy (as with most enthusiast-level keyboard sets/kits etc.) with estimated shipping in Feb/March 2021.

Quantity is not limited on this group buy (unlike some others) so less FOMO.

Note it comes assembled and isn't a kit. Also one of the best features is the hotswappable switches, so they aren't soldered in and you can change them if you'd prefer tactile or clicky, there are so many switch types out there! The ones it comes with are linear.


  • 65% Standard Fixed Layout
  • Hotswap PCB
  • VIA (software) Compatible
  • USB C
  • Per switch RGB lighting
  • Milkshake design
  • 8 degree angle
  • Silicone Dampening Pad


  • Top and Bottom case
  • 1.5mm Aluminium Plate
  • PCB
  • NK_ Silk Yellow switches (factory lubricated with 205g0)
  • NK_ Plate Mount Stabilizers
  • Coiled USB C cable
  • Hardware, Mounting Gaskets
  • Bumpons
  • Keycaps
  • Carrying case

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  • Love the different coloured switches on the plate

  • I ordered one last Saturday, and honestly this is one of the best value GB assembled kits. As to buy it separately it would cost about $400-500, depending on where you source the parts from.

  • Very tempted. I really wish this was wireless as I've just assembled on a KBD67 II. gah

    • Yeah im looking for a good quality keyboard in this configuration that is wireless too.

      • I bought my wife a f96 from https://iqunix.store/collections/all
        Delivery was under 2 weeks 4 months ago. Which I thought wasn't too bad considering covid.

        Didn't get the wireless version but the mx blue. Wife loves it as it's shorter, and not TKL.

        • Yeah there's heaps around like that, I'm really looking for a 65% configuration, have no need for the numpad on this one, have that on my main build. I've got a varmilo 65% currently, just want a wireless version of that. It's more for taking care of my server without having to have my box sitting on the coffee table lmao. I can't stand those ordinary bluetooth media keyboards either haha

      • I bought a Royal Kludge off of Banggood as a try out for a wireless, rgb, mechanical keyboard. And for around $90 I am very impressed and would recommend one of these for pc gaming on a large telly.

    • Same here. I've been holding off getting the Anne Pro 2 because I don't know if I could cope without dedicated UDLR keys but I can't find a solid 65% wireless board that I like.

  • Looks really good and I really want it, but it's the price of my CPU. Why am I poor? :(

  • what is this?

  • Are you sure it's a group buy? It lets me add to cart and check out.

    • its a pre order/group buy, estimate shipping feb/mar next year. Quantity is not limited.

  • OP you forgot Carrying case in the included

  • r/mk is leaking again….

  • If anyone has questions on this I can answer,

    NK_ Silk Yellow switches - Linear switch fyi.

  • and I thought the Apple wireless keyboard was expensive… :)

  • Genuinely curious as to what makes this 2.75x better than a $100 keyboard.

    excellent value for what you get.

    Am I missing the "what you get" part? It's a mechanical keyboard. What else is there that you get?

    • +14 votes

      Mechanical keyboard are like shoes to some people.

      A jordan 1 isn't 10x better then a pair of converse but people will still buy Jordan 1's.

      If you want a value breakdown I can try make one but for a hotswap keyboard this is pretty cheap.

      • Why would you want to hotswap? Is it just to play with the colours/aesthetics?

        • hotswapping is much less time consuming, as it allows you to easily change the keyboard's switches without the pain of having to desolder and then resolder each individual switch to replace them. its more so if you want to try different styles of switches (ie, clicky, tactile, linear), rather than changing aesthetics.

      • You could've use a better analogy because most sneakers are made in china and you're paying for the hype rather than quality.

    • High end custom mechanical keyboards can be priced well over $1000, this kit is a budget option for beginners to the hobby believe it or not.

    • I don't get it either. Typing on a Royal Kludge brown switched keyboard for $30 and is already excellent for what it is worth. Not sure why I'd personally spend 10x this value on apparently a very good value keyboard just to be "different".

      Then again, there's a $20 Target hand bag and a Louis Vuitton Handbag for $2000. Except at least when you wear out the LV it gives a status symbol vs "Novelkeys" err.. what?

      • same reason people pay $2k on a gpu when a $500 one will play the same games.

        • LOL.. try playing latest AAA game (eg. Flightsim 2020) on the $500 GPU in 1440p / 4K / Ultra wide (32:9) and see how far that goes when you ramp up the settings for details. Then try it on a $2000 GPU and tell me if there is any difference.

          Not sure if you can notice any difference in using this Novelkeys keyboard vs a RoyalKudge keyboard?

          Bad analogy man with false equivalence…

          • @bchliu: you would be able to notice a difference between this and your royalkludge keyboard

            is it 9x better? Probably not. but this is an enthusiast hobby. Most people are happy to pay a price to buy something that makes them happy.

            The deal is good because relative to the mechkb market prices, its actually pretty cheap for a nice custom keyboard with a hotswap PCB

            no one is here arguing whether your cheap keyboard is better value. I think most people would agree haha

          • @bchliu: Changing the resolution doesn't mean you can't play the same games bro, but you do you mate. A 2060 will play any game just fine, sure not 4K, but considering 70% of people on steam still have 1080p screens, it does the job fine.

        • Kinda won't though

      • I would say Novelkeys gets quite a lot of hype in the keyboard space as they are a good vendor who has produced some pretty nice stuff. Main differences between this and an RK keyboard is you get better quality materials as well as switches that are pre-lubed with krytox 205g0 (an excellent lube, 2ml costs around $10). I guess with most things you get what you pay for and this is a pretty good example of that. Usually, on RK keyboards, you end up with stabilisers that rattle and a lack of customizability. But this gives you the hot-swap option so you can choose what switches you want if you end up not liking the silks and should provide an overall better typing experience.

        • Agree with you on most counts. But funnily enough, my RK71 has good stabilisers. No rattles at all and good actuation/movement. But yes, the switches are pretty ordinary, casing is solid without creaking etc, led effects are good. Great value for ~$75.

      • Because if you work on a PC or your main hobby involves being on a PC, it's worth investing in a good keyboard (and other peripherals). What's a few hundred for something you might use 8 or even 12 or more hours per day? You can definitely tell the difference between low end boards, both in the switches, build quality, keycap quality and so forth; that's not even discussing the custom features of this particular board or being able to change between switches.

    • I've never gotten these "enthusiast" level ones, since I never had the money to do so, but good ones probably would last aeons compared to cheap ones.
      I bought a keyboard that was heavily discounted with Cherry MX switches, spilt liquid on it bunch of times and it's still chugging along fine after 5+ years of abuse.

      Lubing changed how it feels to type so much, dampening foam reduced the sound a lot as well (I used something cheap for the foam and I spray lubed, because I can't solder).

      I don't know I guess in the end, it's all about how you feel about what you are using.
      Frankly I wouldn't mind that kind of keyboard, I know I can't get what they are offering at that price (keycap alone would be fairly expensive).

      • Not sure why you got downvoted.. Here.. have a vote for speaking your opinion / experience..

      • Diminishing returns on the longevity front… realistically, any ~$150 Cherry MX keyboard should last you until it becomes obsolete tech, I don't see a $250 or $1000 KB lasting appreciably longer. I'm still rocking a Ducky from 9 years ago and its still literally identical to day 1 (apart from new keycaps of course).

        I think anyone who brings up build quality related to lifetime is kidding themselves to justify the purchase, as I really doubt anyone who is a KB "enthusiast" will only buy and use a single KB for that long!

        • If you find the board you really like it can happen. I agree with you largely, but I've been using my Royal Kludge Topre clone board for about 6 years and the LEDs are more than halfway burnt out. I love the board and see no reason to replace it but I would imagine if I had an RGB Realforce for that long the LEDs would be in better shape.

          For longevity I'd also want a board that you can at least disassemble the switches to clean out and lube, in case of spills or general desire to lube. If my board wasn't able to be fully disassembled and cleaned I would've had to replace it years ago.

          Of course, none of that requires a $1000 board, but the average $150 mass consumer MX board isn't always going to be that serviceable. It's also going to come with poor kepcaps in comparison to something like this - just buying those for the standard board when the stock are worn out in a year makes the price nearly equal. And for a hot swappable board, if you like the layout then what's stopping you from keeping it for 10 years? Just PCB quality really, like in my case.

          There's definitely a limit, but I think a board like this is still reasonable to look at for longevity purposes, coming with nicely lubed switches that can be swapped and especially considering the keycap set. But for any of this to make sense, you have to look at the board as something that you want to be nice because you use it all the time and will be for some time. If you don't think of it that way and don't care about nice keycaps, or just don't have the budget, there are plenty of cheaper boards that function just the same and you can overlook the differences in fit and finish. Like how it doesn't bother me that my Chinese clone board's LEDs are dying and a few sliders were always a bit scratchy. But if I were an MX person needing a 65 board I would totally go for this group buy.

        • Eh, I was talking more about that more because I know that there are much much much cheaper options available that I know can be dodgy. Well cheaper option with nowhere as good quality, of course.

          I am looking at ones I can hotswap and have bt and you wouldn't believe how many boards I had to give hard pass on because of horror stories.

    • I don't get it either. Since I bought my MX Keys, I really regret spending all that money on the 4 mechs I bought beforehand.

    • Depends what you value.
      But you get, a better build quality overall, better quality switches, better quality keycaps, better case, probably better stabilisers as well.
      The PCB is also fully programmable which is not possible on most if not all mass produced boards.

      There are definitely some well priced and good quality mass produced boards.
      But they aren't usually what people are buying when they talk about typical $100 board, so this is definitely a step up.

      Whether its worth it for you? Thats up to you.

      For me, I've had a significantly more enjoyable typing experience on the higher end boards I've got and when I spend up to 12-16 hours a day between work and home on a PC typing, spending $100-200 extra for a more enjoyable experience doesn't seem like a whole lot of money for how much its used.

    • It's shaped like a square edged commodore 64 and is hideously ugly.

      • "Are you keeping up with the Commodore? Cuz the Commodore's keeping up with you"… lol

    • +1 vote

      Polcarbonate cases are usually expensive (altho this is injection molded) and great for sound dampening, it's hotswap so you can replace the switches without soldering, VERY easily programmable, comes with silk yellow switches which are one of the top linear switches atm (worth ~$60 alone), and custom keycaps with the colourway limited to this product only (worth $80+). You gotta have some interest in custom mech kb to appreciate what you're getting, but the value is pretty much unheard of and you can take it apart and mod each component to your liking which is a big point of custom mech and why they're so expensive. Don't buy this if you're planning on reselling it tho, it's an entry level board with unlimited orders during this group buy but the price tag is defs worth the experience you're getting if you want a nice kb.

  • im so broke right now after this 3080… why'd u have to post this!… bought anyway tho, lol.

  • This is a great keyboard for anybody looking.
    65% is the best layout imo as well.

    I want to grab this, but I just have no need for another keyboard, especially pre-built.
    I'd rather grab one of the barebones kits.

  • Still wanting a split design like an ergodox before I drop $200-500

    Shame I can't solder for crap

    • I wish I know how to solder as well… but then again it's stopping me from buying so maybe it's blessing in disguise.

    • I recently picked up a Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB and have been loving it. Only problem is that I want to try an ortholinear keyboard now.
      My soldering is decent so I wouldn't mind assembling one myself. Can you recommend any kits that can tent that would be worth checking out?

    • Have you seen the Ergodox-EZ? It's a prebuilt Ergodox you can order online. I've got one on the way right now. A work mate has had one for a couple of years and loves it.

      They've also got a new model called the Moonlander which looks interesting but it only just released so apparently there's a bit of a wait.

      Either is closer to $500 than $200 though.

  • What do the four buttons with fruit icons on the right side of the keyboard do?

    Also is the keyboard programmable with shortcuts for music playback functions?

    • +3 votes

      Page Up, Home, End, Page Down

    • Keyboard is fully (like every single key, you update the memory on the keyboard) programmable by using a program called VIA. This is saved in memory so no need to run the program afterwards

      https://youtu.be/WZKf2TvUZ7Q - here's a demo video.

      You can make any key W/E you want.

      I have function right arrow for skip forward.
      Left arrow for back,
      Down for stop/play

      For music.

      Via is a really sick program

    • Simple, just enable Winamp's global hotkeys…

  • I'm not in the mechanical keyboard world, but I think I like this layout. That is, with arrow keys but without num pad. I can probably live without insert and delete (although I assume they're available via some key combination)

    Seems like "65%" is what this layout is called?

    Also do these collectible keyboards exist with low-profile low-travel keys?

  • Is this wireless? Can't really see any wires in the pictures, but no mention of wireless either.

  • damn wouldve purchased this if i didnt spend all my monies on my 3080 build

  • Sooooo, the keys are not translucent from the pics and description but this is an RBG keyboard with per key illumination? What is the point of it then?

    • Doesn't cost them much more to put rgbs on the PCB and this kit is made with idea of you being able to mod it however you like. You can easily swap out any part of this keyboard.

    • A lot of the enthsiasts don't value RGB as much as others. The lighting will still grace the sides of the keys. THey just don't shine through the keycaps. I thought this was a big compromise as well but after using now for a few weeks without shine through, its fine. Nice to have but not necessary. Also limits keycap options if you must have shien through caps