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Free Snack (eg Toasted Sandwich) with Coffee/Tea Purchase (eg Piccolo Latte $2.60 - $2.90) @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


So this is not really a hack as such, but I haven't posted one yet, and I have hacker FOMO… So perhaps we can call this ozploitation? It's just a nice little cheap way to have a light brekky or lunch if you've been targeted with the 'Free Snack' offer in the mymacca's app. I've noticed this offer rotating through some of my family's accounts in the past week or two, so if you haven't gotten it yet, check again every few days.

Basically, you can purchase the cheapest standard coffee (Piccolo latte, usually $2.60 to $2.95, depending on store), and then select a free snack:

  • Ham, cheese tomato toastie (best value, worth $5)
  • Ham and cheese toastie
  • Cheese and tomato toastie
  • Cheese toastie
  • Banana bread (worth $4)
  • Raisin toast
  • Hash brown (poor return on investment, but you do get a Monopoly ticket)

Serving suggestion: Enjoy your tasty ham, cheese and tomato toastie, and wash it down with a 60ml shot of milky latte. Eat it while playing the augmented reality Macca's Monopoly, and collect your bonus Chance ticket for maybe a free food item (but probably not).

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