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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Window Door Sensor 2 Pack US$17.99 (~A$25.64) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


This deal is back by popular request and now slightly cheaper thanks to an improve exchanged rate.

The Aqara Window/Door sensor comes in a pack of 2 and is designed to detect when a door or window has been opened. Like the other sensors it needs a Zigbee hub and is compatible with many including including Aqara, Xiaomi, SmartThings, Conbee and more. It also supports Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Examples of its uses is triggering an Aqara hub alarm or push notifications to your phone when a door or window is opened, having the lights turn on when you open a door or having the Xiaomi air purifier turn on when a window is closed etc.

  • Apply the coupon NNNDBXASW at checkout

Important: Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose the free Australia Priority Line shipping before payment.

Free priority shipping on both products and stackable with 5% Cashback at Cashrewards.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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  • +1

    Wow, that's a rather huge door sensor…if compared to the samsung one; although still a good price

  • +1

    Looks great

  • could i use this for my garage door? it has an automatic my q motor (with an app) but im having issues with IFTTT etc.

    id like to have a light in my house stay a certain colour while the door is open (i leave it open accidentally sometimes due to being brain damaged )

    i have hue and yeelight available. any help greatly appreciated :)

    • +1

      Don’t see why not…

      • +1

        It won't work on a metal garage door without insulation between the metal and the sensor

        • +1

          Yeah you’re right actually… I remember the conbee has to be on an extension from my pc case or I get issues.
          It might be possible to put the magnet on the door and sensor on something non metal.

          • +1

            @mitchins: Both my sensor and magnet are on metal frame and they are working flawlessly.
            It is suggested to connect Conbee via an extension cable in order to avoid Zigbee and Wifi interference.

        • +1

          thanks for the tip! appreciate it. hadn't thought of that.

        • Tell me about this insulation, would a rubber type of insulation works?

          • +2

            @BigLeviathan: Anything is fine. Half a CM of cardboard, a tiny bit of wood, whatever so long as the thing its mounted on top of or right next to isn’t metal. Anything greater than 5-10mm should do it.

            I had one on my old metal mailbox, just glued a cuttoff bit of skirting i had inside the box

            • @ndftz: Thanks for this! been living in a double-storey house with a metal beam structure and seems the z-wave smart plugs not working as expected, this workaround might be the solution (providing enough ventilation to the device to avoid overheat)

              • +1

                @BigLeviathan: Err the smart plugs should work fine in normal sockets, this is just for the door/window sensors as they have magnets in them.

    • +1

      I am using one on my garage door without any issues.

    • +1

      I've had one blue-taked on my garage door for over 2 years (still on original battery). No complaints.

  • +1

    Another 3 packs bought… thanks….I think… ;-)

  • "having the lights turn on when you open a door"
    Depends on whether it's a pantry door.
    I have a sensor. Was going to use it for turning lights on for front door when coming home at night…

    Then remembered I also leave the house at night too….

    • +1

      Wnot sure about aqara software, i use my hub as a pass through for home assistant, but timers are your friends.

      When a door is open turn the light on.
      When a door closes it starts/restarts a timer for 5 minutes, at the end of the 5 minutes if the door is still closed then the light goes off.
      While you are there setting up timers you can also set a restarting timer from when a door opens so in 5 minutes if its still open your phone gets an alert and/or google home announces the potential issue we have that on front and garage doors.

      That is basically how my hall ways, front exterior, and garage lights all work now.

  • If you connect these to the Aqara hub and use them to trigger an alarm, does the alarm keep ringing until you switch it off? I can't see any alarm duration setting like there is in the Xiaomi gateway.

  • +3

    perfect, grabbed another set. Basically finishing my smart home in installments at this point.

    Any chance of motion or temp sensors again?

    • Bought and +1 your requests

    • This.

      PIR sensors please!

    • temp sensors and smart plugs

  • Great deal op. Any chance of wall buttons or switches?

  • Will this work with Phillips Hue hub ?

    • No Philips are using a special version of ZigBee so you'd still need another gateway.

      • Unfortunately I already ordered thinking Hue hub would work… any chance I can cancel ?

        • +1

          What's your order number

    • I use a conbee II. Works with most of the zigbee products out there.

  • Can this be used outdoor?
    Need one for a gate.

    • yeah. I have a couple outside. They survived the winter so I guess so.

      • Thanks, been thinking the same, I suspect you just attach it using the provided 3M adhesive?

  • +1

    Does this work on the same app as my Xiaomi robovac?

    Want this for garage door, I'm always stressing I've gone to work and left it open, gone away and left it open.

  • Motion sensors and Smoke Detector sensors please. Need few of them.

  • Interesting:
    * buying 1 (2 items), gave the total of AU$25.46 (@ AU$12.73)
    * buying 2 (4 items), gave the total of AU$58 (@ AU$14.5).

    Thus best to buy 1 at a time if you wanted to buy more…

    • +1

      Yeah the coupons are set to 1 per order. You can make multiple individual orders.

      • Thanks, do you have a special price for the motion/body sensor?

        • +2

          Not at the moment but I'll aim for one during the week

  • I have 3 orders in, all classed as "pending" - anyone know why that might be? How do I get it fixed? The live chat button doesn't appear to work.

    • Order numbers?

  • 5344865
    5343672 - this was declined.

    It's 3x this deal. I tried to get 4x and it seemed to trigger a CC decline, so Ieft it at 2 orders. Just jumped in again to grab the last 2 I want, figuring it's been a couple of days and the alert should have cleared - if that's what's happened. No idea really how the back end stuff works though, so that's assumption on my part….

    Edit to fix stuff up on my part.

    PS: Thanks Clear!

    • Ah you paid with CC instead of Paypal?

      • Yup. Is that the problem? I can use PP.

        • No that's fine I'll get those cleared for you.

          • @Clear: Awesome - I actually still want an extra set… :-) If I order then now and use PP, should be ok?

            Thanks for helping too. I appreciate it.

            • +1

              @kale chips suck: 3 orders have been approved. Paying directly with CC trips their fraud protection so I had to get them to manually approve. More orders would have to be made.

  • Did anyone's order ship yet? Mine seems to be stuck in 'processing' since four days now…

    • It can take up to 7 business days so it's not too far away.

      • Thanks for the clarification

        • Mine still hasn't shipped :\
          My order last month took a week to ship out but this is longer.

          • @theguyrules: 13 days (10 business days) for me now and counting. Kind of makes the "free Australia Priority Line shipping" pointless if it takes them weeks and weeks to ship it out.

            I generally don't mind at all if shops run out of stock due to high demand and have to put things on backorder, but please just be transparent about it and tell me.

            If they have not shipped it by end of next week I will ask for cancellation of my order.

            • @david8: Yeah same here, we must have ordered on the same day. Pretty disappointing.

  • What a joke just got a message saying they might be shipping it next week???!!?? I ordered 2 weeks ago. 🙄

    Thank you for your shopping from Geekbuying

    We are glad to tell you that your order will be shipped in next week.

    When it is shipped out ,we will send a message with a tracking number .

    Your patience is appreciated.

    If you have any questions, please be free to contact us.

    Best regards

    Customer Service Representative



    • Unknown to me at the time but there was a national holiday in China and workers returned home from the 30th to the 7th. Thats why there has been a delay.

      I'm happy to ask them to make your order a priority if you can provide your order number please.

      • 5344882 & 5344883 Thanks

  • Mine rocked up today. They work great.

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