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Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Smart Vibration Sensor US$10.89 (~A$14.78) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


By request we're back again with another deal on a Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor. As usual Priority Shipping has been made free for this deal and will automatically be selected at checkout for Australia.

This sensor is designed to detect movement when there is a vibration, tilt or drop. It requires a Zigbee hub like the Aqara Gateway, works with the Aqara/Mi Home app, Apple HomeKit, has adjustable sensitivity and can be linked with other sensors for more advanced tasks.

For example when a vibration, tilt or drop is detected the Vibration Sensor can be set to trigger an alarm to the Aqara Hub with a notification sent to your phone. It could be put behind a cushion so that when you sit down the TV or fan turns on, or send a notification when a partially opened window is opened or closed further. It's also a good alternative to the door/window sensors as the sensitivity can be adjusted.

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  • have to be honest, have a bunch of these connected via xiaomi hub to HomeAssistant and not found them overly useful.

    Not sensitive enough to use for WashingMachine automation, if the washing machine is well balanced.

    I guess glass smash detection is an option.
    Or as suggested occupancy (bed/seat) detection

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      From the pics on the GB page, you can also use them as a bookmark :P

    • The SmartThings multi-purpose sensors are sensitive enough if you are running ST hub. I get spoken voice notifications when the washer or dryer is finished and it works on vibration. I also get door knock notifications when someone knocks on the front door, and the sensor is doing triple duty because it does open/close state, intrusion for security if im away and also does temp for some other automations.

      I got a bunch of the ST sensors for about $24, good value.

    • Oh yeah, a light that comes on when the washing machine stops moving would be brilliant.

      • I'm using power sensor to detect when the machine has finished. Then, assuming post 8am and pre 9pm, and someone home, it will broadcast on all the googlehome speakers "the washing machine has finished. please empty it", and then repeat every hour until the power is tuned off.

    • I get around this using a shelly 1pm hooked to the outlet and triggering notifications when energy consumption drops. But again please make sure its installed by a certified electrician. Shelly 1pm is au approved.

      There are also other smart outlets you can use but i am not sure with its reliability within home assistant.

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    Thanks OP. Water next pls

  • Thanks Clear, got a couple! Thinking of putting one in my letter box to get notifications when I have mail, and one on my washing machine to notify when a load has finished.

    Edit: just saw the comment above, might need to rethink the one for the washing machine.

    • I have one of the d-link hs110 With home assistance for the washing machine.

      • I bought a couple of HS110s and was disappointed they didn’t do notifications of power drop with their app. Missed out of the Pi4 today but will have to keep an eye out for the next one and then I’ll have more of a look at HA

    • I'd give the Xiaomi zigbee power sockets a go. I have them connected to my dehumidifiers with HA and get an email when the dehumidifiers cut out due to the water tank being full.
      I suspect you could do something similar for the current drop when your washing machine finishes.

      • make sure the socket can handle the power of the machine.

        Plus the sockets are Chinese power prongs. Whilst identical to AUS (minus insulation on the earth), the are 'upside down' and so may block the socket switch…

  • I will test if zigbee will reach my mailbox and this will survive this summer… my temp and door sensors on garage still working after 2 summers facing west.

  • Any smart plug deal?

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      Is it really though? Have you factored in the GST they add after you click checkout and do they also offer priority shipping for free? No you haven't.

      $11.95 US inc GST with 24-49 business day shipping in your example.

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    Yo momma so fat she sets off my Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Smart Vibration Sensor from outside!

  • @clear Any chance of another deal on the temp/humidity sensors?

  • Do I need anything else to run this like a hub?

  • So will this work with any Zigbee compatible hub brand or only specific ones?

    • in theory yes. ymmv. I have one connected to a HUSBEE USB stick

    • Probably won't work with the Hue bridge as apparently they use a proprietary implementation of Zigbee. May not work with the Ikea one either. Should be ok with Conbee, Hubitat, Vera, etc though.

  • Price is showing as $18.81 each (trying to buy two) after I apply the coupon.

  • Anyone got some use-cases for these? I have the aqara hub but use window sensors mostly

    • I have Wireless Sensor Tag on my garage door to remind me if it is open. Installed it after I accidentally left my garage door partially open and got robbed. Sounds like one of these could be set-up to give a warning if your garage door is open or closed or left open too long.

    • According to the description protecting your valuable paintings and calligraphy is a good use case…

  • I get $15.24 at checkout

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      Are you letting PayPal do their currency conversion? Because they'll charge a fee. Most people have a currency conversion fee free card and use that with PP to get the exchange rate price.

  • Hi Clear, thanks for another good deal on Aqara - any chance of a deal on the PIR movement sensors soon?

  • I purchased a xiaomi smartlight on 13th may. Still waiting. Emailed them few weeks back and they suggest wait a bit more. So I am still waiting for past 4 1/2 months

    • +1 vote

      It was posted 3 months and 21 days ago with shipping in even less time and not 4 1/2 months. It's a good thing we learn from our mistakes and instead of offering free untracked airmail, we offer free tracked priority shipping!

      As mentioned in that deal, people can request refunds and they will get them. I'll make sure of that. People only this week have also started receiving their orders.

      • Great. Thanks for the correction. You managed to cut the days down by 24 days in that correction. Great service. Trouble is I still haven't heard from them since 3 months and 21 days and now i am taking your advice and I have asked for a refund.

  • Any deals for the Aqara Gateway?


  • you guys need to figure out a way to order multiples in an order its annoying having to make multiple orders but anyway.

    Purchased 2, already have a xiaomi zigbee bridge so for $15 a pop will now get the following added to my house, phone notification when washing machine finishes and google voice alerts and phone notifications if the freezer door has been left opened (happened 3 times now and it ices over).

    • How will it tell if the freezer door has been left open? Won't it just tell if there has been movement in the door?
      Or does 'tilt' also mean on a door axis, not just a vertical vs horizontal axis (like a garage door).

      • you need one of the door sensors for that

        • Yeah, that's what I thought. This will tell you that there's been movement in the door, but not the position, unless the door tilts the sensor from vertical to horizontal like a garage door would.

  • not too sure what need to get to make Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor Works?
    is it Xiaomi Aqara Cube Zigbee Smart Controller or something hub like Aqara Gateway.
    Please advise and thanks in advance.



      • Thanks Clear..
        Any special bargain for gateway?

      • There’s a new Aqara zigbee 3 gateway available in China, can you get these because I can’t find anywhere that will ship to Australia. The xiaomi gateway is rubbish you have to connect to mainland China server which makes no sense here as all the product deals are in Mandarin and I can’t use my Aussie Roborock on it properly (maps don’t function properly).

        I personally find Xiaomi very frustrating with multiple product lines from different brands

  • OP, any deals on just motion sensors?

  • Ordered one. Thanks OP

  • My Hue hub is Zigbee so this should work with it right?

    • Probably not, unfortunately these generally require one of the more fully feature hubs like Hubitat or SmartThings or HomeAssistant.

    • I ended up having to buy the Xiaomi aqara hub, I had a vera controller that had ZigBee but it didn't work. Still worked out cheaper as 10 to 15 a sensor is a big saving over what I previously had been using.

      The hub has an RGB which I use as part of my ambient lighting scene downstairs which made me feel better.

      Also I just use the hub as a bridge to home assistant, and home assistant does the smarts.