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Metal Bread Tin $5.99 (Was $21.50) + Shipping from $8.99 @ JohnnyBoy


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Make every morning a pleasure with this gorgeous metal bread box.
The metal body keeps bread cool and fresh, while the handled lid
and stylish exterior blend into most kitchen decor.

Height x 12cm
Width x 21cm
Length x 33cm
Weight x 800 grams

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Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy

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    which dumbass would buy this at 21 dollars. it's a tin box with bread written on it.

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    Even for $6 (plus postage) that's still nuts


    "The metal body keeps bread cool and fresh"

    As long as the room is. A good buy for people who eat Chorleywood flour-foam the day they buy it, and don't care what they spend. Those who buy bread as food rather than a bland-tasting wrapper for it probably use a wooden container…


      Or maybe use a plastic bag? When I was a kid in the early 70s, we had a bread tin like this on the kitchen bench. Bread was still fine to eat by the afternoon, dry by the next day and 'decorated' with blue and green fur by the day after, if there was anything left.
      I know that plastic bags get a bad wrap from the greenies these days, but they're also far more effective at keeping your bread fresh.

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    crappy Chinese import

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    How in the world does a metal tin keep something "cool and fresh"??

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    I wouldn't want this even if it was completely free.


    Its a repainted ammunition tin

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      No it’s not, because if it was I’d buy some at that price.


    think i've seen these for a couple of dollars at kmart