MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk Wifi ATX Motherboard $339 + Delivery (+ up to $50 USD Steam Gift Card w/ CPU Purchase) @ Shopping Express


Good price for local stock (next cheapest is $362 on Static Ice). You can claim up to a $50 USD Steam gift card for this mobo if you also purchase a CPU (doesn't need to be bought from SE), ranging from $20 for a 3100/3300X to $50 for the 3900XT. More details here Select Motherboard then AMD, scroll down to where it says "Get Your Prize" and select MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk Wifi. Choose your CPU and get your prize value. Full redemption instructions here

You can also get 10% off the mobo if you buy a CPU with it (credit to IJustKnowStuff in the comments).

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Shopping Express


  • Showing as $349?

  • Excellent board according to Hardware Unboxed. Beats much pricier boards.
    The B550 Gaming Edge Wifi has the same VRM setup and is cheaper @ 279 + shipping from Mwave.

    Compare IO setups between the two. I went with the B550.

  • This was $339 on Shopping Express up until friday. Was hoping price would come down not go up :/

    • Yeah it has been in my cart for over a week at $339, I am surprised it went up in price, if zen 3 isn't decent I am just pulling the trigger on the 10850k and Z490 MSI Gaming Edge

  • Looks like they just price matched with PCByte's $349 as they had cheapest listed on partpicker earlier this week when I picked it up.

  • I bought the board for $360 shipped just a week ago … still waiting for other parts (thanks Australia Post) to start the build. Couldn't find a good deal with the Ryzen processor and the board from one retailer to make use of the steam card.

    Looks like a decent board:
    Hardware Unboxed:
    Gamers Nexus:

    • I don't think you're required to buy both from the same retailer so you can probably still get the Steam card.

      • Thanks for the tip … might just try. When I read the terms and conditions I recall it said in one transaction … but I will definitely try now. Thanks

        • Did you manage to get the Steam card on separate transactions with different retailers?

          I have the same issue and I read "For the motherboard and CPU combo, purchase one (1) new and eligible MSI motherboard and CPU product (see eligible product chart below) together in the same transaction (collectively referred to as a “Duo Combo Set”) from participating MSI partners."

    • OP says can buy from different sellers. Worth checking

      Edit: beaten

  • Hmm not bad. I've been looking at replacing my 10yo rig and getting a 3900X. If I pick up the Mobo from ShoppingExpress as well it totals out to $1,046.28 (incl $12.18) shipping. And that's not even including a $50USD steam card into the cost factor. Might finally pull the trigger. Any word on more stock for RTX3080 FE in AUS?

    • Hey just something to consider, if you're making a gaming rig then the 3600x will do pretty well for that use, especially with the 4000 series around the corner. If you feel you need more computing power down the track, with the b550 or x570 you'll have an upgrade path to a 4000 series CPU

  • They jacked Z490 boards by about $20-40 as well for MSI. Funny how it just so happened after this deal was posted on a Saturday evening

    Z490 Edge $329->$369
    Z490 Gaming Plus $279->$299

    You forgot to jack the Z490 Tomahawk though, still only $339.

  • It's back to 339 guys!

  • Good price paid almost this for my b550 tomahawk at launch.

  • just grabbed it. I couldn't find any performance results Tomahawk 570 vs other x570s but I decided to trust most of the reviewers out there.

    Hope everything will be fine!


  • Currently struggling with a build on this motherboard. My son bought it yesterday and have not been able to post due to vga issues. Google ezydebug vga led and you will see the problem is widespread. About to pickup a second motherboard to prove the issue is with this board as have tried 3 different gpu’s with same issue…YMMV

  • I'm looking to build a new gen Ryzen + 3070 rig once the new AMD stuff drops. Would this be a good option for that build or am I better of waiting for the chips to drop?

    • Depends what CPU you are looking at getting. If it's the equivilant to 3600X then a B550 is totally fine. But if you want something like hte 3900X or 3950X and do overclocking then yes this would be better.