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[Refurb] HP Prodesk 600 G3 Mini Desktop i5-7500T, 8GB RAM, 256GB NVMe, Wi-Fi+BT, Win10Pro, 3yr Warranty - $395.40 Delivered @ HP


Seems like a good deal on this HP refurbished unit, especially given the 3 year warranty

I found this while digging around for a low power always on plex server, with enough processing grunt to do some transcoding.

Hope it's a good fit for someone!

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  • oos

  • -3

    Or $400 could build you this

    Gigabyte B450M-H 95
    3200G 179
    8gb ram 40
    240 ssd 36
    alc with 240psu 49


    • In the same size?

    • ALC?

    • +8

      Yeh, with a crappy case and power supply that takes up 4 times as much space. Plus an awful SSD and no Windows, or Wifi/BT. Oh and you'll have to build it yourself.


      • -1

        Ok mate then buy yourself a PC with a 3 year old gen processor that is already obsolete with no future upgradability, soddim ram (proprietry connectors and psus with limited sata upgrades vs a PC that has the latest zen technology which will support future Zen3 chips, support future upgrades with hard drives, proper ram modules, pci express slots.

        Been there.

        • +1

          Yes but what value do you place on WAF (wife acceptance factor) for a modern compact unit vs a traditional big box?

          • @atlas: lol. Can't argue with you there. upvoted.

            FYI, i'd be pretty upset too if i purchased this system and realised for an extra $100 bucks i could have a much better system (and future proof) with twice the ram, twice the ssd space 500gb nvme with a 500w powersupply with a much better Integrated Graphics solution Intel HD630 vs Vega8, and a wifi dongle with bluetooth 5.0.

            Each to their own.

            • @Austrian Oak: Really depends on your needs. I actually bought the system for my parents who just need enough power for basic desktop computing. For them these specs are more than enough, and the facts that it is ready to go out of the box and can disappear behind a monitor are worth more than being able to upgrade to more powerful components.

    • +2

      Still missing WiFi/BT, Windows key, and a 3 year onsite manufacturer warranty. Plus your $36 SSD isn't going to be NVMe for that price.

      This is a fit for purpose computer. Some people don't want to build a PC or don't want to troubleshoot an assembled PC. If I was looking at a computer for a family member who doesn't want to game, I'm going to go for the one that is the easiest to support (the HP).

  • +1

    Went through and bought one. Payed with PayPal and got a “ You've submitted an order” email from them. But nothing from HP… should I be getting some sort of confirmation from HP?

    • Went through and did it again with credit card and get a confirmation from HP. So I may be getting one. Or I may be getting two. Oh well.

      • can you sell one to me, if you dont want one.

      • I did pay w PP and also got confirmation email from HP. On the top of that it was OOS when I ordered but I had one in my cart since last night. Went through, will see :)

    • I had same issue with their website (but a different product). Think their PayPal integration is broken.

  • any suggestions for DP to HDMI cable with sound to use this as media PC?

  • I know not HP related but I have a dell optiplex 9020, would this of use less power than my dell? Since it’s always on, I’m looking to reduce costs

  • Dang missed out

  • +1

    Damn, should have jumped on this last night. Anyone have similarly priced solutions?

    • they're still in stock, be quick! :)

  • I still had one in my cart from last night and it let me complete the purchase this morning!

    Fully expect it to be cancelled/refunded though.

    • I think they restocked it. I also bought one this morning after missing out yesterday.

      • yes early morning around 7am it was in stock again, but 9am OOS again, however I had one in my cart since last night and managed to place an order at 10.30am when it indicated OOS and it went through without problems, so will see :)

        • +1

          Maybe someone is still working in the warehouse on weekend digging out leftover units to avoid real-life problems at home. Hmm

  • +1

    Still available at 11am.

  • Seems to be going in and out of stock - just grabbed one

  • Bought one last night.

    I Hope this is faster than the 2011 Mac mini (256SSD/8Gb) which has become considerably slower in last year or so.

    I am not a heavy user. Just some general browsing, word editing etc.

    I was thinking going back to windows OS after so many years of Mac usage, Hoping this machine is as reliable..

    • I'm thinking this is an ideal Hackintosh candidate, if you wanted to stick with MacOS. Just need a Broadcom 4352 or 4360 M.2 wifi/BT card and you're set.

  • +2

    Wish it had pci slot to get dual or quad Ethernet card and make it a good pfsense server. Run it in a VM.

  • These have come back in stock overnight.

  • Does anyone know how the optional display slot works? Does it come with the different options and you just plug and play?

    • +1

      I'm sure it was configurable when purchased new. Not sure if you can modify it after the fact. You could have a look at teardowns and see if there's a dedicated header or ribbon cable to swap the port.

      • Cheers. Good idea.

    • You can buy a plug in module for VGA, HDMI, DVI, extra Display Port or a serial port. I can't find anyone that sells them in Australia and the postage makes it prohibitively expensive to get it from the states. If you are lucky you might get one that was originally ordered with an option board.

  • The site says it's back in stock for me! Best of luck!

    • Not for me :(

      • +2

        Ah sorry. :( I have a funny feeling people's carts are expiring, so they're dripping back into inventory

  • +1

    Got a cancellation email?

    • Yes, I have.

      We regret to inform you that your order XXXXXXXXXX has been cancelled due to either payment clearance issues, incorrect shipping address details, suspected fraudulent activity, inability of HP to get in contact with you or other issues.

    • I used PayPal what about you guys?

      • I used a Visa card, and my payment has been processed.

        • I used Amex. I ordered not long after deal was posted as well.

  • anyone managed to talk to HP support re cancellation email?

    • I got through. Option 1 then 2. They said they’re working on the issue and will be in touch within 24hrs. No option to change payment at this stage. Paid with PayPal originally

      • I got the same response but rep said less likely that it will be fulfilled, will get in touch within 24hrs and a refund will be provided. Pretty disappointing.

  • Would this be good for old school Moorpg games like Starcraft? Maybe better luck next time

  • -1

    HP did this exact bait and switch with the monitor deal, scum company. An absolute idiot not apologetic at all then calls you and says the deal is too good to be true (making you seem like you're at fault for ordering) and tries to flog off a less desirable one at a "great discount", to try to move stock they can't move.


    Wait for call while they offer you a PC with worse specs, but for $500. It worked on a few ozbers who look like they accepted bad monitor alternatives at close to RRP

    They need to stop doing this illegal bullshit. If they offer alternatives tell them to shove it.

  • Did anyone get their unit? My order has been Cancelled. I rung and they said they only had 5 units in stock at the time! A waste of time it turns out.

    • I am surprised not many people came back and reported order cancellation.

    • I received an email to say it has shipped but I'll believe it when I have the unit in hand.

  • Mine got cancelled as well :(

  • I haven't gotten an email cancellation.

  • Got the cancellation email last night, it's actually just a bait deal. I will never buy a HP again.

  • Checked online account, cancelled but no email yet, waste of time

    • same for me did not receive any email but its cancelled.


  • Cancelled here too..

  • Online Store shows cancelled for me; no email.

  • Cancelled, and was given a $150 HP Store voucher ($500 min spend)

    • Yep same

    • +1

      Pretty much useless

    • +1

      same here, pathetic :(

  • +1

    I ordered within a minute of the deal coming up on ozB. Got cancelled. I'd be surprised if they had any stock at all. Classic bait and switch. From previous experience they are hopeless with refunds - taking weeks and many emails/calls, so this time I just lodged a charge back.

  • HP oversold this and has written to cancel my order.

    Disappointing that a company which trades as an IT powerhouse also run a faulty sales website.

  • Thanks Op, received mine today :D

  • +1

    Order cancelled. I called up to see what they would offer me and was only offered other PCs at the same price that are listed on their website anyway. No real reaction to the mention of this happening not too long ago with the Omen monitors either so I didn't bother angling for any further discounts. I might try research if any of their monitors are worthwhile around the $500 mark but their range seems awfully small and nothing is really catching my eye. Hard to see myself ever ordering anything from these guys again.

    • +1

      A follow up to this so others don't waste their time. Looking at their monitor prices everything was 10-20% more expensive for the same monitor than competitors. I've called up attempting to get a price match and also to use the $150 off $500 spend coupon.

      As an example I was looking to get the HP Z27n G2 27inch monitor. Currently $676 at HP or $529 at BPC Tech. I spent a while on the line while support checked with their manager, they could either price match or give the $150 discount but not both. Use the voucher for a $526 monitor or price match for $529. I think some contact with the ACCC is in order as this seems a little disingenuous to give a voucher for my troubles yet have so many restrictions on this voucher you are better off just buying from a competitor.

  • Disappointing. PayPal refund has processed at least

  • +1

    Got cancelled, they should be permanently banned in OZBargain.

  • Much slower to refund than to take the money. Unpleasant experience with a help desk who had lots of helpful scripts yet nothing to say.

    • To be fair they are pretty prompt to refund after cancellation.

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